Здоровый образ жизни. 9-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 9

Тема: Здоровый образ жизни (учебник для 9-го класса общеобразовательных учреждений, авторы: В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа, Э.Ш. Перегудова и др.)

Тип урока: урок-защита проектов по изученной теме.

Средства обучения: мультимедийная доска или экран, проектор; раздаточный материал или вывод заданий на доску.

Цели урока:

Познавательные: Познакомить учащихся с со здоровьесберегающими технологиями при подготовке к экзаменам, основами правильного питания во время полета, познакомить с русскими и английскими пословицами о здоровье.

Развивающие: Развивать навыки работы с ИКТ, навыки публичных выступлений, коммуникативные навыки.

Воспитательные: Способствовать формированию здорового образа жизни и бережному отношению учащихся к собственному здоровью.

Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  1. Learn Russian and English proverbs about health.
  2. Speak about ways of being healthy and keeping fit.
  3. Read the text for specific information and for detail.
  4. Present and discuss their projects.

Lesson procedure

1. Greeting. Introduction.


– Do you remember what we have been talking about during this term?

– Do you agree or disagree that nowadays it is very important to be healthy? Why?

– Do you think people’s health depends on people themselves?

Today we’ll discuss what you yourselves can do to keep fit and healthy.


Let’s study what English and Russian people speak about health in their proverbs and sayings.

a). Match the beginnings of the proverbs with their endings:

1) An apple a day a) what you eat.
2) A healthy man b) makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
3) You are c) and he who has hope has everything.
4) Early to bed and early to rise, d) keeps the doctor away.
5) He, who has health, has hope; e) two thirds of health.
6) Hygiene is f) is a successful man.

(Answers: 1d; 2f; 3a; 4b; 5c; 6e)

b). Match English proverbs with their Russian equivalents.

A. Чистота – залог здоровья.

B. Лук семь недугов лечит, а чеснок семь недугов изводит.

C. Кто рано встает, тому Бог дает.

D. В здоровом теле – здоровый дух.

E. Человек есть то, что он ест.

F. Где здоровье, там и красота.

(Answers: 1B; 2D; 3E; 4C; 5F; 6A)


T: You see that health is considered to be very important in people’s life. But we live in the polluted environment that makes a bad influence on our health. Can we do anything to keep fit and stay healthy? If so, what can we do?

Group 1 presents their project ‘Good Health Habits’.

Our health depends on many things: the food we eat, our good or bad habits, our physical activity.

In order to be healthy one should follow a healthy and balanced diet – eat food containing enough proteins, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins. It is useful to eat high-fibre food such as fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread which are rich in vitamins, too. Try to eat more fish, sea-food and dairy products. Avoid snacks between meals and do not skip your breakfast.

One cannot stay healthy without physical activity. Do your morning exercises regularly. Attend your physical education lessons. Join any sports clubs. Going for walks in fresh air will also promote your health.

If you want to keep fit such bad habits as smoking, drinking alcohol or takings drugs are not for you.

It is easy to be active and healthy. All you need is just to want it!


T: You said that a lot depends on food people eat. What food ingredients are necessary for health? (protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins). Choose food products according to their main ingredients and say why they are necessary.

(Students work in four groups: group 1 chooses products containing protein, group 2 – carbohydrates, group 3 – vitamins, group 4 – fat).

(Food products to choose from: meat, carrots, cheese, bread, fish, butter, cucumbers, potatoes, lemons, oil, yoghurt, eggs, cabbages, cereals, sausages, sunflower seeds, berries, chocolate, nuts, sweets).


People living in Norilsk travel by plane almost every year. On board the ship different dishes are served.

  1. What dishes are served on board a plane? (anticipating)
  2. Read the article about a meal on board a plane. What meal is served there? (reading for specific information)

The Worst Place for a Meal

A typical airline breakfast is a cheese omelette, croissant, bacon, and danish. That at least 900 calories, which is more than many people eat in a day and about twice as much as most people eat for breakfast.

