Интегрированный урок (английский язык + музыка) по теме "Британская музыка" (9-й класс)

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 9

Цель урока: cовершенствование языковой компетентности учащихся через знакомство с оперой Вебера “Призрак Оперы”.


учебный аспект:

  • познакомить учащихся с биографией Вебера и оперой “Призрак Оперы”;
  • совершенствовать умения учащихся в чтении с выборочным извлечением интересующей информации (reading for specific information);
  • повышать активность учащихся в процессе получения и усвоения информации.

развивающий аспект:

  • совершенствовать умения сравнивать, анализировать, выделять главное, способность к языковой догадке;
  • развивать навыки самостоятельной работы учащихся;
  • формировать умения работать с таблицей д’ Огле.

воспитательный аспект:

  • воспитание положительного, уважительного и толерантного отношения к британской культуре, более глубокое осознание своей родной культуры.

Использованное оборудование: кассеты, карточки, мультимедийное оборудование. Презентация


1. Организационный момент.

T: Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you.

Today we are going to see some students’ projects, to read the text and do some exercises. But first I want you to see the video and to guess our topic of the lesson.

(The pupils watch the video from “The Phantom of the opera”)

Children, did you enjoy this film?

2. Речевая зарядка.

T: So, what is our topic, children? Yes, you are right, it is “The British Music.

“The Phantom of the Opera”. And did you enjoy the music?

And now brainstorm some adjectives that come to mind when you listen to this music. (The children tell some adjectives)

Look at the blackboard, please. You can see the charming quotation:

“Music is a free art, an open-air art, an art boundless as the wind, the sky, the sea” (Debussy)

(Пояснение: boundless-безграничный). Let us read and translate it.

Do you agree with Debussy?

Music can provoke powerful and complex feelings.

Do you like music? What music do you like? What is your favourite singer? What styles of music do you know? What famous composers do you know?

And do you know: who is the composer of the “Phantom of the Opera”?

3. Контроль домашнего задания.

Your task was to do a project about the British composers. And now we’ll see your projects prepared at home. Our pupils made a project about “Andrew Lloyd Webber”. Let us see it. Open your exercise books and write all interesting facts.

Did you enjoy this project?

Now you see that Andrew Lloyd Webber is the most successful British composer of our time. He is called “the king of musical theatre”. What musical instruments can he play? What are his famous musicals?

4. Основная часть.

Этап вызова: At our last lesson we got acquainted with the part I of the text “Phantom of the Opera”. And now we shall read the part II of the text.

Let us remember what you know about the main characters. (Учебник: Кузовлев В.П.)


The life of Christine Daae was a mystery.
Christine was a soloist of the Paris Opera House.
Strange things happened at the Opera House.
Christine loved Raoul de Chagny, a French aristocrat.
Raoul could not marry Christine.
A ghost loved Christine.

Teacher: Well, do you know the end of this story? Do you want to know it?

Do you believe that Christine and Raoul will be together?

Do you believe that the Phantom will kill Raoul?

Do you believe that Christine will love the Phantom?

What do you want to know?

We shall know the answers in the part II of the text. Open your Activity books, please. First we must put the verbs into the right form. Now you will read the text and find the main information to answer our questions. While reading the text you will put your marks.





Отличительные черты

То, что вы читаете, соответствует тому, что вы знаете, или думали, что знаете.

То, что вы читаете, является для вас новым.

То, что вы читаете, противоречит тому, что вы знаете, или думали, что знаете.

То, что вы читаете, непонятно, или хотели бы получит более подробные сведения по данному вопросу.


Then you must fill this table.

Know Want Learnt


Know Want Learnt
Christine was a soloist.

The Phantom loved her.

Raoul loved Christine.

He could not marry her.

The ghost had a great power over her. Etc.

Why the Phantom lived in the basemen of the Opera?

What did the Phantom decide to do with Christine?

Were Raoul and Christine happy?

The Phantom was born ugly.

He decided on kidnapping Christine.

Raoul was captured by the Phantom.

The Phantom freed Raoul and Christine.

They left Paris.

The Phantom died.

And now have you any questions, did you answer all your questions?

А сейчас постройте кластер о том, что вы узнали о призраке (по двум частям текста).

Этап рефлексии: письменная рефлексия. Вернёмся снова к нашему эпиграфу, напишите дома, что вы чувствуете, слушая эту музыку.

Your homework will be to answer to the question: “What do you feel about the music of the “Phantom of the Opera?”

And now you will do your cinqvains on the topic “Music”. Work in groups and choose the best one.

Show us your work, please.

passionate romantic
inspires enriches conquers
I adore classical music.

So, my dear friends, may be you have some questions?

Did you find your work difficult? What was the most difficult for you? What was interesting at our lesson?

Was the text difficult for you? Would you like to have such lessons in future?

And now our lesson is over. You were creative at the lesson. We shall see other projects next lesson. You really did your best and I am extremely pleased to have such good pupils.

The Phantom of the Opera

Part II

The Phantom lived in the basement of the Paris Opera House. People who entered the basement couldn’t find the way out. Who was he? A ghost, a living being, a monster? Only Christine knew that the Phantom was an unhappy man who was born so ugly that he had to cover his face with mask. He travelled around the world and learnt many things, he knew many fascinating stories and legends and he was a great singer.

At last the Phantom decided on kidnapping Christine and made her marry him. When Christine had disappeared Raoul understood who had done it: it was the Phantom. Raoul rushed to the basement and was captured by the Phantom. In the long run the Phantom understood that Christine didn’t love him. He freed Christine and Raoul. They left Paris forever and lived alone in a quit place. The Phantom died in the basement of the Opera House alone and lonely.

Know Want Learnt