Разработка урока по английскому языку для учащихся 10-х классов по теме "Профессии"

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  • Understanding gist and specific information
  • Listening for specific information
  • Discussion on various problems
  • Prediction content of listening text
  • Preparing for a role-play activity
  • Guided role-play of a job interview
  • Expressing viewpoint

Equipments and Sources:

  • Tape recorder
  • Enterprise 4
  • Cards
  • Words on the blackboard
  • Pictures with professions


 1. Introduction and Warming Up:

Today we are speaking about the variable world of modern jobs. What should we know in order not to be a failure? Where and how can we find a job we want? You will hear a radio interview with a woman advising people on how to get a job. Read the following sentences then listen to the tape and fill in the missing parts. (Handouts)
Now let’s check your answers.

1) an interview, 2) up-to-date, 3) employers, 4) (the) newspapers, 5) sleep, 6) right clothes, 7) ten minutes, 8) extra nice, 9) sit down, 10) smoke.)

Well-done. I think that you remember more information about what you should do to find a job and how to be successful in a job interview.

 2. Speech Drills on the Topic:

You are so clever and know much about applying for a job. You’ve said that one of the preparations before the interview is to think about possible questions. Think a little and say what questions an interviewer and an applicant could ask at a job interview.
Now listen to the dialogue and write down 2 of the interviewer’s and 2 of the applicant’s questions. (Handouts)

3. Dialogical Drills:

Excellent. Next. You work in pairs, act out a job interview using given information. You can use expressions from the list.

  • What is/are …
  • I’d very much appreciate …
  • Could you tell me …
  • Would you be able to …
  • Would you mind …, etc.

4. Listening:

I see you are nearly ready to be interviewed. But don’t you forget that every profession has its advantages and disadvantages? Besides you must take into account that a person needs to have some qualities to be good at their job. Listen to a business executive, a fire-fighter and a nurse talking about their jobs and fill in the missing information.
Let’s check.
Thank you. Work in pairs for 3 minutes to discuss qualities, advantages and disadvantages of following professions: a pilot, a miner, a fashion model and a policeman. (Сards)
Who wants to begin?
You are in the 10th form and most of you have already decided what job to choose but do you have all necessary qualities?

5. Discussion:

Do you think that there are professions which are usually done by men or women? Why is this?

(E.g. astronaut, coal miner, dancer, lorry driver, nurse, pilot, police officer, shop assistant, surgeon, etc.) (Оn the blackboard)

6. Group work:

Imagine you are an employment counsel. You have a resume of an applicant with a number of qualities. Look at them carefully and offer the most suitable profession. Prove your idea. (Cards to groups, 1 person will answer)

7. Finishing the lesson:

You see the world of jobs is wide and you can choose any profession you want. But don’t forget you should honestly evaluate your good and bad qualities; think if this job is suitable for you and what you can to achieve your aim.

8. Home task.

Write a composition of about 100 words about your experience being interviewed.

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