Проблемы экологии

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1. Организационный момент.

– Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

2. Целеполагание.

– Today we gather to discuss the problems of ecology.

We shall have a press-conference. All of you will be the members of the round table and you will discuss the problems of ecology. You will be the representatives of different kinds of professions. Your task is to discuss the problems of keeping our environment

I think that everyone will take an active part in our discussion

3. Мотивация (актуализация) – просмотр видео ролика.

(Приложение 1. Презентация – слайд 1)

At first a short-film will be present and then you will speak about the problems of environmental protection.

With the help of the film you will exchange your opinion about this global problem how to protect our Earth, how to prevent further pollution of the atmosphere, what necessary measure to undertake.

Let`s begin to watch the film.

(Показ фильма. Приложение 2)

4. Актуализация (Стихотворение “Земля – наш дом!”).

(Приложение 1. Презентация, слайд 2)

The Earth is my home
I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful
I will love the land, the air, the water and
all leaving creatures.
I will be defender of my planet, united with friends.
I will save the Earth

United with friends, I promise to keep it,
United with friends, I will love the land,
United with friends, I’ll be a defender,
I will save the Earth
I will save the Earth

5. Дискуссия. (Приложение 1. Презентация – 3–7 слайды)

(Приложение 1, 3 слайд) Ecology is a science of how living things are related to their environment. Many people all over the world are concern about the ecology today. (Приложение 1, 4 слайд) The word “ecology” came from Greek which means “home”. (Приложение 1, слайд 5) This idea of “home” includes the whole planet of ours. We must protect our planet from littering, our pollution, water pollution and destruction of natural resources. We know that polluted air, land and water are harmful (вредно) to plants, animals and people ...

(Приложение 1, 6 слайд) Many territories, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans and the atmosphere are polluted with all kinds of technological, chemical, nuclear and other wastes. Awful harm is caused to our home by nuclear tests, atom bombs and accident on the atomic power station. (Приложение 1, 7 слайд) How can we keep our earth clean? That is the question! Let’s discuss this problem.

(Приложение 1, 8–12 слайды)

Chemist – I am quit agree with you. The environment is the only thing, which gives us everything for our normal life. We take recourses from nature, but our “roots” lie in the nature.

(Приложение 1, 8 слайд) We have factories, machines and other things, necessary for our life today. But we also kill our nature. I can’t understand why we do it today. All the people know that the pollution of the environment is mortal for us, but numerous plants, sky-scrapes continue to appear. The nature has shown us the result of our activity and not once.

(Приложение 1, 9 слайд) Remember the accident with Chernobyl with the lake Baikal. Vast forests are cut down in Africa, South America and Asia.

Large cities suffer from smog, cars with their engines have come the main source of pollution in industrial countries.

Correspondent – Sorry to interrupt you! I want to ask some questions. What contribution can each of us make to protect and keep our planet? This question I address to the representatives of television and mass media.

TV – (Приложение 1, 10–12 слайды) At the present day there is a lot of advertisement about ecological problems and the environmental protection.

There are also many TV programmers on this theme (for example “The World of Animals”) which show the problems of Earth. Such programmers reflect the ecological situation on our planet.

Correspondent – Sorry to interrupt you! What is the aim of such programmers?

TV – Their aim is to influence public opinion on matters of environmental protection. When people watch these programmers they learn much information about different animals and plants, which die from the hand of the same people.

Such programmers tell the people about special organizations, which are specialized on these problems. The most famous international organizations are: WWF, (13 слайд, Приложение 4) Green peace, The Friends of Wild Life.

By the way, one of the representatives of the WWF is here.

The members of the WWF – Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Mary Smith. I am a member of the WWF. (Приложение 1, 14 слайд)

Correspondent – Sorry! Could you tell us when this Fund was founded?

WWF – As far as I remember it was founded in 1961. At first it was a small group of people who wanted to raise money to save animals and plants. Today the WWF is a large international organization. It was raised over 35 mln for conservation projects and has created or given support to National Parks in 5 continents. It has helped 30 mammals and birds to survive. Perhaps this is not much it is a start.

I must say that there are a lot of nature centers in all the countries of the world, such as ”Friends of the Earth”, “Green peace”, “Trust” and many others.

Correspondent – Tell us please what are the aims of your social activities?

WWF – We tries to avert the extinction of different species of animals and plants. We protect animals from dying out. We control atmosphere and air pollution, study the man’s influence on the climate and pay attention to the protection of our nature and the health of people.

(Музыка “В мире животных”). Выступление биолога идет на фоне музыки.

Biologist – I want to continue your idea and add something interesting about the problems of dying many species of rare animals

People don’t realize how much animals suffer. The truth is that we use animals or parts of animals for jewelry, clothes, shampoo, soaps, and cosmetics. (Приложение 1, 15 слайд) We kill whales for their oil, which we use for cosmetics and soaps. A lot of expensive jewelry is made from ivory, from the horns of elephant and rhinos.

