Рифмовки для быстрого запоминания лексики и грамматрических структур по английскому языку

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Опорные конспекты (рифмовки, зарисованные условными рисунками и рисунками кроки) и пропевание рифмовок способствуют более быстрому и эффективному их запоминанию. Многие рифмовки хорошо ложатся на музыку в стиле rap. Можно подобрать к ним и мелодии современных песен.

My Working Day.

I get up at 7 o’clock
When I hear Mother’s knock.
Then I wash and make my bed,
Then I have breakfast – tea and bread.

At 8 o’clock I go to school,
My bag is heavy. It is very full.
Lessons begin at half past 8,
Sometimes I come to school too late.
(I never come to school too late).

We have 6 lessons every day,
“It’s hard to learn”, the pupils say.
At 2 o’clock the school is over,
It’s time for us to go home.

And after dinner I go for a walk,
With the children I have a talk.
Then we play the games we like,
Very often we ride a bike.

I always do my home task
And answer well when (the) teachers ask.
Late at night I go to bed,
The day is over. It wasn’t bad.


We enjoy pictures of dinosaurs,
Who lived millions of years ago.
That could happen to elephants, zebras, robins and frogs …
If you aren’t very careful. No!

The air is polluted. It isn’t safe to breathe –
It’s awful for the people, not less – for animals and trees.
It is damaging the crops and other people’s food …
We have to act with grown-ups on fast and equal foot.

The greenhouse effect or global warming
Can be stopped by the people’s efforts and warning:
To use less energy, protect and plant trees …
And children can participate in all these adults’ deeds!

Let’s keep the Farth healthy and green
And full of numerous creatures!
This is appeal (the call) of famous Green Peace,
Support it in actions not speeches!

Our Small Native Land.

We are from Russia.
We live in the North.
This part of the country
Is developing forth.
The Archangel Region
Is famous for timber,
Lomonosovo’s ornaments
Have their own stigma:
The things made of bone
Everywhere are known:
In our country and foreign ones …
Have you bought some of them once?
Severodvinsk is located
On the White Sea coast.
We are proud of it
And we even boast
Of the Northern White Nights,
Of the fluent gulls’ flights,
Of the ships, of the dunes,
Of the forest birds’ tunes …
We are proud of everything
That is here for us.
We must keep it for others,
Who will come after us!

Traveling by Air.

If you want to reach your destination
Quickly, the same date
I advise you to travel by plane –
It’s convenient, I bet!

Book your Ticket in advance
Pack your trunk and case
And go to the airport
With a happy face.

You are to arrive at the airport
An hour before the flight
To complete the necessary formalities
Let the sky be clear and bright!

Then your ticket and your luggage
Must be registered and weighed,
Then you’ll go to the lounge
To have a snack, to read and wait.

To wait for the announcement to board the plane,
The following rules are important and main:
Don’t lose the boarding pass for the stewardess to the shown
Go quickly to your seat – on board the plane you aren’t alone.

When you are on board, there are the signals you will meet:
“No smoking!” “Fasten your Belts!” – obey them, don’t simply read!
If on board the plane meals are served –
Be polite and modest, you must be deserved!

One of the rules, but it’s also main:
Don’t forget your belongings, when leaving the plane!
Have a nice journey! We wish you a pleasant stay!
And return home safe without the plane delay!

My Spare Time.

Every day I go to school.
I get up early and my day is full.
It’s full of lessons, doing homework.
I haven’t much time for playing and walk.
But on Sunday I have some joy:
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.
It’s an English proverb – we need some rest.
And Sunday for it, I think, is the best!
I like to relax: to read books and watch TV,
To play games and listen to CD.
Sometimes I draw and clean the house.
I play with my pet – a little white mouse.
When it doesn’t rain and the weather is fine,
I go for a walk with a friend of mine.
We play ball and ride a bike –
These outdoor activities most of all I like!
I go swimming and boating, too.
I go fishing (I go to the forest) and a lot of photography do.
In winter I go skiing and skating,
And in the evenings I do some painting.
It’s nice to relax in every season,
It’s easy to find for it a reason!

My room.

