КВН на английском языке по теме "Здоровье" (9-й класс)

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Класс: 9

В своей школе мы провели КВН на английском языке после изучения темы «Здоровье» в 9-м классе. Для этого предварительно разучили песни, стихотворения, поговорки, скороговорки. Оформили зал. Стены украсили юмористическими рисунками в надписями на английском языке. На стене поместили плакат: «Today the lively and quick – witted will the win!»

Главными задачами данного мероприятия являются: развитие диалогической и монологической речи, творческих способностей, расширение лексики по теме. Программу КВН вели учащиеся 10 класса. Ведущие сменяли друг друга. Болельщики команд приходят в зал с лозунгами:

  1. Cheer up!
  2. Never say die!
  3. Keep up your spirits!
  4. Keep your chin up!
  5. Don’t give in!
  6. Good for you!
  7. Right you are!
  8. We are with you!


Ведущий: Dear guests: ladies and gentlemen children! Now, you’ll see a competition of the lively and quick- witted between the teams of the 9 th«A» and the 9th «B».

Ведущий: We welcome you to this event and wish you every success. We elect a competent jury with the following membership: our English teacher … and two members of each team. They are …

Let me introduce you to 9A team. They are called «Brave Captains». This is their captain …

Команда выстраивается по 2 человека и проходит на сцену. Это мальчики и девочки с матросскими воротниками, в синих пилотках.

Ведущий: Who are you?

Команда хором: We are the brave captains!

Команда запевает песню:

«The captain's song» (music by I. Dunayevsky).

Once there lived a captain brave
And he crossed the ocean wave,
And he called at many lands on his way.
Fifteen times he tried to sing,
Shark could catch him on the bank,
But he never, really never, gave a wink.
And in trouble and in war
Always sang the captain brave on sea and shore.

«Captain brave, caplain brave, give a smile, sir.
For a smile is like a flag of a ship.
Captain brave, caplain brave, give a smile, sir.
For the sea surrenders only to the quick».

Ведущий: Now the team of 9th «B» will welcome you.

Вся команда в одежде ковбоев проходит на сцену с песней:

“The Cowboy Song” (music by I. Dunayevsky).

Roll along, covered wagon, roll along,
To the turn of your wheels I’ll sing a song,
City ladies may be fine,
but give me that girl of mine.
Roll along, covered wagon, roll along.

(Вторая строчка второго куплета)
…”Cause you’ll taking me right where belong”.

Ведущий: So, we can see that you are cowboys. Introduce us to the captain. And now we come to the second round of our competition.

«Guess Which Proverb».

Each team will show three pictures connected with proverbs and the other will find the respective proverbs.

Первая команда показывает картинки, к которым можно подобрать пословицы:

  1. It is raining cats and dogs.
  2. One hand washes the other.
  3. So many men, so many minds.
  4. Two is company, but 3 are none.

Вторая команда иллюстрирует следующие пословицы:

  1. Two heads are better than one.
  2. The devil is not to black as he is painted.
  3. There is no smoke without fire.
  4. A new broom sweeps clean.

Пословицу-отгадку произносит один из членов команды или вся команда хором.

Ведущий: The next round in the competition is called

«Split Proverbs».

Each team in turn has to find the beginning or the end of its proverb and say it in chorus. Team «The Brave Captains», your turn to begin!

  1. Good health…
  2. … must be endured.
  3. Prevention …
  4. … in a sound body.
  5. … die.
  1. … is above wealth.
  2. What can be cured …
  3. 3… is better than cure.
  4. A sound mind …
  5. Never say …

Ведущий: Now we ask the jury to give us the results of the three rounds.

(Жюри объявляет количество баллов за каждый вид соревнования, исходя из пятибалльной системы оценок).

Ведущий: Now we begin the competition to find the quickest and cleverest.

Make up a sentence using words connected with «Health».

The first word combination is for the team «Brave Captains», the second – for the «Cowboys». Attention! Read the word combination:

  1. To be I’ll. (Call a doctor, if you are ill).
  2. To catch a cold (I feel unwell, I have caught a cold).
  3. To cough (You cough time and again, you have caught a cold).
  4. To call a doctor (I have a bad headache, let’s call a doctor).
  5. To examine one’s heart (The doctor examined his lungs and heart and told him he had the flu).
  6. Medical service (The medical service in this hospital is excellent).

Ведущий: The next round is a competition for our fans. We suggest you sing a song and recite a poem in English.

“Cowboys'” fans will begin.

“Cowboys'” fans sing the song:

«Cheep, cheep».

Cheep, cheep why do the birds sing
Cheep, cheep why do the birds sing
Cheep, cheep, the birds all sing,
Cheep, cheep, cheep, because it’s spring.

Now it is your turn «Brave captain's» fans.

«Little Cabin».

Little cabin in the wood,
Little man by the window stood,
Little rabbit hopping by,
Knocking at the door.
Help me, help me, sir, he said
For the farmer bobs my head.
Come on in, the little man said,
Warm up by the fire.

