Урок английского языка в 3-м классе "Будьте здоровы!"

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  • Активизация лексических единиц и речевых оборотов;
  • Развитие умения задавать вопросы и кратко на них отвечать;
  • Воспитывать навыки здорового образа жизни.

ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ: картинки, маски животных, костюм Доктора Айболита, плакат "An apple a day keeps doctors away."


Вид деятельности Действия учителя Действия учащихся Необходимые наглядные пособия Время
1 Орг. момент Good morning, children!

How are you?

Good morning.

Fine, thanks.

And you?

2 Brainy storm What do you think you must do to be healthy?

What groups of things is health consist of?

I think I must eat fruit, meat, carrot, cabbage; drink milk, juice; get up early, wash hands and face, brush teeth, play football, run, skip:




Цветные мелки 10min.
3 Энергизатор Let's show each other what we do to be healthy. Stand round the circle, a pupil is in the centre. Sing the song

"The Mulberry bush"

Аудиокассета с песней 2min.
4 Role play Divide children into 2 groups: apple, banana:

Gives 2 sheets of paper with tasks.

Act conversation between Doctor and patient with

toothache and stomachache.

Костюм Доктора Айболита и маски зайца и лисы. 5min.
5   Doctor said to eat healthy food. Choose healthy food from these pictures. Divide pictures into 2 groups: healthy and unhealthy food.

Matches picture and name of food.

Pictures: milk, butter, coffee, apple, banana, sugar, sweets, fish, meat, bread, cheese, chicken, chips, chocolate, potato, tomato, cabbage, carrot, yogurt, cake. 3min.
6 Listening practice Listen to the cassette recorder and choose picture you have heard. Choose picture of food which they heard. "Doctor says to me to eat fruit, carrot, cabbage, fish, meat, cheese. I must not eat sweets, chips, cake, chocolate and must not drink coffee." 4min.
7 Энергизатор   "I like to skip"   2min.
8 Asking questions Ask questions to our guest on the schemes: Do you get up early?

Do you wash hands?

Do you brush teeth?

Do you drink milk?

Do you ride a bike?

Children write questions on the blackboard.

Схема: 7min.
9   Give short answers to these questions. Yes, I do.

No, I don't

"Personal scale of healthy habits" 6min.
10 Song If you answer "yes" these questions every day, you will always be healthy. And if you are healthy you will be happy, Let's sing a song

"If you are happy"

Sing a song:

If you are happy and you know it clap you hands,

If you are happy and you know it clap you hands,

If you are happy and you know it, and you face will surely show it,

If you are happy and you know it clap you hands.

Cassette recorder 2min.
11 Итоги The motto of our lesson was: "An apple a day keeps doctors away."

Here are apples for you. Eat them and be healthy. Thank you. Good bye!

Thank you. Good bye!   3 min.