This is my room, I like it, you know.
It’s cosy, comfortable, light, not low.
This is the place, where I rest and work,
Listen to music after my walk.
The room is neither big nor small,
You enter it just from the hall.
There is a desk, two chairs and a sofa.
I watch TV on it, when homework is over.
The wardrobe is to the left of the door.
There is no furniture any more.
There is a window opposite the door,
The curtains match the walls and (a) carpet on the floor.
There is a picture above the TV set.
The picture depicts (shows) my favourite cat.
The bookshelf with (text) books is to the right.
My children’s room has attractive sight!

Our House (dacha).

We have a house. It isn’t small.
We have a house – not high at all.
It isn’t old, it isn’t new.
The rooms are big,
But there are few.

The windows are big and light,
The walls in the room are clean and bright,
The floor is brown, the ceiling’s white.
The house has attractive sight!


Can you think of a day without music?
To answer in the affirmative is difficult for us –
We hear music everywhere: at home, parks and in the class!
We really can’t live without music,
Music gives the listeners pleasure and delight,
It makes the life completely spiritual and bright.
It reflects our life, ideas and emotions,
It can easily fly over the oceans
And be a weapon in people’s fight:
It fights against darkness, but for the light,
For freedom, against tyranny.
For humanism it fights
In Shostakovich’s “Seventh Symphony”.
Classical music appeals to the heart and soul.
Nobody denies its important role:
It condemns evil and supports the ideas of good,
Classical music helps us relax and be in good mood.
As for me, I prefer quiet lyrical piano pieces by Prokofiev and Chopin
Though at the concerts of famous orchestras, it’s a pity, I’ve never been.

I see … (картинка)

I see a girl,
She has a ball.
The girl is tall,
She isn’t small.
The ball is round,
It jumps around.
The girl’s dress is blue,
And her shoes are blue, too.


There are different kinds of shops
We visit every day:
The baker’s, the butcher’s,
The greengrocer’s and grocer’s –
We choose the food and pay!
At the baker’s people buy
White and brown bread.
At every table it’s important,
It is called “a head”.
At the butcher’s we can find
Mutton, pork and beef (veet – телятина).
Mother always cooks for us
Cutlets, chops, roastbeef!
Then let’s go to the grocer’s
To buy buckwheat, millet, rice.
All the cereals with butter
And with milk are very nice!
Sugar, salt and macaroni,
Noodles, flour and peas
Are in packets on the shelves
Pay the money, buy them, please!
You are also suggested
Buying sausage, bacon, ham,
Bars of chocolate and biscuits,
Coffee, marmelade and jam.
The greengrocer offers you
Carrots, onions, beets and greens
Cauliflower and radish
Cabbage, cucumbers and beans!
Apples, plums, bananas, lemons,
Oranges and tangerines –
All of appetizing colours:
Violet, yellow, red, green.
Enjoy yourselves!
Healthy way of Life

The greatest people’s wealth

Is certain to be health!
A lot of sayings proving it are nice,
To follow their advice is useful, clever and wise.
“Sound mind in a sound body” –
This saying is known for everybody.
Only sports can help you be
Healthy and strong for no fee. (бесплатно)
To be healthy is very important:
If you feel yourself all right.
Then your life is sure happy
And is most likely bright.
And your work is perfect, too
Lots of things you manage (you’re able) to do.
There are some rules
For keeping your body fit
First of all, control your weight a bit.
There are two ways of doing so:
Be on a diet and in for sports go,
Eat vegetables and fruit,
They for your health are very good.
Not for nothing (не зря) the English say:
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
Physical exercises are also good,
They strongen our muscles and raise our mood.
Many people cycle, walk and jog
In any weather, even in the fog!
They run away from diabetes and heart attack,
They don’t want to suffer from pain and ache.
There are some bad habits that ruin our health,
They influence all the organs and shorten our breath.
Smoking, alcohol, drugs make people sick.
They influence people’s characters,
Making them nervous, displeased and weak.
And there is the last rule in our advice:
Never start bad habits, be reasonable, wise!
Participate in sports activities, go in for sports!
There are a lot of sports facilities, fitness clubs and courts.
If you can’t afford them all –
Then play football, basketball,
Put on a tracksuit and run through the park –
You can start it in the morning, when it’s rather dark.
Remember: “Early to bed and early to rise
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!”

Holidays in Great Britain.
Merry Christmas.

English people don’t work
Several times a year.
These days are called Bank holidays:
The Banks are closed here.

The most popular public holiday
Is Christmas day, of course,
It’s celebrated on the 25-th of December
And there is for this – important cause.

