Урок обучения чтению на английском языке в 8-м классе "Всяк кулик на своем болоте велик"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель: Формирование развития навыков и умений в области чтения и говорения.



  • Совершенствовать фонетические и лексические навыки.
  • Расширить словарный запас.
  • Активизировать знакомую лексику в новых речевых ситуациях.


  1. Развивать языковую и контекстуальную догадку.
  2. Развивать и совершенствовать речевые умения в чтении и устной речи.
  3. Получать определенные лингвострановедческие знания.


  • Воспитание внимательного отношения к людям, животным, природе.
  • Восприятие и понимание обучающимися таких ценностей, как “природа”, “дружба”, умение различать хорошие и плохие поступки.

Приложение 1

Ход урока

I. The talk with the pupil on duty.

II. Phonetic drills.

Tea is prepared from the leaf of the tree
Honey is gathered and made by the bee
Butter is made from the milk of the cow
Pork is the flesh of the pig or the sow.

III. Choose the suitable phrase.

Cheese is
Carrot is
The violin is
Honey is
as bright as silver.
as good as gold.
as soft as butter.
as sweet as honey.

IV. At home you have read the text. “The discontented pig”. Now listen to this text, please.
The children listen to the DVD player.

V. Guess the character, please.

  1. He works in the meadow among the flowers. His work is to lift honey. (What is he ) (a beekeeper).
  2. All of us like to eat cheese. Who is the cheese maker in this story? (a dog)
  3. He dug and weeded his tomatoes and carrots. Who is he? (a pig)
  4. He plays the violin very well. Who is he? (a cat)

VI. Listen to me and choose the correct variant.

1. The pig lived in the house at the edge of the village and every day he worked

a) in the field
b) at home
c) in the garden.

2. Every year the pig won

a) the medal
b) the royal prize
c) the present at the fair.

3. The pig

a) locked the door of his house.
c) closed

4. The cat Thomas made his living by playing

a) the guitar
b) the violin
c) the piano.

5. A dog who made

a) ice-creem lived in
a) a hug
b) a big house
c) a castle.

6. Оп the other side of the river in a sweet green field a man was taking honey out

a) of flowers
b) beehives
c) rooms.

7. The pig said

a) good morning to the beeman and was soon back in his vegetable garden.
b) good-bye
c) good-evening

VII. Listen to me and mark the given sentences T or F standing for True and False.

  1. The pig dug and weeded tomatoes and carrots, (T)
  2. The pig travelled about five miles till he came to a cottage behind the trees. (F)
  3. The pig took with himself the bow and the fiddle and ran down the road. (F)
  4. The pig grew hot and tired during making cheese and stopped to rest and fan himself. (T)
  5. The beekeeper gave little pig a veil and a pair of gloves. (T)
  6. The bees stung the pig on his fingers, his mouth, his ears and the end of his nose. (T)
  7. The pig was crying while working in the garden. (F)

VIII. Continue the sentences, please.

  1. Every day the pig worked ... . (in the garden)
  2. Little pig grew tired of the endless ... . (toil)
  3. The pig locked the door of his house and started down .... (the road)
  4. Thomas made his living by playing ... . (the violin)
  5. The cat gave the pig the bow and the ... .(riddle)
  6. The pig asked the dog to teach him to ... . (make cheese)
  7. This plan pleased the bee man as much as it pleased ... .(the pig)
  8. The bees crept under his veil and inside his ... . (gloves)
  9. Every autumn the pig took his vegetables to the ... (fair) and brought home the royal... (prize)
  10. Sometimes, on holidays , the cat and the dog and the bee man came ... . (to see the pig)

IX. Give your opinion to the statements.

  1. To play the violin you must practice until your arm aches.
  2. When you make cheese you must not stop a minute until the work is done.
  3. While taking honey from a hive the bees sting you until your head is on fire.
  4. To work in the garden is not so hard.

