My dream hous. 5-й класс

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Класс: 5

Level: A1 + Breakthrough

Theme: Raising of students’ speaking  skills with the help of project technology and cooperative technology in the contest of questions about houses and interiors. (Lesson 4 Upstream A1+ Virginia Evans-Jenny Dooley )


  • to enable the students to speak about houses and interiors,
  • to develop their listening skills,
  • to to revise and practice vocabulary connected with interiors and houses,
  • to develop their reading skills,
  • to share opinions and practice their group work.

Language focus: topic vocabulary, constructions there is,  there are,  have got,  has got.

Aids and materials: Upstream A1 + students’ book, Students’ book-5  Afanasyeva O.V. videocassette of the film  Sounds of music, the text of the song from the film My favourite things with some gaps,  TV-set, pictures with houses, flashcards with the names of the houses, toy microphone, markers, pieces of paper A4.


Warming up

1. Greeting.Introduction to the lesson

T. Good morning deer friends. I’m glad to see you. How are you today?  I hope everything is O.K. let’s start the lesson.
At our previous lesson you’ve learnt about Queen Marry’s Doll’s house, flats, cottages and villas. The aim of  this lesson is to make a project of your own dream house, to chose its type and interior and present it to the class.
This work includes some steps. You can see them on the board.

(The aim and the steps of the  lesson are written on the board.)

1. To choose the type of the house.
2. To choose the modern conveniences
3. To choose the rooms of the house
4. To choose the furniture for the house
5. To make the plan of the rooms.
6. To present your house.


You ‘ve  learnt about flats, cottages and villas. Look at the board, on the left you can see the pictures of other different houses (there’re the pictures of a tent, a caravan, a detached house, a bungalow, a palace, a castle on the board) and on the right you can see their names. Repeat them after me – A tent, a castle, a palace, a detached house, a bungalow, a caravan. Match the pictures with the houses.
P1 goes to the board and matches the pictures to their words.
T. (Practice  questions and warming up) Is the bungalow in a busy or in a quiet area? 2. Is the caravan comfortable ? 3. Is the tent attractive or unattractive ?4. Has the castle spacious or small rooms?
P1. It’s in a quiet area
P2. No, it isn’t
P3. It’s unattractive
P4. The castle has got spacious rooms.
The teacher sticks the sticker with the name of one the houses on the back of one of the students without showing him the name  and shows the name of the house  to the rest of the students. For example – a castle- The student with the sticker asks  the rest students the questions to guess what word is on the sticker.
P5Is it big or small?
Ps  It’s small.
P5 Is it modern or traditional?
Ps. It’s traditional.
P5. Is it in a quiet or busy area?
Ps. It’s in a quiet area
P5. Has it got small or spacious rooms?
Ps. It has got spacious rooms.
P5. Is it a palace?
Ps. No it isn’t
P5. Is it a castle?
Ps.Yes, it is.
(do  this task with 2 or 3 students)
T. Now let’s choose the type of the house you would like to live. Look at the walls here (there are 3 pictures  on the walls in different places. A picture of a block of flats, a cottage and  a villa) What types of houses can you see here?
Ps. We can see a cottage, a villa and a block of flats.
T. Well. Come to the picture of the house where you want to live.
(The students come to the pictures having formed 3 groups. The teacher chooses one of the students, gives him a microphone and says to him)
T. You’re a reporter. Ask these people why they want to live in  these  houses.
P1 Why do you want to live in a block of flats?
P2, P3, P4.  Because  it’s  comfortable. Because it’s modern. Because I love busy
Area. Because it’s not very expensive.ets.
T. Now P2  you are a reporter  ask this group 2? (The teacher gives the microphone to the other student)
P2. Why do want to live in a cottage?
P5, P6, P7. Because I like a quiet area. Because it’s very cozy.  Because it’s cheap.
T. Now  P7 you are a reporter  ask this group3? (The  teacher gives the microphone to the other student)
P7. Why do want to live in a Villa?
P8, P9, P10. Because it’s  very expensive. Because I like a quiet area. Because  it has spacious rooms.
T. The students of group1 take these seats. Group2 these ones. Group3 take  these seats.You work in groups and make up the interiors of your dream houses. The students with №3  you are group leaders.
The next step is to choose modern conveniences in your dream houses. Oh, you don’t know the meaning of the  word “conveniences”. Let’s read the text and guess its meaning.
(The students read  aloud the text  in Students’ book-5  Afanasyeva O.V. page 29)
T. (after reading) What do modern conveniences include?
Ps. Hot and cold running water, central heating, electricity, gas.
T. That’s right. Don’t forget to talk about them when you present  your projects.
T.  Let’s choose the furniture. This game can help you. (The teacher sticks the stickers with the name of one the furniture  on the backs of all the students without showing  them the name. She shows the name of the furniture  to the rest of the students. For example – a sink-. The student with the sticker asks the rest students the questions to guess what word is on the sticker on his back) For  example
P5. Is it in the leaving room?
Ps. No it isn’t.
P5. Is it in the kitchen?
Ps. Yes it is.
P5. Can we sit on it?
Ps. No you can’t.
P5. Can we eat with it?
Ps. No you can’t.
P5. Is it on the floor?
Ps.  No, it isn’t.
P5. Is it on the wall?
Ps. Yes it is.
P5. Can we cook on it?
Ps. No you can’t.
P5. Can we do the washing up in it?
Ps. Yes  you can.
P5. Is it  a sink?
Ps. Yes it is
T. Now you are ready to work in groups and make a project of your dream house.
You know the type of your house. Discuss what rooms and  what  modern conveniences you want to have  in your dream house. What furniture can be in your house. Group leaders write down all the information  about the type of the house, the rooms it has, the modern conveniences, the members of the groups  choose the room you want to furnish. You have 5 minutes for this work. In 5-7 minutes you present your projects on the board.

