"Environmental problems"

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Задачи урока:

  • образовательная: обобщение лексико-грамматического материала по теме «Экология», Passive Voice;
  • развивающая: развитие умений и навыков учащихся вести беседу, высказывать свое мнение и обобщать изученный материал по теме;
  • воспитательная: привитие школьникам любви и уважительного отношения к природе.

Оборудование: мультимедийная презентация, картины с изображением природы, творческие работы учащихся.

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент

Good morning. How are you? I’m very glad to see you again. Today we are going to discuss environmental problems. What are they?

II. Грамматическая зарядка

Use is or are

  • The water … polluted
  • Birds … not fed.
  • Nature … damaged.
  • Birds and animals … disturbed.
  • Litter … thrown away.
  • The air … polluted.
  • Flowers … pulled out.
  • Fires … left.
  • Animals … killed.
  • The air … spoilt.
  • Trees … cut down.
  • Paper … not recycled.

III. Речевая зарядка

Is it important to help nature? Why?

– Yes, it is. It’s important to help nature and to save our planet.

Make up your sentences according to the following pictures.

What are people or children asked to do or not to do to help the Earth?

    to collect paper, metal, boxes
Children are asked   to recycle paper, metal, boxes
    to raise money to save animals
    to plant trees, flowers
  not to leave litter
People are asked   to leave fires in the forest
    to feed birds and animals
    to recycle litter
    to kill birds
    to build houses for ants
    to water flowers

IV. Работа в парах

Учащимся предлагается поработать с анкетой «How environmentally aware are you?» (Приложение 1)

21-15 Keep up the good work! You’re doing your part to protect the environment.
14-10 There is some room for improvement. Change your habits and you’ll soon be GREEN.
9-0 You are a part of the problem. You should try to become part of the solution.

V. Поисковое чтение по группам

(Приложение 2)

Well, read the texts and find out the main problems in them.

Вопросы на экране:

  1. What is the environment?
  2. What is the first problem?
  3. What is the second problem?
  4. What are another problems in ecology?
  5. Are you worried about these problems? Why? Agree or disagree with your classmates.

VI. Физкультминутка

Close your eyes. You are in your boat now in the middle of the water. Look around. What is it? It may be a pond, a lake, a river, a sea, an ocean. The water is calm … You are moving slowly … You are feeling calm … Your face is calm… Your body is calm … your arms are calm … Your legs are calm …

Now you are coming back. When you hear five open your eyes.

VII. Презентация проектов

Do we have any environmental problems in Kukmor? Present your projects. Choose the best project.

Защита проектов (Приложение 3)

– Whose project is the best?

VIII. Children, you know there are a lot of environmental problems in our region.

Let’s make a declaration about keeping the environment clean and green using the pictures

IX. Подведение итогов

Our short discussion is over. I’m sure you are real friends of our planet. We all must keep the air, the water and the land clean. We must protect our nature to live happily.

Let’s read the declaration together:


X. Оценки.

I’ve got a surprise for you. (The teacher gives flowers made of sweets to pupils. The number of sweets on each flower means the mark given to every pupil)