Урок "British Traditions of a Wedding Day"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель: познакомить учащихся с традициями празднования свадьбы в Британии и активизировать навыки говорения по теме.


  • презентовать и отработать новую лексику по теме.
  • активизировать навыки аудирования при просмотре видеофрагмента.
  • активизировать навыки говорения по теме (технология Whole class melee).
  • развивать языковую догадку.

Оснащение урока:

  • видеокассета "The Wedding", (кассета "Grapevine" Oxford University Press),
  • видеомагнитофон,
  • распечатки упражнений к видеосюжету,
  • карточки с информацией,
  • с лексикой по теме,
  • упражнениями к видеофильму.

Доска: Copy the following expressions onto the board or project them onto an OHP so that students can refer to them while doing the activity.

Questions to make small talk at a wedding

Are you a friend of the bride or the groom?
What do you do then? (informal asking about work)
Have you know the bride/groom long?
It's a lovely wedding isn't it?
I don't think we've met, my mane is:
Isn't it a beautiful day for a wedding?
Doesn't the bride look wonderful?

Sentence stems for a surprising aspect or a secret

I shouldn't really say this but:
I know this isn't the time to talk about it, but:
Did you know that:
You may not believe this but:
Well, I heard that :
Please don't tell anyone I told you:
Somebody told me that:

Reacting to surprising news

No way!
I can't believe it!
You're kidding!
That's terrible!


I. Приветствие.

Good morning students. I'm glad to see you. Today is the 14th of February St Valentine Day, the day of love and friendship and we'll have an unusual lesson.

II. Речевая подготовка.

Now, I'll give you invitation cards. Read them and answer my questions, please.

Mr. and Mrs. B Webster
request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding of their daughter
Belinda Catherine


Mark Stephen
son of Mr. and Mrs. J Collins of 13 Newbury Road, Camford.
The service will be at St Andrew's Church, Binglley Road
at 11 a.m. on Saturday 29th November
with a reception at
the Royal Avon Hotel from 12 noon to 3 p.m.

  1. What kind of invitation cards is it?
  2. Who is getting married?
  3. Where will the wedding be?
  4. What time will the wedding be?
  5. Which day will the wedding be?
  6. Will there be a reception?
  7. Where will the reception be?
  8. When will the reception be?
  9. When will the reception finish?

Well done students. Now tell me please, what we are doing to speak about? You are right, the theme of our lesson is "British Traditions of a Wedding day."

Do you know anything about British Wedding? Would you like to know? Of course, you would. That's why we'll going to watch a videofilm about it.

III. Просмотр видеосюжета "The Wedding".

1. Before watching.

снятие трудностей.

Before watching the film, let's learn some words, which help you to understand it. I'll give you cards with these words. Let's read and try to remember them.

Ex. I Who is at the Wedding?

The bride The bride is the woman who is getting married.

The groom The groom (or bridegroom) is the man who is getting married.

The best man The best man is a friend or brother of the groom. He stands with the groom during the wedding. He's the one who looks after the ring.

The bride's father He's one that stands with the bride during the wedding. He 'gives her away'. (If her father is dead, an uncle, brother or friend 'gives her away'.)

The vicar A vicar is a priest of the Church of England. In Britain you can get married in a registry office or in a church.

The bridesmaids (girls) and pages (boys) They're the children who walk behind the bride. They're the ones that help her with her long dress.

Now it time to watch a videofilm.

2. While watching.

a) Now, watch the first part of the film. Be very attentive, try to understand as much as possible, after watching, you'll answer some questions.

  1. Why this day is special for Belinda?
  2. Where are Mr. Webster and Belinder going?
  3. What time is it?
  4. Who will drive them to the church?
  5. What has Belinda forgotten?

b) Now, let's watch the second part of the film and do exercise II "Waiting at the Church".

Read the task, please. Fill in the gaps with missing words:

Uncle Roland, Belinda, hole, Mark, minute, Mark, ring, Clive, two hundred, pocket, wedding car.

Clive Well, everybody's here now.

Mark Except . . . .

Clive Calm down, . . . . . She'll be here in a minute. Who's bringing her?

Mark Her . . . . . . . You know, he's the one that's got the business.

Clive Oh, right.

Mark Have you got the . . . . ?

