Урок английского языка в 6-м классе по теме "Здоровье"

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Задачи урока: развитие и совершенствование навыков ведения беседы, высказывания своего мнения, тренировка монологической и диалогической речи; активизация лексико-грамматических навыков и навыков письма, привитие школьникам умения заботиться о здоровье и природе своего города, края, страны.

Оборудование: плакаты, видеофильм, видеодвойка, «Красная книга», фото, картины, газеты, рисунки детей, карточки с заданиями по теме.

Ход урока:

Teacher: Good morning, my dear friends. Today we are going to have a talk and discuss the problem of our health and the problem of environment protection. (Работа с «Красной книгой»)

Teacher: Can people speak?

Pupils: Yes, they can.

Teacher: You are right. But not only people can speak. Books can speak too. What is the Red Book? What is your mind?

Pupil: It’s a reference book on rare and disappearing animals?

Teacher: You are clever. Why is this Book Red?

Pupil: The colour is red because it is a danger signal understandable to all people in the world.

Teacher: Your answer is the best. The colour Red is one of blood and life. You should hear the world around you. It calls for help. (дети описывают рисунки и газеты по защите своего города).

Teacher: What is the Earth for everybody?

Pupil: The Earth is a garden for all the Human race.

Helping Mother Earth. (видеофильм о проблемах загрязнения окружающей среды в городе Новый Уренгой) 2 мин

Teacher: Watch the film about our ecology, please.

(Юля читает во время просмотра фильма):

What have they done to the rivers, my friends,
What have they done to the tundra, my classmates,
What have they done to the trees in my town,
What have they done to the Earth?

Teacher: My young friends, just now you saw a film about environmental situation in our town. But this problem is global. Health and Ecology are very important for everybody. Please, be active in the discussion. Who wants to be the first?

Pupils: We know that transport is also one of the sources of pollution. Every day we breathe the air polluted by the waste of the transport. Everybody has a car or more. It’s very dangerous for the health of people. Now many parts of the world overcovered, people have been polluting the world around them for thousands years. Fish dies in the lakes and rivers, tundra’s trees die too. Plants and flowers die too. It’s awful. (стук в дверь, входит в класс мальчик)

Pupil: Who are you? What’s happened with you? Why does this boy look pale?

A sick boy: I have a headache because I breathe the air polluted. I don’t feel well. I have a cold. It is horrible. I feel awful myself. Help me, my friends, please.

Teacher: What are your advices, my comrades? Can we help him? (заполняют таблицу)

What we must do? Fill the table, please.

Careeing about
Our planet Our health
  1. We must take care about the Earth, the Earth is our home.
  2. Protect out planet from tons of dust and others harmful substances.
  3. Protect the environment from industrial pollution.
  4. Attract more public attentive to the environmental problems.
  5. Nature is the source of people’s life.
  6. Keep the land, air and water clean.
  7. Don’t throw litter away.
  8. Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
  9. Be a friend to fish, flowers and animals.
  10. Don’t pollute the Earth.
  11. Plant trees in my town every year.
  12. Make the environmental programme in my school and our region.
  1. We must care of ourselves.
  2. We must take vitamins and get enough minerals.
  3. We must breathe the clean air.
  4. You should drink only clean water.
  5. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.
  6. Drink a lot of juice and milk for breakfast.
  7. Don’t eat fast foods.
  8. Don’t watch TV much.
  9. Don’t use the computer much.
  10. Don’t play the computer games much.
  11. Eat well three times a day.
  12. Do morning exercises every day and play sports.

Teacher: Your advices are right. How are you, my friend?

The boy: I feel myself better. Thank you for the advices. You help me.

Teacher: We have saved our classmates and our Earth. Do you agree with me?

Pupils: Yes, of course.

Teacher: Let’s play. You must write the words combinations, using the first letters: (карточки, работа с ними).

Bicycle, oil, doctor, yogurt, chemist, apple, ride, examine.

Pupil’s answer: body care.

Teacher: Your answer is good. Put the worlds in the logical order.

  1. Wealth, is, above, good, health.

Pupil’s answer: Good health is above wealth.

  1. Healthy, eat, to, fit, food, keep.

Pupil’s answer: Eat healthy food to keep fit.

  1. Be, take, cool, a, healthy, to, shower.

Pupil’s answer: Take a cool shower to be healthy.

  1. Hands, your, eat, wash, before, you.

Pupil’s answer: Wash your hands before you eat.

  1. Too, bad, are, sweets, teeth, for, many, your.

Pupil’s answer: Too many sweets are bad for your teeth.

Teacher: You have got good answers. You are the best. Now we are continuing our problem. Did you like the play? Why?

Pupil: Yes, I did. It was very interesting and we have learnt a lot of interesting about our health and habits.

Teacher: What is your mind are you a healthy kid (child)? Do you know how to be healthy?

Pupil: I think I am a healthy kid, because I often play sports and take vitamins. But I think I should eat vegetables and fruit more.

Teacher: And what about you?

Pupil: I don’t think I am a very healthy child, because I have often a flue or a cold. I think I shouldn’t use the computer games much. I must do morning exercises and play sports.

Pupil: I think we must protect our tundra, plants and animals. If we destroy them our planet may be destroyed too. We have a lot of illnesses which we still can’t cure. For example: HDS and others. Many rivers are poisoned too. Nuclear power stations can go wrong and cause nuclear pollution. This happened in Britain, in the USA and in Ukraine. Some animals lose their natural areas and can’t breed. Others can’t adapt to new conditions of the life. Wildlife problems and health’s problems occur everywhere.

Teacher: We have lived in our planet for many years. They live on different continents and in different countries. But we must know that people protect our planet and wildlife, our health. But the man needs protection and care as much as animals do. People’s homes: town and cities must be kept ecologically clean. In the places where people drink bad and poisoned water, eat unhealthy food, breathe polluted air, they suffer from serious diseases and die early, the children are born weak and unhealthy. No medicines prescribed by the doctors can help them. This problem becomes more and more serious with every passing day. We have to do something about this. Let’s set our clean up the Countryside Society. We must have only good habits and healthy children and people. Think about it. Are you agreeing?

Pupils: Yes, we are.

Teacher: I want you to write your healthy and unhealthy habits. Fill the table, please.

My health
Healthy habits Unhealthy habits

Retell about “Environmental Problems of my town ”. R., Ex. 2, p.37.

Please, write down your hometask.

(Подведение итогов, выставление и мотивация оценок)

Our lesson is over. Good-bye, my dear boys and girls.

Pupils: Good-bye.