Урок английского языка в 7-м классе по теме "Нравится ли тебе жить в Амурской области?"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель урока:

  • Развивать навыки и умения речевой деятельности - говорения и чтения.
  • Воспитывать чувство гордости за свой родной край.


Ход урока

I. Вступительное слово учителя:

Dear students! Today we've got an unusual lesson dedicated to our native land - Amurskaya oblast & the theme of our lesson is "Are you happy to live in Amurskaya oblast?" (1 cлайд)

The basis of our lesson is reading, describing & reflecting about good & bad sides of living in our region.

The Amur Country is famous for its beautiful landscape, unique nature & hospitable people. There are many remarkable places & beautiful sights. (2 слайд)

First of all I'd like to pay your attention at the word "happy" & ask you to give the synonyms of this word. (Synonyms: satisfied, positive, contented, gay, optimistic, pleased, glad, delighted, in high spirits) - 3 слайд.

II. Работа с текстом. Анализ прочитанного.

Учитель: You can see texts in front of you, let's work with them. Some words & expressions are translated to make reading easier for you.

1st task: Please, look through the text, look for the numerals & pronounce them correctly. (4 слайд)

2nd task: Read the 1st passage & answer the questions on it (use the map) - 5 слайд.


Where is located Amurskaya oblast?

What is the total area of the oblast?

What can you say about the population?

3rd task: Read the 2nd passage of the text. Here you can see many geographical names, read them & give their Russian equivalents.

What do you know about the mentioned territories? Have you ever been to Yakutia (Chitinskaya oblast, Khabarovsk territory, Jewish Autonomous Region, China?)

4th task: Read the 3rd passage.

What is it about? Give your idea in one word. (transport) Look for the words which indicate kinds of transport - 6 слайд.

Give the derivatives to the word "travel".

Answer the question:

How can you get from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow (China, Khabarovsk?)

5th task: Read the 4th passage of the text.

What is the main idea of it?

Reflect: What other attractive things are there in Amurskaya oblast?

Look for the following combinations of words:

adjective + noun.

6th task: Read the 5th passage & translate it - 7 слайд.

Answer: What famous cultural centers do you know? Have you ever been to the Amur Region Museum of Local Studies? What did you like there?

7th task: Read the 6th passage & answer the question:

Are you proud to live in Svobodnensky district? Why? - 8 cлайд.

8th task: Read the last passage & show on the map towns of the Amurskaya oblast.

What is Blagoveshchensk? Why do the foreigners call it "the city of good news"? - 9 слайд.

Let's come back to the beginning of the lesson, review the synonyms of the word "happy" & think thoroughly - what are positive & negative points of living here. Reflect & try to give examples.

For example: unique nature, harsh taiga - hunting, fishing; nearness of borders with China - tourism, cooperation, trading, possibility to get visa & travel abroad; unemployment, difficult social conditions - mass migration, etc.

III. Teacher: What are you left with after this lesson? Do you agree that the Amurskaya oblast is our native land & we should be proud of it in spite of all?

Now I want you to listen to the poem of our Amur poet Grigory Shumeiko, but in Russian:

Амурский край.

 И вот я на последнем вираже,
Не стар ещё, но годы за плечами.
Амурский край - судьба моя уже,
Последний вздох надежды и печали.
Дыша тобой, восторженно любя,
Я стал твоим дождём и снегопадом.
Амурский край, куда мне без тебя?
Другой любви не будет и не надо.
С тобою я до одури мечтал,
С тобою я грустил об  Украине.
Амурский край, ты родиной мне стал,
Об этом говорят  мои седины.
Счастливые года, печали дни,
Разливы рек и пыльные дороги,
Амурский край, Господь тебя храни
За то, что одарил судьбой и слогом.