Спектакль "Золушка" для учеников 4–6-х классов на английском языке

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Действующие лица.

Narrator 1, 2, 3, 4

Stepsister 1

Stepsister 2



Fairy Godmother


Foot man


Приложение 1 (Презентация)

Приложение 2 (Музыка)

Narrator 1:

A pretty young girl,
Cinderella’s her name,

(Слайд 1)

(Слайд 2)

Lost her mother and father –
What a terrible shame.

Narrator 2:

Her stepmother’s daughters
were ugly and mean.
They told Cinderella,

(Слайд 3)

Stepsisters: You must cook and clean!

(Слайд 4)


Now you’re along!
You must do as I say.
Go to the kitchen
And work there all day!

(Слайд 5)

Narrator 3:

So she cooked and she cleaned,
All day and all night.


I’m trapped in this kitchen!
This just isn’t right!

(Слайд 6)

(Слайд 7)

SONG: Oh, poor Cinderella!
In the kitchen all day!
She must cook and clean –
She can’t get away!

She’s all along!
She’s all along!

She’s trapped in that kitchen!
She’s trapped in that home!

Narrator 4:

Then one day a letter
arrived at their gate.
It came from the palace
on a silvery plate

(Слайд 8)

Stepmother: It says that the Prince…

Stepsister 1: … who’s handsome and tall!


will choose a young bride
tonight at the ball!

Stepsisters: A ball ! Oh, what fun!

Cinderella: Please let me come, too!

Narrator 1: But the stepmother said,

Stepmother: No! We’re not taking you!

(Слайд 9)

Stepsister 1:

Oh dear, Cinderella,
so dirty and small!

Stepsister 2:

You can’t have a dance
with the Prince at the ball!

Narrator 2:

They laughed and they laughed
they were both mean and bad.
Cinderella said nothing
because she was sad.

Stepsister 1:

Go back to your kitchen!
Don’t leave it at all!

Stepsister 2:

We want to make plans
for our night at the ball!
O Mother! O Mother!
What should we wear?


Silk gowns with silk ribbons
and combs in your hair!

Stepsister 1: This is my best gown!

Stepmother: Oh, yes, it’s just right!

Stepsister 2: And what about this one?


So pretty and bright!
Narrator 3: Cinderella went back
to the kitchen and cried

(Слайд 10)


Oh, I want to be there
when he chooses a bride!

(Слайд 11)

Narrator 4:

And just when she thought
there’s no hope anymore,
her Fairy Godmother
flew in through the door.

(Слайд 12)


Don’t cry, Cinderella!
Your godmother’s here
You can go to the ball
at the palace, my dear!
Look1 Here is your gown.
Try it on, my dear.

(Слайд 13)

Cinderella: But I haven’t got shoes!

FG: Your glass slippers are here

(Слайд 14)

Narrator 1:

Then the Fairy Godmother
cast a wonderful spell
on a little white mouse…

(Слайд 15)

Narrator 2: …and a pumpkin as well.

(Слайд 16)


A driver and carriage
tonight you must be,
and take Cinderella
to the place for me!
Cinderella, remember!
You mustn’t be late!

(Слайд 17)

(Слайд 18)

At twelve o’clock midnight,
be home at your gate.
Jump into your carriage
and do not look back,
or your gown will turn into
an ugly old sack


Thank you, Godmother.
Don’t worry at all.
Before it is midnight,

(Слайд 19)

(Слайд 20)

I will leave the ball.

Narrator 3:

And so Cinderella
went off to the ball,
in her gown and her slippers –
the prettiest of all

(Слайд 21)

(Слайд 22)

SONG: Young Cinderella
will now have a chance.
to meet the young Prince,
to have fun and dance

Away to the ball!
Away to the ball!
Now Cinderella’s
the prettiest of all!

(Слайд 23)

Narrator 4:

With her beautiful gown
and her long golden hair,
When she entered the room
They all stopped to stare

(Слайд 24)

All: Just look at that girl!

Narrator 1: … said the guests at the ball.

Stepsisters: Who can she be?

Stepmother: I don’t know her at all!

Narrator 2:

When the Prince saw her
he loved her at once.
He walked quickly to her.

Prince: May I please have this dance?

Narrator 3: The sisters were jealous

Stepsister 1: We want to have fun!

Stepsister 2: It’s our turn to dance!

Stepmother: She can’t be the one!

Narrator 4:

The prince saw no other
that night at the ball,
and they danced all around
the big palace hall.

Narrator 1:

They danced and they laughed
all through the night.
Cinderella was happy –
And the Prince held her tight

(Слайд 25)

Narrator 2:

But soon it was midnight.
She heard the first chime.

(Слайд 26)

(Слайд 27)


My goodness! It’s over!
there is no more time!

Narrator 3:

She looked at the Prince
and ran to the door.
But she lost one glass slipper

(Слайд 29)

When she tripped on the floor.

(Слайд 28)

(Слайд 29)

Prince: But why are you leaving?
Come back! Please don’t go!
And what is your name?
Please, I must know!

Narrator 4:

Cinderella just ran
there was no more time.
She had to get home
Before the last chime.

Narrator 1:

He looked at the slipper,
then gave a command.


We must find this girl!
We must search all the land!
This slipper’s so tiny,
This slipper’s so small –
There’s only one girl
Who can wear it at all…

(Слайд 30)

SONG: Where is my Princess?
Oh, where can she be?
I really must find her.
She must marry me!

This is your slipper.
It’s tiny and small!
I’ll use it to find you.
I won’t rest at all!

(Слайд 31)

Narrator 2:

So he searched every hill,
he searched every valley,
He searched every street
And every small alley

Narrator 3:

He went everywhere
in the land far and wide.


I really must find her
and make her my bride!

Foot man:

There are no more houses
This is the last one.

(Слайд 32)

Stepsister 1: Please, come in, my dear Prince

Prince: She can’t be the one!

Foot man:

Her foot was too fat,
and hers is too long.

Narrator 4: The stepmother cried,

Stepmother: The slipper’s all wrong!

Narrator 1:

Then the Prince turned around
And saw a sweet face.


Are you my sweet Princess
hiding here in this place?
Please try on the slipper

(Слайд 33)

Foot man: It fits like a glove

Stepsisters: No! Not Cinderella!!!

Prince: Marry me my true love!

(Слайд 34)


My Prince, I’m too happy!
I will be you wife.


I promise to love you
for the rest of my life!

(Слайд 35)

Narrator 1:

The day of their wedding
was a day full of laughter

Narrator 2: And of course they both lived…

Narrator s: …happily ever after!


(Слайд 36)

SONG: When things are hard
or people are cruel,
remember one thing.
Just one simple rule:

Don’t give up hope.
You should smile and dream.
Things are not always
As bad as they seem.

(Слайд 37)