Виртуальная экскурсия по пешеходной улице города Казани "От Большой Проломной до Баумана"

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В данной работе представлена информация о пешеходной улице Баумана города Казани и нескольких наиболее важных исторических достопримечательностях города, расположенных на этой улице. Улица Баумана и сегодня сохраняет облик дореволюционного купеческого центра, сейчас это один из архитектурных заповедников Казани: к памятникам архитектуры 17-20 веков отнесено 72 здания, расположенных на бывшей Большой Проломной. Изложена вкратце история возникновения этой улицы и ее названия. Надо сказать, что длина улицы составляет 1920 метров, и на сегодняшний день она является пешеходной. Пройдемся теперь вдоль нее еще раз и внимательно приглядимся к тем домам, мимо которых мы не раз, может быть, в спешке проходили по своим делам. Посмотрим еще раз на лицо нашего города – улицу Баумана.

Работа представлена в виде виртуальной экскурсии.

Цель: развитие интереса к истории одной из главных улиц родного города.


  • изучение истории происхождения главной улицы города;
  • организация виртуальной экскурсии по улице Баумана;
  • закрепление в процессе практической деятельности знаний, полученных во время исследования.

Ход урока

Hello, dear friends!Welcome to the capital of Tatarstan, an ancient and young city rich in the historical traditions. Today I am your guide and I am glad to see you in our hospitable Kazan. We are always glad to meet visitors and guests. And we are happy to create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for them. I can say proudly that our city is more than 1000 years old, but it becomes younger every year.

In order to do your visit here as pleasant as it possible, I'll be happy to show you our historical and architectural heritage of our city and tell you something about it. I invite you to one of the most popular streets of our city and offer the walking tour on Bauman Street especially for you. (Slide 1) Our tour is called «From Bolshaya Prolomnaya to Bauman Street». You must see it with your own eyes.

Bauman Street is Kazan's pedestrian street, sometimes it’s compared with Moscow Arbat sometimes it’s referred to as "High Street". Sometimes it’s named Kazan Arbat. It is located in the central part of the city. It is not only the centre, it is the heart of Kazan. The street starts at the right foot of the Kazan Kremlin and reaches Tukay Square. Every building is a sight and an architectural monument, but I’ll show you some of them. (Slide 2) Our Excursion Route consists of 5 objects: Alley of Tatar Stars, the Printing House, the State Bank, the Epiphany (Bogoyavlenskaya) church, the Clock of enamoured.

Bauman Street has existed since the fifteenth century. It ran from the Khan's Palace at the edge of the city. (Slide 3) In ancient times the Nogayskaya Road was there. At the end of the sixteenth century the street was named Prolomnaya and later it was renamed Bolshaya Prolomnaya. It was named for the two breaches of the Kremlin wall, which were made as the result of the explosions of the tower Nur-Ali and Lower Nogaysky gates during the siege of the Kremlin by the troops of Ivan the Terrible on the 2nd of October 1552.

Bolshaya Prolomnaya was the main trade street of the city. The goods were delivered by ships across Bulak Canal.

Later the street was named Bogoyavlenskaya after the church, which was built in the 18th century. Later I’ll show you and tell some words about it. Despite 5 devastating fires between 1815 and 1859 the government decided to build only brick buildings. That time Kazan was rebuilt by the order of Empress Catherine II. During a short period of time the street turned into a splendid straight street.

In 1930 the street was named Bauman Street in honour of the famous local revolutionary hero Nikolay Bauman. He was born in 1873 in Kazan and graduated from the Kazan Veterinary Institute.

Bauman Street has been regarded a trading centre for a long time and featured a concentration of the main mercantile establishments of the city. The street was the second most significant street of Kazan's central district. It was famous for its banks and notary offices, different shops, chemists and hotels. At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a shop in every building. In 1997 the street became the pedestrian one.

Well, our walking tour we start from Alley of Tatar Stars. (Slide 4) In 2002, a singer Salavat Fatkhutdinov proposed the creation of an "Alley of Tatar Stars", and the first stars were unveiled on August 29, 2003 honoring Alfiya Avzalova and Ilgam Shakirov, famous "estrada" singers. In 2004, the opera singer Khaydar Begichev received a star, and in 2005 the singers Munir Bulatov and Salavat Fatkhutdinov were honored in Kazan.

The second sightseeing I want to show you is the Printing House. (Slide 5) It is the most interesting architectural building which was built by the architect S. Pan in 1935. Here for a long time the Writers’ Club had been working. We used to buy books, calendars and other products printed by Tatarstan Publishment located in this House too. On Bolshaya Prolomnaya the bread market was located here.

Look right, here you can see the State Bank (Slide 6) which was built by architect A. Sapunov. In 1914-1915 it was the best bank in Russia. In 1917-1920 the gold reserves of Russia were stored here. On Bolshaya Prolomnaya the two-floor house of the famous Bolkhovsky Family was here instead of the bank. After some time N. I. Lobachevsky had lived in this house. In 1908 it was bought and rebuilt by the State Bank.

Now we are coming to the Epiphany (Bogoyavlenskaya) church (Slide 7) which has been recently restored and now attracts the attention of the Kazaners and visitors of the city. This church was built in 1897-1904. Its 64-metre-high belltower is the symbol of Bauman Street. It was made from red bricks and the creators of it are Mikhailov and G. Rush. It is impressive and the most outstanding architecture. A famous Russian singer Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin was baptised in this church. Nowadays there is a statue of Shalyapin on Bauman Street, near the church. It is the only one in the whole world.

Passing the belltower we are going to the Clock of enamoured (Slide 8). This is a towerclock made in Chistopol and the second biggest one after the Raifa Clock. It is 13 metres high. All young people like to meet their friends under this clock. The author of this wonderful clock is I. Bashmackov.

Today Bauman Street is a card of Kazan; (Slide 9) one of the favourite and beautiful places of interest in the capital of Tatarstan. Different fairs and festive presentations are held here.

And now I advise you to walk along Bauman Street yourselves once again to see other 72 architectural monument buildings from Bolshaya Prolomnaya of the 17th century.

Our tour has finished. I hope very much that you have enjoyed it. It is time to say good-bye. Thank you.