Many centuries ago on that day
The Son of God appeared on the Earth
The Virgin Mary in Bethlehem
Gave Jesus Christ a birth!

Christmas is a home and
Family celebration.
Everywhere we find a tradition
Of New Year Tree decoration.

Everyone is buying presents
For the relatives and friends.
Who lives far from their homes
Postcards and letters sends.

As for children –
Father Christmas in a big and heavy sack.
Brings them toys and many candies
On his shoulders and back.

While they sleep he puts the presents
Into their stockings, shoes.
Father Christmas brings the presents
They themselves beforehand choose!

And the 26-th of December
Is called in England Boxing Day:
Grown-ups and their children
Exchange the presents just this day.

Everyone is happy, merry
Almost the whole week.
When New Year’s Day is coming
They are tired, sleepy, weak!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!


Winter is always white and pain
Its precipitations (осадки) are better than rain:
Snow flakes are soft, of different kind,
They are figured and well-designed!
Extend (stretch) your palm and catch some flakes
And hurry up to watch their melting brakes! (как ломаются, тая)
The hills of snow lie everywhere
For us to ski in frosty air
The children like to skate and play,
Toboggan on a clear day,
They make a snowman, big and funny,
Play snowballs and hockey when it’s warm and sunny …
I like winter. It’s my favorite season,
I’ve told you above the reason!


M.V.Lomonosov was the greatest Russian scientist and poet,
A chemist, physicist, astronomer – you know it.
In 1711 he was born not far from Kholmogori, in the North,
We are his countrymen,
But he’s the whole planet’s worth (достояние).
His father was a fisherman,
He took his son to sea,
Severe, wild and difficult nature
And different ways of life he could see.
From his early age Misha was a curious child,
He was eager to learn and read every book he could find.
To find a book for him was hard
But soon he knew some books by heart!
At the age of 19 the young man left his home
and went to Moscow on foot without relatives, alone.
He managed to enter Slavonic – Greece – Latin Academy in the City.
But the first years of study were difficult for him, what a pitty!
Mikhail worked very hard and very much,
A mug of quass, a piece of bread – it was his lunch.
The teachers saw his talent, industry and inclinations (наклонности).
And he was sent to the Academy of Sciences (in St.Petersburg)
To get his further education
And there again he showed his unique ability and energy
And he was sent to Germany to study Chemistry and metallurgy.
He was elected to the Academy and appointed Professor in 1745
And devoted to nations his unusual fruitful life
He founded his first chemical laboratory in 1748
It was his luck, it was his fate!
His discoveries enriched many branches of the science
Of that time of all the nations,
They played a great role for the following generations.
Lomonosov formulated the main principles of one of the basic physical laws –
The law of conservation of matter and motion
This law for students is a clear notion! (понятие)
Besides chemistry and physics
He was good at writing verses
and influenced much the development of Russian literary courses.
He enriched the Russian language, wrote grammar books as well,
He depicted the Poltava Battle creating a mosaic pane.
Because he was a patriot and loved his country deeply
He had a great desire to make it prosperous and rich (for us) and very quickly!


There are four seasons in a year:
Winter, spring, summer and autumn –
Now is coming here!
The trees in autumn are red, yellow, brown and green,
The sun in the sky is rarely [r??li] seen,
The weather is windy, it often rains!
The days are short, the nights are long
And birds do not sing their beautiful song!
They flew away to the far and warm lands
And will come when winter ends.
There are many mushrooms and berries,
a lot of vegetables and fruit.
People gather rich harvest in autumn,
They cook useful and tasty canned food
In autumn schoolchildren come back to school…
I don’t like autumn – it’s rainy and cool.
It’s difficult to begin a new academic year,
But nevertheless, autumn is already here.

A Mouse

My name is Mary,
I am a mouse.
Do you know my cosy house?
I live in the pantry,
Sometimes in the kitchen
I like to play with a silly grey kitten.

A Rabbit

My name is Martin,
I am a rabbit
I’ve got a little “tasty” (вкусный) habbit (привычка)
I like green grass,
Cabbige and carrots,
I like to listen to clever parrots!

A Cat

My name is Jane
I go to school,
My bag is heavy
It’s always full
And I’m so small and weak…
But I can read and write
Too quick!