Now we come to the poems: «Brave captain’s fans, who will recite a poem?».


Doctor, doctor, over the hill,
Margaret is very ill,
Will she die?
Will she live?
Yes, no, yes, no. She will live!

“Cowboys'” fans, it's your turn to recite a poem.


  1. I want to be a doctor,
    What would you say to that?
    I think it is fine.
    I am really very glad.
  2. And do you want, to know?
    What I want to be?
    I want to be a teacher,
    That’s the nicest work to me.

Ведущий: Some matching words exist in English. When one is mentioned, you are sure to know the other. They are called matching words. Now say what goes with black?


Black – white boys – girls
Right – wrong bride – groom
Weak – strong ladies – gentlemen
High – low hands – feet
First – last brave – cowardly
Healthy – ill life – death
Sell – buy stupid – clever
Customer – salesman bitter – sweet

Ведущий: The competition goes on. Before we begin the competition of captains I remind the members of the team of their home – assignment to stage a scene entitled.

«First – Aid Serivice».

Those, who are taking part in it, go and get things ready.

Now we come to the competition of the captains. In the first round the competitors must describe a visit to the doctor «Brave captains» will start.

Рассказ капитана команды.

«Brave Captains».

I had a terrible toothache. I couldn’t sleep at night and early in one morning I went to the dentist. The dentist asked,” What’s the matter with you? I couldn’t speak, I just pointed to my tooth.” I see, said the dentist, “you will have to have your tooth out. But I ‘m afraid,” – said I.

“Boys shouldn’t be afraid of things like that” and a moment later he showed me a tooth.


Now let us listen to the captain of the «Cowboys».

“It was Sunday. I didn’t feel well. My forehead was hot. I was coughing and sneezing. My mother didn’t let me go to school and on Monday she called the doctor.

The doctor came, sounded my chest and lungs, took my temperature and said I had to stay in bed for a few days. I followed her instructions and soon I was all right».

Ведущий: The second round is to read a tongue – twister. Say each of these tongue – twisters as quickly as you can:

  1. William wants to know whether the weather will be wet.
  2. A jentle judge just judges justly
  3. A tutor who taught on the flute tried to teach two young tutors to toot.
  4. A big blue bucket of blooming blue berries.

Первую и третью скороговорки произносит капитан одной команды, вторую и четвёртую – капитан другой команды.

Ведущий: Now, I’d like you to answer some questions on the theme «Health».

Капитаны по очереди отвечают на вопросы ведущего:


  1. What is the matter with you?
  2. Are you running a high temperature?
  3. Did the doctor examine you?


  1. Is health important for people?
  2. What can you say about the health of your classmates?
  3. What must children do to be in good health?

Ведущий: Members of the jury, let us know what the captain’s scores are:

Ответ: The captain of “Brave Captains” has scored… points and the captain of “Cowboys”…points.

Ведущий (обращается к обеим командам): Your home assignment was to stage a short scene entitled «First – Aid Service».

Первая команда:

Medical Service.
Woman: Oh, my heart. Help me, help me!
People in the street: What’s the matter?
Shall we call an ambulance?
Woman: Yes, please.
(The ambulance arrives.)
Doctor: What’s the matter with you? Let me sound your chest. Now I‘ll see what your blood pressure is like. You must stay in bed for a couple of days and take this medicine, and I think everything will be all right. Don’t worry about it. We’ll take you home.

Вторая команда:

The Doctor and the Sick Man.
“What has happened to you?“
“Oh, I don’t know, doctor, something is wrong with my leg”
“Well, show me, where it hurts you?“
“In the right knee“
“Does it hurt you when I press here?“
“Oh, it’s unbearable!“
“You must have your knee X-rayed. We’ll take you to hospital and if the bone is fractured we’ll put your leg in plaster”
“Will that hurt, doctor?”
“Don’t worry. You are a brave boy. I can see that. Come on.“

Ведущий: Let’s play a little game and see who is the most attentive in our teams and has the best memory. For each team we put on a tray objects the names of which you know in English. In a minute I‘ll take the tray away and you must remember all the things you have seen. Go! Have a look at them and be ready to call them out.

Команды по очереди выполняют задания.

  1. the pills
  2. hot water
  3. mustard plasters
  4. a psychiatrist
  5. a therapeutic
  6. a pediatrician
  7. an ear, nose and throat specialist
  8. a dentist
  9. a cotton-wool
  10. an oculist

Ведущий: In the next round you must make up a story about “Health”, using the picture. So, here are two pictures, one for each team. You have one minite. (Из каждой команды кто-либо описывает содержание картины).

Ведущий: And now to sum up, members of the jury, we should like to know your decision. Let us know the results and the total scores.

Жюри объявляет количество очков, которое набрала каждая команда и называет команду победительницу.

The team «Brave Captains» has scored … points.

The team «Cowboys» …

So, the team «Brave Captains» won by a score of … to ….

The team ….. in the winner. Thank you for your attention. The competition is over.