Праздник Halloween

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  • развитие навыков монологической речи учащихся, 
  • развитие творческих способностей учащихся,
  • воспитание толерантного отношения к обычаям и традициям других народов,
  • воспитание интереса к изучению предмета.

Оборудование: маски, костюмы, рисунки с изображением черного кота, привидений, jack-o-lanterns и т.п.(преобладающие цвета – черный и оранжевый), карточки со словами, тыква, свечи, призы, пригласительные билеты (раздаются заранее)


Dear ….
Some jolly Jack O’Lanterns,
The jolliest ever seen,
Are going to have a party – ,
T will be on Hallowe’en.
They said I might invite you
If you’d mask and be on time.
The party is at half past one.

Музыкальное оформление: аудиозаписи песен


(в роли the Main Witch может выступить либо учитель, либо кто-то из старшеклассников)

the Main Witch: Hello, dear witches, wizards, ghosts and other friends of mine! We’ve gathered here to celebrate the most important holiday – Halloween. I see that Jack O’Lantern is here. Will you tell us your story, Jack. (Jack O’lantern tells his story. Pupils introduce their characters, demonstrate costumes. They are greeted with applause.)

the Main Witch: Look at the wall. (On the wall there are word cards for BAT, GHOST, WITCH BROOM, BLACK CAT, VAMPIRE, PUMPKIN, JACK-O-LANTERN, GHOUL, GOBLIN, SKELETON, DEVIL) Learn how to spell these important words.


1) The Main Witch: Come nearer to me. Make a circle. You stand in the middle of the circle with the word pinned to your back. Everyone knows the word except you. You try to find out this word by asking 12 questions “Whooo am I?” The questions must be answered “yes” or “no”.


Who am I? A GHOST? (Class: No!)
Who am I? A BAT? (Class: No!)
Who am I? A BLACK CAT? (Class: Yes!)

2) The Main Witch: There are four Jack O’lanterns’ faces on the blackboard. You see, there are no eyes on the faces. Try to draw the eyes in the proper place with your blindfolded eyes.

The player who has drawn the eyes in the most ridiculous position is a winner.

3) The Main Witch: You see pumpkin seeds in the bowl. You must try to guess how many seeds are there in the bowl. Write their guess on a piece of paper and drop it into the box. The person who has guessed a numbers nearest to correct one wins a prize.

4) The Main Witch: Fill in the missing letters. Who is the best in spelling?

  • H-ll-w- -n
  • – ct- b-r
  • j-ck-o’-l-nt-rn
  • w- -ch
  • g-ost
  • c-ndy
  • tr-ck-or-tr- -t
  • m-nst-r

5) The Main Witch: Put the words in the alphabetical order. Who will be the first to cope with it?

Monster witch costume dark ghost haunt weird mask skeleton devil goblin clown scare

6) The Main Witch: Divide into four groups of four. The Jack-O’lanterns’ faces are cut into pieces. Try to find the missing pieces.

7) Do this puzzle and read the name of the place where ghosts live.

  1. It is celebrated on October, 31.
  2. A scary flying animal.
  3. It is Halloween vegetable.
  4. The English for “чудовище”
  5. An ugly old woman who practices magic
  6. His favourite drink is blood
  7. The world-known vampire
  8. A very unlucky number
  9. A witch rides on this
  10. It’s the season of the year when we celebrate Halloween
  11. A small creature with with 8 legs
  12. The colour of blood.

The key: 1. Halloween 2. bat 3. pumpkin 4. monster 5. witch 6. vampire 7. Dracula 8. thirteen 9. broom 10. autumn 11. spider 12. red

8) the Main Witch: My time is over. I have to go now. See you next year.