Тема урока: "Environmental problems"

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Цель: активизация пройденной лексики и грамматики в речи.

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Ход урока

1. Warming up.

- Dear ladies and gentlemen! You are welcome at our conference. The main question we are going to discuss today is the environmental problems. Today we must pay attention to the main problems our planet suffers from and find the way out. We will decide what can save the Earth. We will listen to and discuss several reports.

2. Phonetic practice:

- Begin with listening to the poem written by a British girl, Miriam Mackley, and read it. Слайд №2

3. Listening activities:

- Look at these amazing landscapes. Слайд № 3. The world we live in is wonderful: blue oceans, seas, rivers, snow-capped mountains, valleys and fields with aromatic and fragrant flowers. We all live surrounded by this beauty.

- But, can you imagine that there might come a day when all this beauty will disappear? Of course, you can`t. However, nature faces a great threat.

- That`s why people who are concerned about our planet have established the 22nd of April as a special day around the world – Earth Day. Слайд № 4. It is the day when people learn what they can do to protect our planet.

So, at our lesson today we should answer two main questions: Слайд № 5.

4.Word search.

- Now, let us revise some key words that you will use during our discussion. Слайд № 6.

- Let`s check your words. Слайд № 6.

5. Conference.

- You have read a lot about the environmental problems. You`re learned many things, including some important ones. Please, name the most crucial problems. Слайд № 8.

- Your homework was to make a report about the most serious environmental problems. (Карточки с данным заданием выступающие получили заранее для подготовки дома).

P1: - It`s wonderful world we live in. But now human beings are killing our planet. Man has polluted their natural homes. The country air, once clean and fresh, now may be polluted by power stations and factories, the town air – by fumes of cars. Слайд № 9.

P2: - Water is also polluted very much. There is a lot of litter on the beaches, and you can even see thick foam caused by chemical waste. Some of our rivers are empty of fish. Today we have little drinking water. Слайд № 10.

P3: - People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for farms and houses. Even if trees are planted, it takes many years for then to grow. This leaves fewer jungles, fields and forests for wild life. Слайд № 11.

P4: - Many countries bury and forget about tons of rubbish every year. Making plastic causes pollution. People drop cans and packaging that come litter. It can kill or hurt animals. Слайд № 12.

- So, children, we see a lot of problems. Слайд № 13.

P: - To my mind, people and the Earth are in dangerous. Our government should spend more money to protect the environment, to build the recycling centers.

P: -If we threw away less rubbish, our planet would be nice and cleaner.

P: - Try not to waste energy.

P: - Don`t waste paper. We should use recycling.

P: - Try to reduce air and water pollution.

P: - If people took as much rubbish as they could to recycling centers, they would protect their environment from pollution. Слайд № 14.

6. Summing up.

- That`s right. Well, today we have discussed some global problems and answered the main questions. I hope our lesson was useful for you. Try to remember the most important rules about how to protect our nature. Let` save the Earth for ourselves and for the next generations! Слайд № 15.

Thank you and see you next lesson. Bye!