X. Answer the questions, please.

  1. Who are the main characters in this story?
  2. Where did the little pig live?
  3. Where did he work?
  4. Why did the pig once started down the road?
  5. Whom did he meet?
  6. Was the cat a good musician?
  7. Did the pig want to play the violin?
  8. Did the pig work hard?
  9. Could he play the violin well?
  10. Where did the dog live?
  11. What was the dog's trade?
  12. Could the pig make cheese?
  13. Whom did he meet on the other side of the river?
  14. Did the pig want to work as a beekeeper?
  15. What happened to the pig?
  16. What did the pig decide to do?
  17. What do the pig do every autumn?
XI. Work in groups. What qualities should a man have to be a good specialist,
to be a good gardener musician

Rank the qualities in the order of importance.


Ex. To be a good garderner a man should have energy, optimism, seriousness.

XII. Make up the sentences out of given words and write down them in chronological order. Each group presents the story.

  1. a cottage, the trees, the pig, behind, came to.
  2. in a house, the pig, lived, of the village, at the edge.
  3. the cat, the violin, played, well.
  4. dug, his, tomatoes, the pig, and, carrots, and, weeded.
  5. the dog, cheese, in a hut, made.
  6. the pig, in, his, garden, vegetable, was back.
  7. the pig, ran, and, the honey, dropped.
  8. taking, was, out of, beehives, a man, honey.

The pig lived in house at the edge of the village. The pig dug and weeded his tomatoes and carrots. The pig came to a cottage behind the trees. The cat played the violin well. The dog made cheese in a hut. A man was taking honey out of beehives. The pig ran and dropped the honey. The pig was back in his vegetable garden.

XIII. Match words with similar meaning.

prize toil
violin cottage
couple guess
hard work pair
think fiddle
house present
enjoy reply
answer please

XIV. Students work in pairs. They ask each other questions and fill in the chart.

  Pig Cat Dog Beekeeper
prefers to work with        
working hardly he has        

Ex. P 1.What does the pig like to do? – P 2. The pig likes to work in the garden.

  Pig Cat Dog Beekeeper
likes to work in the garden to play the violin to make cheese to lift a honey comb out of a hive
prefers to work with a spade a bow   veil and a pair of gloves
working hardly he has fruit and vegetables the sweetest music cheese honey

XV. Guess the puzzles, choose the correct variants and fill in the gap.

Long ago there was a curly-tailed (…). He lived in a (…). Every day he worked in (…). He was a good (…). He dug and weeded his (…) and (…). But he grew tired and went out of his house. He met (…). The cat was playing (…) well. The pig couldn't play the violin. He walked on and he met (…). The dog made (…).It was difficult for pig. He started down the road. He met a beekeeper. The beekeeper worked with (…). He lifted (…) out of hives. The pig couldn't work with him and went back to his garden.


  1. A beautiful place with many different kinds of fruit trees. (a garden)
  2. It is a kind of vegetable. It is round. It may be green and yellow and red. (a tomato)
  3. Cap
    p (a cat)
  1. He doesn't speak
    Nor does he sing
    Nor at the door-bell
    Give a ring
    But still he lets
    His master know
    Who wants to see him
    Friend or foe.
                    (a dog)
  1. I am an insect
    I have a long tongue
    I gather nectar from flowers
    I live in a hive.(a bee)
  1. It's pink and likes to roll in the mud (a pig).
  2. He has a green thumb (a gardener)
  3. It is a kind of vegetable. It's orange. The rabbits like it very much. (a carrot)
  4. A musical instrument with strings and a bow (violin)
  1. Will you, please
    Have some ... (cheese)
  1. Change the first letter and make a new word “money”.(honey)
  1. I have it
    You have it
    Everybody has it
    It may have one, two, three or more rooms. What does it mean? (a house)

XVI. Which proverb is the most suitable for this story.

Live and learn. Век живи – век учись.
Better late than never. Лучше поздно, чем никогда.
Actions speak louder than words. О человеке судят по его делам.
A cat in gloves catches no mice. Без труда не вытащишь и рыбки из пруда.
A cock is valiant on his own dunghill. Всяк кулик на своём болоте велик.

Explain your opinion, please.
We read the story about the pig, the cat, the dog, the beekeeper. Do you like the pig’s behavior? If you were the pig what would you do?
You are right. It’s necessary to work hard to be a great specialist.

Home task:
Prepare the summary of the text.