Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме "The Past Simple Tense" на основе мультфильма "The Lion King". Урок-дискуссия, составлен по ФГОС

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Цель: активизация лексических и грамматических единиц в речи учащихся по материалу мультфильма “Король лев”


  • развитие диалогической речи;
  • развитие аудирования с извлечением запрашиваемой информации  (listening for specific information);
  • развитие чтения с полным пониманием;
  • развитие письменной речи.
1. Оргмомент (5 мин.) Stand up, please. Good morning. Sit down, please. Tell me please what date is it today? What day is it today? What is the weather like today?
What cartoon did we watch yesterday? Today we will discuss the cartoon “Lion King” that we watched at the previous lesson. What was it about? Look at the blackboard. How do you think what we will do at our lesson? What is the aim Of our today’s lesson?
Good morning. Today is the 20th of March. Today is Monday. Today is warm and sunny. We watched “Lion King”. It was about the lion king Mufasa and his son Simba. We will answer the questions, do listening task, and make the plan of the cartoon.
The aim of our today’s lesson is to develop our speech.
2. Диалогическая речь. Peчевая зарядка (3 мин.)
Фронтальный опрос.
Now answer the questions please.
Why did the animals gather at the pride rock at the beginning of the cartoon?
Who was Zazu?
Why didn’t Scar come to the ceremony?
Why was he angry with Mufasa?
How do you understand Mufasa’s words “We are all connected in the great circle of life”.
They came to see Mufasa’s child Simba.
Zazu was Mufasa’s helper and a good friend.
He didn’t want to go to the ceremony because he hated his brother Mufasa and didn’t want to see his child, the future king.
We think that this phrase means that animals eat grass to live, other animals eat these animals and when they die they become grass. So everything is connected in our life.
3. Ayдирование с извлечением информации. Индивидуальная работа (4 мин.) Now let’s watch the episode when Mufasa tells Simba about the great circle of life once again. You have a task. Listen to the dialogue very carefully and write down the missing words. But at first look through new words and the dialogue. Look through new words. Listen to the dialogue and complete the task.
4. Чтение с полным пониманием. Парная работа (7 мин.) Now watch, listen and complete the task. We’ll Listen twice.
Now let’s check up the task. Let’s read the dialogue and translate it. Who wants to be Mufasa? Who wants to be Simba?
Read the dialogue and check-up the task.
5. Диалогическая речь. Парная работа (10 мин.) Now let’s discuss what happened next. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. (questions 5-25) In pairs ask and answer the questions.
6. Письменная речь. Групповая работа (10 мин.) Thank you we have discussed the cartoon. Now let’s write a plan of the story. Let’s divide into 2 groups. Your task is to write a plan and present it to another group on the blackboard. Make a plan:
1. Simba’s presentation.
2. Mufasa’s speech. about the circle of life.
3. Visit to the elephant graveyard.
4. Simba and his new friends.
5. Simba’s return.
Yes, we liked the lesson. Show smilling or angry faces. It was a little bit difficult to make a plan. It was interesting to do a listening task.
7. Подведение итогов. Объяснение д/з (5 мин.) Thank you very much. Did you like the lesson? If yes, show a smilling face. If no, show an angry face. What was difficult for you? What was interesting for you? Do you have any questions? Your hometask is to write a summary of the cartoon using the questions and the plan. Write your opinion (did you like the cartoon or not? Why?)  

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