(The students are working  and the teacher is monitoring and helping)


T. Group 2 is ready to present their dream house. Hang your project on the board  and tell us about it.  Group 1 and group 2 listen and complete the table (the teacher gives out the students the tables 1).
P4 (group leader). We want to live in a villa because we like big houses with spacious rooms in a quiet area.  Villas are very attractive and expensive. We want to have all modern conveniences such as hot and cold running water, central heating, gas, electricity, telephone, TV-set, a computer etc. There are 5 rooms  in our flat, 3 bedrooms, a study and a spacious  living room. There is  also a large fully-fitted  kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a hall.
P5. This is a living room It is spacious and cozy.There is  a big sofa at the wall. In front the sofa there is a coffee-table, opposite the window there is a fire place. 2 armchairs are in front of it.  There are many pictures on the walls and a big carpet on the floor.
P6. This  is a bedroom. It is not very spacious  but very cozy. There is  my bed at the wall. Above  the bed you can see  my favourite picture. There is my table  near the window. At the opposite wall there is a wardrobe with my clothes. Next to the table  you see a book case. There is also a shelf with a CD player.
P7. This is a bathroom.  There is a bath at the wall, next to the bath  there is a sink. You can see a mirror above the sink, next to the sink there is a washing machine. Near the sink you can see some towels.
T. Very well. Take your seats, group 3 present your project.
P8, P9, P10. (are presenting their project)
T. Very well. Take your seats, group1 present your project.
P1, P2, P3. (are presenting their project)
T. Your projects are very interesting,  thanks. I think  our favourite things make our home warm and dear. One of my favourite things is a table mirror that my mom gave  as a present. What are yours?
P1. Mine is a vase
P2. Mine is a toy bear
P5. Mine is a CD player.
P3. Mine is a book of detectives
P7. Mine is a plate.
P8. Mine is a lamp.
P10. Mine is a picture in my room.
T. Let’s watch and listen to the song about favourite  things  from the film “The sounds of music”. Here you are the text of the song  with some gaps. Listen to the song and fill in the. gaps.
Raindrops on roses,
And whiskers on 1_________. (kittens )
Bright copper kettles
And 2_________woolen mittens. (warm)
Brown paper packages
Tied up with string,
These are a few of my 3 __________things. (favourite)
Cream colored ponies,
And crisp apple strudel.
Doorbells and sleighbells
And schnitzel with noodles,
Wild geese that 4_______ (fly)
With the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Girls in white 5___________with blue satin sashes,(dresses)
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
Silver white 6__________that melt into springs (winters)
These are a few of my favorite things.
When the 7________ bites, (dog)
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling 8________ I simply remember my favorite things, (sad)
And then I don't 9_________ so bad! (feel)
(The students listen to the song twice and fill in the gaps)
T. Now compare your words  with your partner’s words.
T. Now let’s read and check.
(the students read the text of the song one by one ).

Summing up

T. The  aim of the lesson was to make  a plan  of your dream house.
We can see magnificent projects on the board. Think and say what was especially interesting for you to do ?
P1. To choose the house.
P2, P5. To play the game  about the furniture.
P3. To have an interview.

P7, P8. To watch the film and listen to the song.
T. What was difficult for you?
Ps. To understand all words. To draw the plan.  To present the project.
T. What new things do you know now after the  lesson ?
Ps.  We know the names of other houses –TENT, BUNGALOW, A DETACHED HOUSE,
A CASTLE,  A CARAVAN, we learned about conveniences and made a plan of our dream house.


T. Some of you said that It was interesting to listen to the song.  So your homework is to compose the beginning of4 lines of the song about you favourite things.
( the teacher gives out the text of the homework )
________________________________and blue Teddy-bear
________________________________    and armchair
________________________________and a sink
These are a few of my favourite things.