Урок по курсу "Деловой английский". 10-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 10

Тема урока: Retailing (розничная торговля). Итоговый урок

Цели урока:


  • Формирование познавательных компетенций (умений видеть и вычленять проблему, строить предположения об их разрешении, получать, отбирать информацию, использовать ее для достижения конкретной коммуникативной цели);
  • Развитие коммуникативной компетенции (умения строить коммуникацию с другими людьми, взаимодействовать с партнерами для получения общего продукта или результата, ориентироваться в пространстве, понимать язык схем и планов);
  • Совершенствование деятельностных компетенций (построение индивидуальной и коллективной деятельности в полном ее цикле, умение критически относиться к нормам деятельности и поведения, созданным другими людьми, обществом и государством).


  • Совершенствование навыков монологической речи по ситуации «Супермаркет. Расположение товаров. Обслуживание покупателей. Международные стандарты розничной торговли».
  • Развитие навыков чтения с полным пониманием прочитанного.

практическая: Развитие умений ориентироваться в системе розничной торговли, оперировать необходимой терминологией.

Условно-речевая ситуация на уроке: С опорой на международные стандарты внутреннего устройства супермаркетов, системы обслуживания покупателей и правил поведения обслуживающего персонала, проанализировать сеть супермаркетов «Столичный» и дать рекомендации к повышению уровня обслуживания.

Основные этапы урока

I. Организационный момент (введение в атмосферу иноязычного общения)

II. Речевая разминка (сообщение целей урока)

III. Основной этап:

  1. Сообщение о международных стандартах розничной торговли (повторение ключевой лексики)
  2. Обсуждение преимуществ и недостатков различных точек розничной торговли (тренировка в использовании лексики в неподготовленной речи).
  3. Анализ деятельности сети супермаркетов «Столичный» с точки зрения внутреннего устройства, расположения, обслуживания покупателей (совершенствование навыков монологического высказывания)
  4. Выработка рекомендаций по улучшению качества обслуживания покупателей (развитие навыков неподготовленной монологической речи)
  5. Чтение текста с обсуждением прочитанной информации (развитие навыков изучающего чтения)

IV. Подведение итогов урока (Рефлексия).

V. Сообщение домашнего задания.

Ход урока.

I. Орг. момент.

Good afternoon. I am glad to see you at the lesson of Business English. Today is our final lesson on the topic ‘Retailing”. I think you will agree with me that it’s one of the most important aspects of our life as we all are customers.

II. Реч. Разминка

Do you often go shopping? Who does the shopping in your family? What items do you usually buy? (Basic products, special items, household items, fi-hi equipment, clothes).

So we buy a lot of things and certainly we buy them in retail, that’s why our aim today is to compare modern ways of running retail business in Europe and in our town and to point out what retailers should do to win customer loyalty.

III. Основной этап

1) First of all let’s revise some information about the basic aspects of retail business
Listen to Natasha, be ready to answer some questions (prepared speech).

What outlets are there in our town? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Where do you prefer to shop and why?

Possible answers:

Small choice of goods

Reasonable prices

A wide selection of top products

Long queues in rush hours

Quick service

As we see, purchasing in supermarkets is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It’s certainly due to some standards, according to which their design and layout are organized.

Natasha, you are welcome to continue.

Which of these ideas do you approve? (prepared speech)

2) As we see, certain standards help European retailers make their business profitable. Let’s discuss our local supermarket chain, which is becoming more and more popular among the citizens of our town.

Have you ever shopped there? What’s your impression of this outlet?

(Pupils share their opinions)

3) Let’s listen to what Masha came to know about it. (prepared speech based on the survey, carried out by a group of pupils)

“ Столичный” is a retail chain, widely spread in Udmurt Republic. It’s a privately-owned supermarket chain, which operates in the market, providing a wide selection of top products, basic products and household items. Frankly speaking, the business is profitable enough to be considered successful. Every year some new supermarkets are opened on the territory of our republic. The company makes efforts to win customers loyalty by means of supplying the stores with a wide range of high quality products which warrant an entry for high sails.

That’s it about the retail chain. Now it’s time to discuss the supermarket which is situated just behind our school building.

Anton, you are welcome. (Pupils share their opinions)

The supermarket we are going to discuss today is situated on the edge of the town. Nevertheless it’s surrounded by numerous many-storied apartment buildings. So the vast majority of shoppers are regular customers, who live within 300 meters of the store. On average, each customer visits the store at least two times every week spending between 200- 1200 rubles on each occasion. The highest sales are basic products and household items.

How often do you shop there? How much money do you spend at a time?

(Pupils share their opinions)

Now it’s time to look at the plan and to discuss the layout, which makes us buy more than we planned. (prepared speech based on the survey, carried out by a group of pupils)

This store, like all other ones, follows a standard design. The supermarket area is big enough to allow many customers at a time. It’s divided into several sections, each selling different types of products. On the right near the main entrance one can find a beverage area, offering a wide range of soft and alcohol drinks. The layout in the centre of the hall is also standard. It includes canned goods, frozen products, coffee, tea, cookies, and household items. On the left basic products, such as bread, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables are positioned. The fish and meat counters are at the back of the store as they need storage and preparation area. On the checkout there are shelves which are at eye level and generate piece items.

So as we see, the design is nice, the area is large, the layout is attractive. But what about customers’ opinion? (prepared speech based on the survey, carried out by a group of pupils)

The customers are mostly satisfied with the level of service offered and the range of products on sale. They approve of reasonable prices and a wide choice of goods. Besides, many customers like the way the store is designed. Some are pleased with the location and opening hours. The store opens at 7, so people can shop on the way to work. Moreover it’s opened on Sunday.

Still, there are some negative points to be mentioned here. First of all,

some shoppers are displeased with the quality of the customer service. They complain of long queues in rush hours, as not all checkouts work at a time. The next problem is that shop assistants don’t clearly know where things are so they can hardly help a shopper to find necessary items. Cashiers never put shopping in bags. People have to pay for packages. Moreover, the space in some aisles is too limited. It’s difficult to move with heavy shopping bags. Price labels often contain a lower price in comparison with the real one. Things like bread and milk are not left at the end of the day. Besides, some products past their sell by date.

Which opinion do you share?

4) Групповая работа.

Now our task is to decide what managing directors should do to improve the situation and to increase the quality of the customer service. Work in groups. Each group has 5 minutes to prepare a speech on the topic. Choose the speaker yourself please.

I group one – layout and design

* entrance

*layout (a healthy image, basic products shouldn’t be positioned next to each other)

* the space in the aisles

* more checkouts to avoid queues

* demonstration area

II group – staff training, we see that most part of customer complaints refers to the staff.

  • training courses
  • to apologize even if he or she knows nothing about the circumstances
  • customer service competition
  • bonuses for staff giving exceptional customer service
  • rules:

not to be pushy

make eye contact with the customer

smile, greet

offer samples of products

suggest possible purchases that could go with the item being bought

accompany them to locate items they cannot find

What about some extra customer care?

Possible answers:

Seasonal gifts

Free packages


IV. Подведение итогов:

What conclusion can we come to?

A possible answer:

Russian retailers have to improve their business according to European standards.

V. Сообщение домашнего задания:

Key vocabulary (Company Structure, Recruiting, Retailing) You are going to have a revision test on these three topics.