A Dog

I am a dog,
My name is Jack,
My fur is yellow and black.
I am a friend,
Of all the animals at school
And I am very-very cool!

A Fox

Bess is my name,
I am a fox
A cunning, clever reddish (orange) fox
My tail is long and very fluffy,
I like it, but sometimes
I’m huffy (обижать).

An Elephant

I am an elephant
My name is Thomas.
I am big and I am strong
And my trunk is very long!
I came from Africa – you know,
I play the violin with a bow (смычок).

“Учимся читать”

В одном замке под одной крышей
Жили буквы – гласные и согласные.
Замок назывался The ABC.
Согласные со всеми соглашались и
На всё только пикали, мыкали, бекали
И далеко от дома не бегали
[p], [m], [b], [l] etc.
Гласные любили петь долго и протяжно,
Уходили далеко от домика отважно
[ei] [i:] [ай] [u:] [ou] [wai]
Но согласным эта песня не нравилась давно,
Они к гласным подбегали, двери крепко закрывали,
Не пускали их гулять, свои песни исполнять.
Гласные в закрытом доме (слоге) по-другому пели,
С согласными гулять они вовсе не хотели!
(Читаем таблицу-звук [i]: lip, it, sit, fit, bit
Aa [?] pat, mat, bat, rat etc.
Ee [e] met, let, net, red etc.
Oo [o] not, rot, hot, pot, us, etc.
Uu [?] but, nut, mut, run, fun etc.
Но в домике была служанка, немая буква е
Она двери открывала гласным, что были взаперти.
На свободе они снова пели песню алфавита,
Потому что дверь для них была опять открыта!
Like, take, mate, rate, site, bite, note, mute, use
Иногда с собою в пару брали букву Rr
И тогда их песенка другою уж была
Ar, ir, ur, or – [a:] [?:] far, girl, burn, form.
Но были и другие сочетания в домике том,
Согласный + согласный, мы вам их назовём:
ck [k], sh [?], ch [t?], th [?] [?], sch [sk], ph [f]
Сказка вся, но в ней намёк –
Запомните, ребята, открытый и закрытый слог!
Но в английских правилах есть много исключений,
Трудно в замок нам пройти совсем без приключений!

Русско-английские рифмовки.

По дороге скачет frog (показываю игрушки),
На пороге сидит dog,
Ест a kitten рыбу – fish,
По-английски mouse – мышь.

A cow – корова, a goat – коза,
Тебя не боюсь я, коза-дереза.
В клетке a rabbit морковку грызёт,
А заяц a hare в лесочке живёт.

У обезьянки monkey
Была сестричка, a fox – лисичка,
Была подружка, a frog – лягушка,
И был a camel – верблюжонок,
A brown bear – медвежонок
A hedgehog на коротких ножках
Ёжик бегал по дорожке
И жили они в лесу – in the wood
И были так хороши – very good!


Good – хороший, bad – плохой
Не хочу дружить с тобой!
Big – большой, а маленький – small,
Мы купили новый стол!
Новый – это значит new,
Старый old – не люблю
Очень тёмный – very dark
Ну какой же ты чудак!
Лучше же, конечно, light (светлый)
И чуть-чуть пусть будет bright (яркий)
Низкий low мне не надо,
High – высокий, очень рада!
It is very-very nice!
Он очень-очень красивый!

Мяч – a ball, он круглый – round,
Скачет он вокруг – around,
Square – площадь и квадрат,
Погулять здесь каждый рад.
Толстый fat, а тонкий slim,
Стройными мы быть хотим!
Толстый thick, а тонкий thin –
Так про вещи говорим.
Длинный long, короткий shot,
Dirty – грязный (бегемот!)
Clean – как раз наоборот.
Мойдодыр – он чистый очень
Are you clean? Чистый ты? Спокойной ночи!
Юный young и молодой,
Горы мы свернём с тобой!
Сильные strong и крепкие,
Смелые brave и меткие (keen)

Собираем портфель.

Наш портфель a bag is full (полный)
Что берём с собой to school?
Книга – a book, а ручка – a pen
And colored pencils, их ровно ten (10)
Знай – a pencil – карандаш,
A pencil-box – пенальчик наш!
В нём – an eraser, a marker, a ruler –
Всё берём с собой to school мы!
An exercise-book – это тетрадь,
Homework в ней будем писать
Слова я в dictionary все нашла
И с homework to school пришла

Рифмовки по грамматическим структурам

Complex Object (see, hear, feel)
“Frightening Rhymes”
C.O.+ Indefinite Inf.
I saw somebody enter my room,
I heard somebody sweep with a broom,
I felt somebody touch my bed …
I pulled the blanket to cover my head.

