Урок английского языка по теме "Гражданство". 11-й класс

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Класс: 11

Презентация к уроку

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  • Образовательные: развитие навыков устной речи, совершенствовать навыки ознакомительного чтения, поискового чтения, аудирования, знакомство с организациями по защите прав человека, России и других стран с использованием текущей и новой лексики. Проконтролировать умение выражать свою точку зрения: подбирать аргументы в защиту своей точки зрения
  • Развивающие: развитие памяти, мышления, творческих способностей, навыков анализа. Заинтересовать детей в изучении английского языка как средства ознакомления с традициями англоязычных стран.
  • Воспитательные:
    • умение работать в группах, повышение
    • интереса к организациям по защите прав человека в англоговорящих странах и России.
    • Оборудование: презентация, аудиозапись.


  • Активизировать изученный лексический материал;
  • Развивать умения монологической речи;
  • Проконтролировать умение работы в группах


Read article 1 of the Universal declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) below, then discuss the guestions. (1-2) in small groups “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” (article 1)

1. What are human rights? Who are they for? Why are they important?

2. What is the Declaration of Human Rights?

2. a RNE Read the headings. What do you expect to read in each paragraph in the text? Read again and match the heading (A-E) with a paragraph (1-4). There in one heading that you do not need to use.

A Right for all!

B Adopting the declaration

C Protecting freedom

D Rights violations

E Human rights history

Listen and read the text again. Explain the words in bold.

Listen about how often you drink clean water, eat food, go to school or university, say or write what you think, and practice your religion (or not). These are all basic human rights, or things that you are morally or legally entitled to do or have. They are the same for everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, nationality or social class. They are extremely important, as they are about recognizing the value and dignity of all people, everywhere and at all times!

Human rights weren’t invented recently! Discussions of them dates back to the earliest civilizations. It was not until after the cruelties and injustices that took place during the Second World War, however, that it was decided that protection of human rights should be an international concern.

On December10th< 1948< the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in New York. It has thirty articles and protects the rights to life, work, housing, free thoughts and many other things. Since 1948, nearly every country in the world has signed one or more agreements designed to protect the rights in the UDHR.

Unfortunately, just because the UDHR exists, it does not mean that human rights are never violated! In some countries, for example, children work in unsafe conditions or are denied the right to go to school. In others, people are in prisons because of their political views. For this reason, there are many charities and organizations in the world that fight for human rights. Probably the most well known of these is Amnesty International.

Here are some simplified examples of some of the articles in the Declaration of Human Rights.

You have the right to:
Belong to a country
Take part in politics
Go to school
Live in freedom and safety
Have a private life
Have opinions, speak them and share them with other people
To be treated equally by the law
Follow the religion you want to
Nobody has the right to:
Treat you as his or her slave
Punish you or put you in prison without a good reason
Torture you
Take away your rights

3. Read the title of the song. Which rights can a person stand up for? Listen, read and check which of your ideas are in the song.

Stand up

For your rights

Everyone is equal

That`s what we should all believe
But a perfect and a fair world
Is not easy to achieve
To be safe and to be happy
To be treated with respect
There are just the basic rights
Which we should all expect

Stand up for your human rights
Defend them with your heart
Stand up for your human rights
We all must do our part
Join the fight for freedom
It belongs to me and you
And find the strength inside you
To stand up for others, too
There are people in the world

Who have their rights denied
They`re not free to live their lives
To choose or to decode
We take our rights for granted
We are used to being free
And we forget those people
Who don`t live as happily

4. Why should we defend our human rights according to the singer?

5 Think! If the whole world were listening to you, what would you tell them about human rights?


6 Think! Discuss the following:

Live and let live.

United we stand, divided we fall.

7. Now let us show the presentations about a charity or organization that protects human rights and try using this information for your reports,find out the information about Russian organizations. This is your home assignment.