Clive Yes, it's in my . . . . . . . Hold on . . . It isn't there any more. That's funny. It was in this pocket . . . or was it this one?

Mark Oh, come on, . . . . !

Clive It's here somewhere . . . . Oh, no, there's a . . . .

Mark That ring was . . . . . . pounds . . .

Clive I'm sorry, I'm sorry, . . . . I'll find it.

Well, now, let's check the exercise.

Read the dialogue, please.

c) Well, let's watch the third part of the film. Be attentive. After watching, you'll do an exercise.

Ex III. Look throught the sentences and say if it is true or not and give right information.

  1. Terry is Mark's brother. (F)
  2. Terry takes photographs. (T)
  3. Clive is going to buy a ring (T)
  4. Clive has got any money to buy a ring. (F)
  5. Mark hasn't got a ring, a best man and a bride. (T)

3. After watching.

Well students, you've watched a funny film about the Wedding. Now, let's sum it up.

a) Answer my questions about traditions of British Wedding?

  1. Who are the main heroes at a wedding?
  2. Who looks after wedding rings?
  3. Who "gives the bride away"?
  4. Who walks behind the bride and helps her with her long dress?
  5. Where is the Wedding ceremony usually held in Britain?

b) Now, I'll give you the Time table of the Wedding Day. Let's do this exercises. Answer and ask your own questions.

What'll happen at 10.30?

Where will Mrs. Webster and the bridesmaids go at 10.30?

When will Mrs. Webster and the Bridesmaids go to the church?


  • 10.30 Mrs. Webster & bridesmaids to the church
  • 10.45 Wedding car collects Belinda, Me. Webster
  • 11.00 Wedding service
  • 11.30 Photographs outside the church
  • 12.00 Reception at the Royal Avon Hotel
  • 1.00 Lunch
  • 1.45 Speeches
  • 2.00 Cut the wedding cake
  • 3.00 Belinda and Mark leave the reception
  • 3.45 Arrive at the airport
  • 5.15 Plane leaves the airport
  • 7.45 Arrive in Majorca for the honeymoon

Активизация навыков устной речи.

Well done, students! Now we continue speaking about the Wedding Day What do guests usually do after an official ceremony in the Church during the second part of a reception? What is your idea? Yes, you are right. They usually communicate with each other, talk and listen to gossip. We are going to play a role-game. Imagine, that we all are guests at the Wedding. I'll give you cards. There is information about your roles and some gossip. Try to learn this information, because while taking part in our game, you are to communicate with all guests, but first of all there are some rules.

While communicating you should introduce yourself, ask some questions and express your surprise. Use the phrases, which you can see on the blackboard. Look at them and choose the most suitable ones. You have 5 min. to learn your story.

В течении 5 минут учащиеся запоминают информацию с карточек, затем они, общаясь друг с другом, пересказывают свой "слух" и слушают чужой. Задача учащихся пересказать свою историю как можно точнее и запомнить "слухи" всех участников игры. Учитель выполняет роль наблюдателя, поощряет учащихся к активному участию в игре.

Now time is over. Let's begin our game. Be attentive.

Your aim is to retell your story and remember other stories, because at the end of our game you'll take part in a Quiz and to be successful you should learn as much information as possible.

Well students. Time is over. I believe, you're understood and remembered all gossip, you've heard. Now, let's see how attentive you were. I'll give you a list with Quiz, answer the questions and then we'll check the results.

Wedding Quiz.

  1. Who had problems with the law?
  2. Who has been having serious financial difficulties?
  3. Who has a drinking problem?
  4. Who has been divorced for two years?
  5. Who has had lots of girlfriends and like to go to nightclubs?
  6. Who was secretly engaged for many years but broke up?
  7. Who went to university only because father paid a lot of money?
  8. Who worked as a dancer in a famous nightclub?
  9. Who has a secret girlfriend?
  10. Now, let's check the results. What are your answers to these questions?

V. Заключительный этап.

Well, students. What have you learnt about at today's lessons? Yes, you've learnt much about British Wedding and at home I want you to prepare a story about weddings in our country. These questions will help you to do it.

What usually happens? Where do people get married? Which day of the week? What does the bride wear? What does the bridegroom wear? Where do people have the reception? How long is the reception? What happens at the reception? Do they usually have a honeymoon? And Wedding crossword makes you remember wedding vocabulary better. Good luck, students.