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I. Организационный момент Good morning, boys and girls! I'm glad to see you. How are you today?

Well, Tonya, what date is it today? What day of the week is today? Who is absent? What's the weather like today? You are right.

What do we usually do in such a weather?

Well, today we'll talk about clothes, shops, seasons, we'll do a lot of interesting exercises today.

II. Основная часть урока We have a guest today. He is Старик Хоттабыч.Today we'll give him a lot of advices and we'll teach Хоттабыч how to dress up.    



Фонетическая разминка He likes to wear jeans and he wants you to listen to him.

Tell me, please, what do you like to wear best of all?

I like to wear different clothes:

T-shirts and shorts , and jackets.

But any season, any weather

I like my jeans best of all!

Стихотворение на доске
2. Лексическая разминка Today Хоттабыч is going to visit a Modern Fashion Show, but he doesn't know what to wear. Let help him to make the right choice.

Now look at the blackboard, please, and match the pictures and the words.

I like to wear:: Учащиеся сопоставляют картинки

(предметы одежды) и слова

3. Аудирование Good of you.

Now let Хоттабыч listen to some information about the things people wear. But there are some unknown words in the text

Now, listen to the text and be very attentive

I прослушиваниe

  • What is this text about?
  • Do people wear different clothes in different seasons?

Listen to the text once again.

II прослушивание

Carry[ ]-нести

Something less warm[ ]-что-то менее теплое

Casual[ ]-ежедневный, обычный




См. ниже 1

Тестовое задание

См. ниже 2

4. Письмо Boys and girls, unfortunately, Хоттабыч hasn't got new clothes, all his things need mending.

He can't go to a Fashion Show in such clothes.

Look at the blackboard; you are to mend clothes of Хоттабыч, joining the letters. You should make words.

Jeans, T-shirt, trousers, sweater, hat На доске расположены буквы, иголка и нитки. Учащиеся штопают одежду Хоттабыча, соединяя буквы и образовывая слова.
5. Обучение диалогической речи Look at these things! Can Хоттабыч go to a Fashion Show in such clothes?

Right you are! He can't.

What should he do? Where can he get new clothes?

Of course in the shop.

Now listen to the dialogue between Хоттабыч and a shop-assistant. But again here some new words for you.

I Прослушивание диалога

  • Pupils, what does Хоттабыч want to buy?

II Прослушивание диалога с опорой на текст

(перевод, чтение, составление собственных диалогов)

Has Хоттабыч made the right choice? What do you think?






Does it suit me?- Это мне подходит?

How much are they?- Сколько они стоят?

Приложение 1
6. Обучение грамматике Pupils, I'd like to ask you - Do you like to go shopping?

Do you want to go shopping in a famous shop of ready-made clothes and to buy some new things there?

But, unfortunately, it is closed now. It will be opened only tomorrow.

Tell me, please, what will you buy? But first, let's revise

The Future Simple Tense.

Use the model.

Tomorrow I'll buy a black dress. It costs 32 pounds. На доске висит плакат с различными предметами одежды и ценой

(32 )

7. Практика устной речи Children, let's prompt Хоттабыч what to wear and when. Look at the blackboard and explain what we usually wear when we go to some places and what we wear in a rainy day, for example. Use the model. When we go: we usually wear: When it's rainy we usually wear: Учащимся предлагаются картинки с изображениями школы, музея, театра, вечеринки и т.д., а также различных погодных условий (холодная, теплая, дождливая погода).

Приложение 2

8. Обучение монологической речи Now, I think, Хоттабыч understands that he can't go to the Fashion Show in jeans and he needs some nice clothes. Here is the wardrobe. Now, let's have a look. What is there inside?

Oh, what is there? (a nice suit and a shirt ). I think, Хоттабыч is ready and he is welcome to the Fashion Show.

At home you were to prepare models and suits and now it is your turn to speak about clothes!

(Models' descriptions )

  На доске висит плакат

(изображение шкафа с дверцами), учащиеся по очереди открывают дверцы шкафа и обнаруживают предметы одежды.

    (Дети читают свои описания, показывая моделей в костюмах ) Hello and welcome to our Fashion Show. My first model is Lisa. She is wearing a blouse and trousers::.  
III. Подведение итогов урока Well, thank you. I think, Хоттабыч is very pleased. I hope, he'll remember all the things we have spoken about.

Your work is brilliant, you all deserve a "5".

Our lesson is over.





People wear different clothes in different seasons. In summer they put on a T-shirt or a shirt, jeans or shorts. When men go to work they put on a suit, a shirt and a tie. Women put on a skirt and a blouse.

In autumn when the weather is cool, British people wear a coat and a hat. Raincoats are very usual, because the weather is rainy. They carry umbrellas.

In winter people wear coats, scarves and gloves. They put on warm shoes or boots.

When spring comes people put on something less warm. The most popular clothes are jeans, jackets and other things made of denim. Jeans are casual clothes. They are international.


Тестовое задание (Multiple Choice )

1. In summer they put on_________________________

  1. a skirt and a blouse
  2. a coat and a cap
  3. a T-shirt or a shirt, jeans or shorts

2. When men go to work they put on_________________

  1. a suit, a shirt and a tie
  2. trousers and shirts
  3. jeans and T-shirts

3. Women put on__________________________________

  1. a dress
  2. a skirt and a blouse
  3. shorts and shirts

4. In autumn British people wear_______________________

  1. a jacket and trousers
  2. a coat and a hat
  3. jeans and raincoats

5. When the weather is rainy_________________________

  1. they wear boots, jackets and caps
  2. they wear raincoats and carry umbrellas
  3. they wear shorts, T-shirts and sunglasses

6. In winter people wear_____________________________

  1. fur-coats, high boots
  2. coats, scarves, gloves, warm shoes or boots

7. When spring comes people wear____________________

  1. jeans, jackets and other things
  2. raincoats and hats

8. _____________________ are international.

  1. shirts
  2. jeans
  3. shorts