Correspondent – So what animals are in danger in our planet?

Biologist. (Приложение 1, 16–17слайды)

Look at the map please. Here you can see disappearing species of an

Bald Eagle
Humpback Whale
Galapagian Giant Tortoise
Pygmy Boar
Asian Lion
Asian Elephant
Black Rhino

 They are in danger because the forest, the land, the water and the air are polluted.

Correspondent – What could you add?

Ecologist – I want to tell you some advises. Don’t buy drinks in plastic bottles. These bottles can’t be recycled and plastic won’t even degrade. If you throw this bottle, it will still litter the earth forever. Only buy water and other drinks in aluminum cans or glass bottles. Buy milk and juice in cartoons. Glass, aluminum and cartoons can be recycled. The energy saved from one recycled aluminum can will operate a television set for three hours. If you throw the glass bottle you litter the earth forever. So there are a lot of ways in which we can help to save the Earth.

(Приложение 1, 18 слайд) One way is to remember the three Rs:

Reduce reuse recycle.

Look at the list! What can we reduce? reuse? recycle?

Correspondent – As far as I know many people live in areas in which the air is not safe to breath. Is it very dangerous for our life and health?

Chemist – Yes, of course. It goes without saying. The environment needs to be cleaned up. Unfortunately millions of people on our planet live in areas in which the air is not safe to breath. The biggest problem is ozone formed from hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

Correspondent – Could you explain us why are ozone and acid rains so dangerous for people?

(Наглядное пособие-картинка “Круговорот воды в природе”).

Chemist – Ozone can age our lungs prematurely, making us more susceptible to dangerous diseases including cancer. Air pollution can also cause a kind of water pollution called acid rain. Sulfur and nitrogen compounds mist with moisture in the air and fall to Earth in rain or snow. Then this acid water runs into rivers and lakes. The rivers and lakes become so acid that fish cannot survive and neither can trees and other plants. Problems with the health of the environment are still with us.

Doctor I am quite agree with you. Everyone knows about the problems connected with smog pollution of the air and water. There are a lot of other problems more important, for example, atomic weapon. Radiation of radioactive wastes from the power stations and military nuclear submarine and nuclear tests, for example, in Nevada, on the south of Russia, is mortal for the nature of these regions. (19 слайд, Приложение 5) Also it is the radiation, which kills everything alive. It may cause changes in human genes. Our children are born ill, we have a lot of chronicle diseases. Many people died and get ill after the Chernobyl explosion in 1996. It was a global tragedy.

Correspondent – How do you think, what may lead to the extinction of human race? This problem is closely connected with the problem of peace and war on our planet, is not it?

Military officer – (Приложение 1, 20 слайд) I agree with you. Our environment is vitally connected with problem of peace on our planet. The scientists consider that nuclear exchange could mean the extinction of the human race.

Correspondent – What might be the effects of a nuclear war for the environment?

Military officer – (Приложение 1, 21 слайд) The climatic, biological and environmental effects of a nuclear war might be horrible. An exchange of only a small fraction of war heads would produce nuclear winter in which smoke and soot would obscure the sunlight: the temperature would fall below freezing levels and global toxic smog would be created. That’s why there is no more important task today than to safeguard peace and prevent a nuclear catastrophe on the Earth, which is one and only home.

Correspondent – Sorry to interrupt you. What kind of weapons makes a threat to the mankind?

Military officer – In the worlds there are have been stocked great masses of chemical and bacteriological weapons. Included are the most dreadful varieties – the bacilli of Siberian ulcers and the plague.

Correspondent – Would you tell us please what will be the consequences if any of these weapons is used? (22 слайд, Приложение 6)

Military officer – If any of these weapons is used, the causalities will run into tens of millions. Mankind has no immunity against bacteriological weapons and the use of chemical weapons will result in mass contamination of the area and its transfer to the rest of the planet thus affecting the life of several generations.

6. Письмо Американскому президенту (Приложение 1, 23 слайд)

I want to suggest you to write down the letter to the American president to prevent the third nuclear world war... We have already written a project of this letter. So listen to me please

Mister President!

We, young people of the generations of the 21 – century apply to you to stop nuclear tests, to cease the arms race, to avert an arms race in outer space, because we want our children to be healthy.

We ask you to act in a sensible way to prevent nuclear catastrophe because the victims will be the great.

Students of the … Form and all students of our school.

7. Песня “Don’t you hear the H-bomb’s thunder” (Приложение 1, 4 слайд)

So, dear friends, let’s join hands, say “No war!” and sing a song “Don’t you hear, the H-bomb thunder”.

(Песня, плакат на слайдах в презентации)

8. Рефлексия (Приложение 1, 25–26 слайды тест)

(Приложение 3, создание плакатов рисунков)

9. Оценка работы учащихся, подготовивших пресс конференцию.