Открытый урок английского языка по теме "Приемы работы с текстом «London Zoo». Подготовка схемы для его пересказа"

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Цели урока:

  1. Обучающая: учить читать и переводить текст “London Zoo”. Научить пользоваться опорами в высказывании по тексту.
  2. Развивающая: развивать навыки чтения с полным пониманием содержания с целью высказывания по тексту.
  3. Воспитательная: воспитывать любовь и бережное отношение к животному миру, интерес к животным, их проблемам.

Ход урока

1. Орг. Момент.

Say “Hello”!
And clap your hands.
Don’t say “No”!
And, please, say “Yes”!


You have said “Yes” and we start our lesson. Today we’ll read and work with the text “London Zoo”.


But first let’s repeat the words:

a) Do the puzzles (parrot, kangaroo, ostrich) –слабые. Call the animals or the birds.
b) Open the ABC-book on page 1 and call all the animals.
c) Look at the table:

– Which animals are wild or domestic?

– Which animals are water life, birds and insects? (Конверты с названиями животных).

Put the cards with the names of the animals in two/three columns of the table.

d) Check your work (слабые называют животных на получившихся рисунках, сильные либо самоконтроль по готовым таблицам, либо зачитывают названия)
e) Begin the sentences. Sheet № 3

… can fly at a great height.
… can swim.
… can dance.
… can travel through the desert for long distances without water.
… can eat fruit from tall trees.

f) How do we call the animals that live at home/at the Zoo or in a wild animal’s park/on the farm?
g) Take the sheets of paper; put the pieces of paper together to see a picture and to make up groups.


Let’s work with the text in groups. Open your books on page 106, Ex 10.

a) Read the question of your card and choose the right answer.

– When did the exotic animals appear in GB for the first time? (In the 14, 13, 12th century)
– Where did the first animals live? (In Hyde Park, in Regent’s Park, in the Tower of London)
– Who presented Henry III with a polar bear? (Russian tsar, the King of Norway, the King of Scotland)

b) Sheet № 4 True or false (Decide whether the following sentences are true or false):

– Exotic animals were first taken to Britain in the 13th century.
– King Henry III received a gift of leopards and elephants. The animals lived in the Tower of London in a special place
– Later the King of Norway presented Henry III with a polar fox.
– Two hundred years later, Queen Charlotte was given the first zebra to come to Britain.
– Giraffes arrived in 1839 at Regent’s Park.

с) Sheet № 5 Find in the text English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

– в XIII веке;
– экзотические животные;
– подарить (прошедшее время?);
– получить подарок;
– на длинной верёвке;
– любопытные люди;
– привлекать внимание;
– подарить жизнь.

d) Translate the text “London Zoo”
e) Read the topic sentences in each paragraph of the text: _______________


Now we’ll make the scheme of the retelling of the text. (Слайд презентации)



Open your diaries? Write down your homework: Ex.10, p. 106, retell the text. Use the scheme.


Your marks:


The lesson is over. Good-bye!