C.O. + Participle I, II
I saw the door opened
I head the steps approaching,
I felt my blanket taken …
But then I was awaken!

С.O. + Infinitive

A letter to Santa Claus “Let All My Dreams Come True”

Dear Santa Claus,

I want you to come on Christmas
I’d like
I expect
I want lots of presents to be given to me on Christmas
I’d like
I expect
I think you, Santa Claus to have come already
I believe
I consider
I think all the presents to have been put into sacks and ready
I believe
I know

Complex Subject + Infinitive
“He is believed to …”
He is considered to be a good doctor
He is reported to have got a degree,
He is expected to be arriving,
We are said to be treated free!

“A Happy meeting”
She seems to be here,
He seems to have gone,
They are likely to meet
On the day I was born
My birthday is certain
To come very soon,
They are sure to visit me
That afternoon
And they appear to make good friends …
I like the story if it happily ends.

Complex Subject + Passive Infinitive
“Christmas Rhyme”
The tree is sure to have been trimmed,
The lights appear to have been lit,
The wreath is likely to have been hung,
The songs are certain to be sung!

If …
If all the seas were one sea
What a great sea that would be!
If all the trees were one tree
What a great tree that would be!
And if all the axes were one axe
What a great axe that would be!
And if all the men were one man
What a great man that would be!
And if the great man took the great axe,
And cut down the great tree,
And let it fall into the great sea
What a splish-splash that would be!

Если бы да кабы!
(в переводе С.Маршака)
Кабы реки и озёра
Слить бы в озеро одно,
А из всех деревьев бора
Сделать дерево одно,
Топоры бы все расплавить
И отлить один топор,
А из всех людей оставить
Человека выше гор,
Кабы, взяв топор могучий,
Этот грозный великан
Этот ствол обрушить с кручи
В это море-океан, -
То-то громкий был бы треск,
То-то шумный был бы плеск!

Глагол to be + adj.
Частушки “At the English Lesson”
I am cold, I am hungry
And, of course, I’m thirsty too.
I’m not interested in English,
I’m afraid of getting “2”.

I am present at the lessons,
I am proud of my 5s
I am fond of learning English,
It is very, very nice!

I am sorry, I was absent,
I am sorry, I was late,
I was nervous, I was angry,
I was ill and often sad.

We aren’t tired at the lessons,
We are busy all the day,
And the teacher is not angry,
She is used to saying “Great!”

Past Simple. Hiking.
Yesterday we got up early.
We decided to go on a hike,
I took a fishing-rod with me –
I hoped to catch a big pike!
We started on the early dawn,
The day was warm and fine.
We quickly reached the Dvina’s bank
And ate the food of mine.
Then we made a fire,
Played, ran, jumped and lay
Swam, went to the forest on that happy day.
… When I came back home
I brought a lot of fish
And mother cooked it. It was a tasty dish!

Present Perfect
It was already autumn come
With fruit and heavy rains
And children have returned to school
Sun-burnt with rested brains

They have just entered their classroom,
The teacher met them with a smile,
Look, they’ve brought her lots of flowers,
They are on her desk in a pile!

I have never seen children happier yet,
Than on their first day at school,
Have you ever known the holiday better?
It’s marry, bright and cool!

The Passive Voice
“An astonishing Situation”
One day I was invited
To visit a friend of mine.
He was found by me in the garden
And looked very happy and fine.
My friend was accompanied by the girl
To whom I was introduced
I had never been embarrassed before
But that day I was greatly confused.
“And now you are being invited to our house,
The table has already been laid for you”.
I was greatly surprised again
It sounded strange and new …
(Suggest your own ending of the story)

Answer the questions:

  1. Why was he greatly surprised?
  2. Why was he invited into the house?
  3. What was the table laid with?
  4. Who was the table laid by?
  5. Why was the author of the story embarrassed and confused?
  6. Who was he introduced to?
  7. What was the girl?
  8. Why were they found in the garden?
  9. Why was the author invited to his friend’s place?