Открытый урок в 8-м классе по теме "Спорт в моей душе"

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Задачи: Воспитание потребности в здоровом образе жизни, в занятии физкультурой и спортом. Осознание мысли “каждый человек сам отвечает за своё здоровье”.


  • Развитие коммуникативной компетенции учащихся по теме “Спорт”.
  • Предоставить информацию о спортивных секциях в школе и спортивных школах в городе Омске.

Teacher: Today we’ll speak about sport, about unusual sports in Great Britain, about Olympic Games,

Sport schools in Omsk and sport sections in our school.

The poem for little children says:

Sport is fun for girls and boys
It’s much better than the toys
You can run and you can jump
You can have a lot of fun.
Do you agree that sport is fun?
Can you say that sport is hard work?


I’d like to read you some sentences about sport or sport games, try to guess them

1. This game is a field game. There are 11 players on each team. They play with a round white and black ball.

P: It’s football. Only goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands. But the players must kick or bump it with their heads.

2. This game is outdoor game. It is played on a lawn.

P: It’s lawn-tennis. It’s played with a big rocket and a small yellow ball.

3. This game is outdoor game between 2 teams of 11 players. It is a very long game.

P: It’s cricket. The sportsmen play with cricket bats and hard ball the size of a tennis ball. The match lasts 5 days.

4. It is played on a court. There are 5 players on each team. They try to shoot the ball into the hoop.

P: It’s basketball. The players use a big orange ball. They move it across the court by bouncing or dribbling.

5. It is the oldest sport existed even in Saxon times. It is very popular in many countries P: It is boxing. Athletes compete on rings. They wear big gloves

So we name some sport games. Call popular sport games in Russia and in Great Britain.

[Pupils write them on the blackboard]

Gr. Britain



figure skating

Some sport games are common. But skating, skiing ice-hockey are not popular in Gr. Britain. Why?

[Pupils: Winter is warmer in Gr. Britain than in Russia. There isn’t much snow in this country.

Teacher: Did people always know the rules for games?

Pupil: No, The 1st book which told schoolboys how to play outdoor games came out in 1856.

The name of the book was ‘Every boy’s book of sports.’ Because of that time games were played for boys of rich people. But soon they became more and more popular among people as a whole.


Please, tell some words about unusual British sport games [golf, cricket, croquet].

You see some pictures on the blackboard. Name sports and sport games. They are on the program of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are the greatest sport festival in the world.

What can you say about the history of the Games?

When did modern Olympic Games begin?

When was Russia the hostess of the Olympic Games?

Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

Some of you go in for sport. Tell us, please, what sport you go in for, if you took part in any competitions, what places you won.

[Pupils tell about their favourite sport and sport games.]

Teacher: Three pupils are members of supporting group . They took part in sport festival in Sedelnikovo. Vika will tell you about these competitions.

Teacher: A lot of people go in for sport. How do you think why?


to meet interesting people
to be healthy
to keep fit
to make new friends
to have fun.

Pupils give information about sport sections in our school, swimming baths and sport schools in Omsk.

I hope that you’ll go in for sport after this lesson. Good luck! [Приложение 2]

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