Открытый урок в 8-м классе "Британская музыка: вчера и сегодня"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель урока: обсудив в беседе дискуссионного характера стили музыки в Британии составить хит парад: 5 наиболее популярных песен на сегодняшний день.


  1. Воспитывать у учащихся чувства уважения к иноязычной культуре и музыке.
  2. Учить вести беседу, спорить, выражать свое мнение, высказывать свои за и против, делать выводы.
  3. Расширять словарный запас учащихся и учить умело применять лексику в беседе и дискуссии.
  4. Практиковать учащихся в умении задавать вопросы на английском языке.
  5. Постоянно поддерживать интерес к изучению английского языка.

Ход урока

1. Britain is world famous for its music.

Especially in the 20 century the musical activity in Britain has reached the highest level.

Now we have a chance to visit TV studio where there is a talk show on these theme. I am sorry I am not good at modern kinds of music.

I will be a partner of the conversation.

2. TV journalist:

Good day!

I am greeting you in our programme: British music Yesterday and Today.

We are going to talk about different kinds of music in the past and about new trends of British music business today.

(слайд 1):

British Music: Yesterday and Today.

1960s – rock music, pop music, the Beatles.

1970s – punk rock.

1980s – heavy metal music, techno music.

2000s – rap, hip hop, club music, rock, reggae, regga.

3. TV journalist:

I invite you for conversation. Let us remember 1960s.

What music was the most popular in that time?

(слайд 2):

Who likes pop music?

Do you like pop music?

Do you like The Beatles?

At the end of 1970s another style of music and dress appeared, the punk style.

(слайд 3):

Do you like rock music?

Do you listen to rock music?

What do you think of this kind of music and dress?

In 1980s many new bands and new trends appeared. What music was the most modern in 1980s?

(слайд 4):

4. TV journalist:

And now we are going to speak about new trends and new centers of the British music business.

TV journalist:

Just a minute!

We would like to make Hit Parade Top 5 at the end of our programme.

What bands do you think are the most popular today?

We have chosen 5 bands.

(слайд 5,6,7,8,9):



For example,…what group is the best for you?

(слайд 10):

Top 5:

1.) Linkin Park – Numb 5 points.
2.) Global Deejays – San Francisco 4 points.
3.) J-Five – Find A Way 3 points.
4.) Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers 2 points.
5.) The Black Eyed Peas – Don’t lie 1 point.

You have to complete the card.

… can I ask you to count the results?

It is very interesting what the results will be.

As for me, I would like Eminem to give the first place.

I like his rap music.

I am keen on listening to him!

…what group is the best for you?

5. TV journalist:

Let us continue our programme.

What musical styles are popular today?

Do you know such a style as “reggae”?

Do you listen to music?

What kind of music do you listen to? Why?

When and where do you usually listen to music?

Have you got favorite bands?

What music do your favorite bands play?

Do your parents listen to music you like?

What style of music do you think is the most popular nowadays?

6. TV journalist:

I know club music is becoming very popular and modern now.

What is club music?

Who likes club music and why?

What is your opinion about club music: your likes or dislikes?

(слайд 11):

Музыкальная физминутка.

Звучит музыка, учащиеся танцуют под Global Deejays.


7. TV journalist:

What a surprise!

You can’t believe!

We have guests in our studio!

The most popular British band nowadays! The Massive Attack!

Let us welcome them and applaud!

(слайд 12):

Звучит песня Massive Attack.

You have a chance to ask them questions.

Can you introduce yourselves?

What music do you play?

Who are your fans?

Where do you play music?

What is special in your band?

8. TV journalist:

I think it is time to name the results of Hit Parade Top 5.

(слайд 13):

Top 5:

1.) Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers 41 points.
2.) Linkin Park – Numb 37 points.
3.) J-Five – Find A Way 34 points.
4.) Global Deejays – San Francisco 29 points.
5.) The Black Eyed Peas – Don’t lie 27 points.

You see Eminem is the best!

He is in the top of our Hit Parade!

(слайд 14):

Звучит его песня.

9. Thank you everybody. Our programme is over.