Открытый урок английского языка в 3-м классе по теме "My flat"

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Цели урока:

  1. Образовательная:
  • активизация употребления лексики по теме;
  • активизация конструкции there is/are
  • развитие навыков аудирования;
  • обучение написанию сочинения-описания.
  1. Воспитательная: воспитание у детей культуры общения и поведения;
  2. Развивающая: развитие внимания и восприятия, мышления и воображения.

Оснащение урока: интерактивная доска; магнитофон

Приложения: Карточки с тренировочными упражнениями и текстом. (Приложение 1, Приложение 2, Приложение 3, Приложение 4, Приложение 5, Приложение 6, Приложение 7, Приложение 8). Упражнения с интерактивной доски

Ход урока

  1. Greetings. Постановка задачи на урок: Today we are going to speak about different rooms and we start with this one. Can I ask you questions?
  2. Warm up

T’s questions:

  • Where are we?
  • What classroom is it?
  • What lessons do you have here?
  • Is this classroom bigger than our English classroom?
  • Is it the biggest classroom in our school?
  •  What is the biggest classroom in our school?


  1. Main part
  1. T- If we look around we can see different pieces of furniture. Let’s label them. Come to my table, take this list and label the thing. There are two new words. If you don’t know them we will help you (a table, a desk, a computer, a screen, a cassette recorder, a bookcase).

Fine. Now please , describe me this classroom. Don’t forget to use there is/are. Thank you very much

  1. Now, look at the screen. We are going to speak about rooms in our flats. How many rooms are there in this flat? (См. приложение N 5)

Let’s play “A Guess game” I’m describing you a room, give me its name.

  • Your mothers cook breakfast, dinner, supper there
  • You watch TV, play chess, read books there.
  • You sleep at night there

You take a shower, brush your teeth there. (cм. Приложение N 5. Картинки появляются по одной) )

  1. Like in this classroom in these rooms we also have some furniture. Please, look at Card N 1(Приложение 1) It’s a secret message? Why? Can you read the words? Of course, not. The letters are in disorder. Put the letters in the right order. Work in pairs. When you finish, raise your hand and cry ”Bingo” (cooker, fridge, bath, towel, pillow).
  2. When we describe a room we need the prepositions of place. Again look at the screen and answer the question “Where is the ball?”см. Приложение N 6 Round up 4 p122)
  3. Now, take Card 2 (Приложение 2), look at the screen (Приложение N 7 Headway elem/old T’s book p.127) and fill in the gaps with the necessary prepositions. O’K , Listen and check. How many mistakes?
  • There are three pictures on the wall
  • The boy is sitting next to the girl
  • The cat is sleeping in front of the fire place.
  • The mirror is on the TV set
  • There is a chair at the wall
  • The coffee table is behind the children.
  1. Very well . Now, I think you are ready to give me the description of the rooms in your flats. (Учащиеся описывают разные комнаты. Проверка д.з)
  2. Now I know what rooms you have got . It’s time to speak about your favourite room. What’s your favourite room in your flat? Are there many toys there? What toys have you got? Where do you keep them? O’K Let’s read the text about Kev’s and Kate’s room. (Приложение 3)

Please, ask questions on the text.

  1. Заключительная часть урока:

Your home task will be –to write a composition about your flat. This plan will help you to do it. Look at the screen. Let’s count your points. Thanks to everyone. Good bye (Приложение 4, Приложение 8 )


  • Para 1. I live in a block of flats. There are…….. rooms in it. They are…………………….
  • Para 2. Describe your favorite room. Write what you do there.
  • Para 3. I like my flat because