Other typical airline meals include buttered vegetables, fried foods, and meats served with gravy. Although travellers complain about such food, most of them eat everything that is put in front of them.

3) This is the last paragraph of the article. Put the pieces of advice into logical order. (Use the following link-words: first, second, third, finally.) (understanding the organization of the text)

..., bring your own snack on board! Some fruit or a bag of popcorn is much lower in fat and calories than the peanuts they give to you.

And ..., drink milk, juice, or soda instead of an alcoholic beverage. You'll feel much better when you get off the plane!

..., ask the airline what special meals they serve. Many serve vegetarian and other types of special meals if you give them advance notice.

..., if you have a choice between meat and seafood, choose the seafood.

4) Read the menu which is given on board a plane.

Choose food appropriate for you. Remember the advice given. Explain your choice, (reading for specific information)


Marinated shrimps; roll & butter Steak with herb butter

White and red wines
Champagne, beers
Soft drinks
Coffee, tea
Princess beans and creamed potatoes
or Chicken "Piccata", tomatoes and buttered noodles
Cheese & Bread
Fruit "Swedish style"


At the end of this school year you are going to have exams. You are to keep to a healthy diet and to follow some rules not to feel tired and exhausted.

Group 2 presents their project ‘How to prepare for exams’.

Having exams is а difficult time in a teenager’s life, it is a stress situation for a student so you should organize your daily routine properly.

– First of all you should sleep enough – not less than 8-9 hours a day. There is a superstition that if you put a textbook under your pillow before an exam it will help you to pass it successfully.

– Then you should have periods of 10-15 minutes’ rest when reviewing a required material for an exam. Of course, it is better to study regularly during a school year and only to look through a textbook before an exam than to learn everything at once.

– Without any doubt healthy eating is necessary during an examination session.

– Try to eat fruit and vegetables as much as possible, drink natural juice.

– Before cramming it is good to eat currents with sour cream or oil. As you know, fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins which strengthen your immune system.

– Nuts and strawberry help to overcome nervousness and activate brain work.

– Eat dried apricots, raisins, beens, cottage cheese. Very useful are dishes from seafood, especially from squids.

– Between meals drink a lot of herbal tea and water. An effective invigorating means is caraway tea. On an exam day take a bar of chocolate to school. It is a source of energy.

– Happy tickets and good luck at your exams!


T: It is important to take care of your health constantly, not only before exams. You can regularly attend different sport clubs and sections in our town. Let’s listen to the sport advertisements.

Group 3 presents their project ‘Sport clubs in our town’.

At present people have a lot of health problems. The main causes of different illnesses and diseases are lack of physical activity, stress, overwork, social isolation, environmental influence and unhealthy eating.

For girls and women who pay reasonable attention to their health we would like to recommend joining the fitness club.

In general, fitness is a wide notion including physical culture on the whole as well as principles of healthy way of life. This kind of sports can help girls and women:

– to lose weight;

– to strengthen their body and correct the so-called problem body zones;

– to recover after childbirth;

– to improve physical and mental health;

– to make their organism more stress-resistant.

If you are interested in fitness, come to the swimming-pool, at 11, Taimyrskaya Street. (Fitness classes take place in the building of the swimming-pool).

Sporty girls who prefer team games have an opportunity to go in for basketball. There is a basketball section in the House of Sports. This sport game is an excellent kind of physical training which is extremely needed in our severe climatic conditions.

A very popular place among the youth of Talnakh is the skating-rink “Umka”.Ice-skating develops equilibrium. It makes you bright and cheerful. Skating helps you to be in good temper and to enjoy yourselves. Besides it is an effective means against being overweight. Come to “Umka” with your friends. It is open on Tuesday , Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

We wish you to keep fit and to be healthy.

8. Summary.

T: You see that it’s not difficult to take care of your health. Follow advice given at our lesson and you’ll see the results!

I wish you good health!

Home assignment: Ex. II, p. 125.