Урок английского языка по теме "Условные предложения I-го и II-го типа". 9-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 9

Цели урока:

  1. Развивающая – развивать интеллектуальные и познавательные способности обучающихся.
  2. Воспитательная – воспитывать культуру взаимопонимания при работе в группе.
  3. Практическая:
    – контроль речевых умений в рамках учебной темы;
    – закрепление нового грамматического материала “Conditionals 1 and 2”;
    – формирование навыка перенесения знаний в новую ситуацию общения.
  4. Образовательная – совершенствование и развитие навыков в аудировании и говорении на основе изученного грамматического материала по теме: “Conditionals 1 and 2”.

Задачи урока:

  1. Познакомить учащихся с новым грамматическим материалом.
  2. Создать информационный фон для использования грамматического материала “Conditionals 1 and 2”.
  3. Развить навыки неподготовленной речи.
  4. Развить навыки аудирования.
  5. Практиковать обучающихся в умении использовать новый грамматический материал.

Ход урока

I. The talk with the pupil on duty

II. Phonetic drills.

If all the seas were one sea
What a great sea that would be?
If all the trees were one tree
What a great tree that would be.

III. Объяснение грамматического материала.

Conditional 1.

if clause
if present tense
main clause
will + Infinitive

Ex. If I paint a nice picture I will give it to you.

I will do it if I have the time.
If I see her, I will tell her this story.
If I read the book, I will give it to you.
What will you do, if the bus doesn’t come.
If it doesn’t train today, we will go to the country.

На данных примерах объясните, пожалуйста, где главное, где придаточное предложение и где какое время мы употребляем.

IV. Auding. Listern to the text, paying attention to the new grammar.
If you ring the doorbell, the dog will bark.
If the dog barks, the baby will wake up.
If the baby wakes up, I will have to play with it.
If I play with the baby, I will forget to go shopping.
If I forget to go out now, the shops will be closed.
If the shops are closed, I wont be able to by any food.
If I don’t have any food, I will have to phone for a pizza.

V. Work in pairs. Continue the sentences, please.

If the weather is fine on Sunday…

If my friend is ill…

If I meet a friend in the street…

If my parents leave me alone for a week…

If my friend invites me to his birthday party…

If I want to see a new film…


VI. Work in groups.

Make a prediction beginning If… for each situation. There are two ways of making predictions for some situations.

Ex. You will get wet! Take an umbrella!

– If you take an umbrella, you will not get wet.
– If you do not take an umbrella, you will get wet!

Group 1. You are eating too much! You are going to put on weight.

Group 2. Hurry up! We are going to miss the train.

Group 3. Do not touch the dog! It always bites people.

Group 4. Drive faster! We want to arrive home before 6.00.

Group 5. You have ti study hard you will pass the examination.

Группы поочередно выполняют все задания.

VI. What should we do now to make sure that the future will be a place worth living in?

Action now
Take care of the environment
Plant more trees
Save water
Control the pollution

Future result
A better future
No problems with the weather
Enough water for everyone
Cleaner air

VII. Объяснение грамматического материала Conditional 2.

Subjunctive Mood 1. (Present, future)

If clause
If past Simple
main clause
would + Infinitive

Ex. If I had enough money I would buy the picture.
If I knew the answer I would tell you.
If I had a car I would drive you home.
If she lived here she could help us.

Обратите внимание! Глагол to be в условных предложениях второго типа имеет форму were .

Ex. If I were older, I would work as a ranger.

VIII. There is the picture “Geography Lesson”. What do the children dream about?

Ex. If it were New Year, I would have many presents.

Give your examples, please.

Home task. Ex 7, page 189. Read the text for detail. Find in the text the sentences that contain real conditions, unreal conditions.