Урок английского языка в начальных классах "Наш дом"

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Цели урока: научить учащихся в высказываниях по теме “Наш дом” использовать активную лексику уроков темы, стишки и рифмовки. Повторить структуры There is… There are, спряжение глагола to be. Воспитывать активность и развивать интерес к английскому языку.

Ход урока

I. Оргмомент.

T: Good morning, children! How are you?
Let’s begin our lesson with the rhyme.

II. Речевая зарядка.

P: I can see the door,
The window and the floor.
Now I close the door.
And then I’ll clean the floor.

Т: Let’s talk about our homes.

1. Now, we are going to repeat new words,
На кухне – повар, в рубке – мичман.
Мы кухню называем – kitchen.
Просил повесить полку шеф,
А полка по-английски – shelf.
Чтоб не опаздывать вам на урок
Есть часы с названьем clock.
Кряхтя встает с кровати дед,
А по-английски, кровать-bed.
Я сдал одежду в гардероб
Шкаф для одежды – wardrobe,
Потолок сейчас побелим,
Потолок назвали – ceiling,
Вымыть пол не тяжело,
Пол по-английски – floor,
Уперся в стенку старый вол,
Стену мы называем -wall.
Тебя я потерял из вида,
Смотрю в окно. Окошко – window;
Сказала миссис Эйбел :
Стол по-английски – table.
“Надежная крыша” – скажет Нуф – Нуф,
А крыша по-английски – roof.

2. Т: Let, s recite the rhyme.
Home is the nicest place to be,
With father and mother, and brother and me,
With grandpa and granny, and sister and cat,
Oh, no place can be nicer, than that.

III. Ход урока

1. T: Fill in the words with the letters:


2. T: Make up sentences


    • are, there, curtains, white, window, on, the
    • bed, pillows, are, there, on, the
    • there, is, near, bed, the, wall, a


There is


A floor lamp

A nice picture

Many flowers

Two windows

In this room

In the corner

In this flat

on the wall

3. T: I have got a letter for you from Great Britain.

Let’s read and complete it.

Dear friends!

My name ... Sally. I ...from Great Britain I ... ten. I have got a picture of the house where the family lives. Here it is , number 14, Green Lane. You can see it in the picture.

The house ... not very large but it is not small either. It ... comfortable and cozy.

There ... four bed-rooms, a living – room, a Kitchen and a dining – room, a bath – room, a hall in house.

In front of the house there ... some trees, and a flower – bed. Behind the house there ... a kitchen – garden.

You are welcome! Come in, please.

With best wishes Sally.

4. T: Answer the questions: who writes the letter?

Where does Sale’s family live?

– Is her house large?

– How many rooms are there in the house?

– What is there in front of the house?

– What is there behind the house ? Do you like Sally’s house?

5. T: Let’s have a rest. What poems about home do you know?

P: I’m looking for a house,
Said the little brown mouse,
One room for breakfast,
One room for tea,
One room for supper,
And that makes three,
One room to dance in
When I give a ball,
A kitchen and a bedroom –
Six rooms all.

P: – little Mouse, little Mouse,
Where is your house?
– Little Cat, little Cat,
I have no flat.
I am a poor mouse,
– Little Mouse, little Mouse
Come into my house.
– Little Cat, little Cat,
I can not do that,
You want to eat me!

6. T: What riddles and proverbs about
home do you know?

P: When I go, I do not speak
But when I stop, I be.
What am I? (a clock)
What goes over the floor then
Stands in the corner? (a broom)
Four legs, but not a beast
Full of feathers, but not a bird (a bed)

P: There is no place like home
Eas or West – home is best
Charity begins at home.

IV. Конец урока

You are getting good and excellent marks.

You home task is to write down a letter to Sally and describe your room in it.

Thank you. Good Bye!