Английский язык для студентов автомобильных специальностей "Компоненты автомобиля"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Используемые методы: частично-поисковый, объяснительно-иллюстративный, контроль, репродуктивный, упражнение, самостоятельная работа студентов.

Речевой материал урока: новый лексический материал, раздаточный материал с приведенными текстами, речевые и практические упражнения.

Грамматический материал урока: времена глаголов активного залога.

Цель урока: формирование лексических навыков, совершенствование навыков чтения и письма, фонетических навыков.

  • Учебный аспект – создать условия для совершенствования речевых умений в новых ситуациях.
  • Развивающий аспект – создать условия для осуществления продуктивных речевых умений через подобранные задания.
  • Воспитательный аспект – создать условия для толерантного отношения к мнению других людей, для развития и углубления интересов студентов в выбранной ими области знания, в частности как средство получения профессионально-значимой информации.

Оснащенность урока:

  1. компьютер с проектором
  2. индивидуальный дидактический материал
  3. раздаточный материал по новой лексике.
  4. иллюстративный материал
  5. оформление доски


  1. Организационный момент
    1. постановка целей и задач
    2. актуализация знаний
  2. Ознакомление с новым лексическим материалом
    1. фонетическая отработка лексических единиц по теме
    2. введение и отработка новых лексических единиц: показ значения (семантизация), звуковой формы и употребления новый лексических единиц, первичное воспроизведение)
  3. Закрепление. Отработка НЛЕ по теме
    1. на основе текста, выполнение упражнений к тексту
    2. работа в группах (подписать компоненты автомобиля)
    3. защита групповой работы студентов у доски
  4. Подведение итогов урока
    1. домашнее задание
    2. рефлексия
    3. выставление оценок

Lesson plan

Сокращения: T – Teacher (учитель), Gr – Group (группа), St – student (студент).

Stage Purpose Teacher’s activity Student’s activity Cl.m. Time
1. Greeting To create warm and
Trustful atmosphere in the group.
Hi! Everybody! How are you this morning? Fine? Does everybody feel all right? Hello! Fine! T-gr. 2-3 min
2. Organizational moment To check students preparedness to the lesson Ok, who is absent today? Are you ready to hard work? Haven’t you forgotten your exercise- books at home? Yes! T-gr. 1-2 min
3. Warm-up Phonetic:
to develop pronunciation skills
to find out how much background information on this topic students have.
Today we shall do some interesting work connected with automobile.
So, students, look at the blackboard, please. Here you can find some words and transcription. But these cards are mixed.
Your task is to go to the blackboard and find transcription for each word. And then try to translate this word.
Work with words
(приложение №1, фонетика)
T-gr. 7-10 min
4. Warm-up To create English-speaking atmosphere.
To revise and enlarge students active vocabulary.
To develop.
Communication skills
Tell me please, what is your future profession?
Do you like to work with automobile?
Can you drive?
Did you repair your father’s car?
As you know the automobile can break, that’s why we must learn all parts of the car.
So, could you tell me the topic of our lesson?
Yes, you are right.
Let’s open your ex-books and writу down the date and the topic of the lesson.
My future profession is…
I like (don’)
I can (cant’)

The components of the automobile (Слайд 1)
3-5 min
5. Vocabulary work To review the vocabulary on the topic.
To fix the usage of new vocabulary.
Very well.
What components of the automobile do you know in Russian?
But what is for English «шасси» and so on.
Look at the blackboard. I suggest you to play a game. Let’s read words try to mach English and Russian words.
(Слайд 2, 3)
Individual work 15-20 min
Are you all clear about what you have to do?
You’ll have to stop in five minutes.
Let’s check.
Who wants to be a teacher? Student 1 .
Go to my desk and check these words, this task with students from my PC. Let’s write down the words and the right their translations into your ex-books.

6. Reading To practice reading, listening activities.
To develop reading, listening skills.
Continue our work with the words. Look at these lists. Lets read this text sentence by sentence, try to translate.
Some questions are there for you.
Match please questions and answers using the text.
  T-St1, St2 15-20 min
Now you are going to read some sentences. The task is the following to finish up these sentences. Only one answer is correct.
I’ll give you 5 minutes.
Are you ready? Let’s check.
(Слайд 4, 5)
Let’s work in group. Every group has a picture of a car.
Your task is to write English words instead of Russian ones.
(Слайд 6, 7)
Group work
7. Summarizing To repeat what have been studied at the lesson. Shortly, what did we study today? What was new for you, St1, St2…
Look at the black –board again.
You can see an automobile, cant you?
One person from each group go to the blackboard and find all necessary components of the automobile.
Рисунок 1,
Рисунок 2,
Рисунок 3
T-gr. 3-5 min
8. Home task To instruct students in doing their home work. Vocabulary.
To learn these words by heart.
Thank you for your work at lesson. Your work today rather good. But some of you were very active. I give you “a five”. Other students have made a lot of progress. I put them “a four”. You need some more practice with…
  T-gr. 2-3 min
9. Introspection To find out students attitude to work at the lesson. Did you like the way we have worked today? Any comments?
Have you questions?
Good-bye T-gr. 5-7 min