Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку. Брейн-ринг "Австралия"

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  • обобщение изученного материала по теме “Австралия”,
  • актуализация страноведческого материала

- Good morning. Glad to see you. Let’s play <<Brain-ring>>. Two teams take part in this game. The first team is from Igrim. The second team is from Beryosovo. The teams will show their knowledge of Australia and try to assure the jury that they are clever, smart and good pupils.

  1. Now let`s start our competition. You first task is to put the missing letters.
  • Abro_d
  • Abor_g_ne
  • K_ngaro_
  • N_tive
  • Harb_ r
  1. The second task. There are 20 parts of 10 words. Try to combine them into the words. Read the words.
  • Arhi-tecture
  • Neigh- bourhood
  • Ara-bic
  • Flo-ra
  • Ko-ala
  • Spa- nish
  • un- employment
  • Tempera-ture
  • fau-na
  • kan- garoo
  1.  The third task. Read the sentence and say if it is true or false.
  1. Canberra is the home of Australia’s government.
  2. Sydney is the capital of Australia.
  3. Sydney is the largest and the oldest city in Australia.
  4. Canberra is a cyclist’s paradise.
  5. Sydney Opera House is one of the greatest examples of 20 th century.
  6. The Australian natives are Indians.
  7. Australia is not a city.
  8. 200 nationalities live in Australia.
  9. Australians celebrate Christmas in spring.
  10. Europeans settled in Australia in 1492.
  1. Complete the sentences:
  1. Australia was discovered in _________ by________
  2. The discoverer of Australia claimed it for_________
  3. The first settlers were _________________
  4. People rushed to Australia because ___________
  5. Australia is located in _____________ hemisphere
  6. The hottest month in Australia is _________
  7. About 70 per cent of the population lives in the_________
  8.  _________ is the capital of Australia.
  9. The Olympic Games were held in Sydney in ___________
  10. If in London it is 8a. m., in Sydney it is _______
  11. People in Australia speak _________
  12. Australia became independent in _____
  1. What is wrong in the sentences?
  1. Australia is situated south of between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.
  2. Canberra is the capital of Australia and the biggest city of Australia.
  3. Aborigines now comprise only 50 per cent of the population.
  1. The sixth task. Write the names of the territories on the map

(Рисунок 1). Карта Австралии.

  1. The seventh task. Guess the name of the city.
  1. It contains a lot of government buildings built in 1923—1927. Its population is 310000 people. It is an important center of learning.
  2. It is founded in 1804. It is the oldest city of Australia. It is surrounded by a small agricultural area.
  3. Its population exceeds 1 million people. It is a large center of the wine export. Famous for Adelaide’s Festival of Arts held every 2 years.
  4. Its population exceeds 1 million people. It is the only large Australian city with subtropical climate. It’s a very beautiful city with a lot of parks and gardens. It is an important export center. Its main exporting items are: wool, meal, wheat, sugar.
  5. It’s the largest city of Australia. Its population is about 3, 5 mln people. It was founded on the 26th of January in 1788. It is the first European settlement in the country.
  6. It is the second largest city of Australia. Its population is about 3 mln people. It’s the financial center of the nation.


1 — Canberra; 2 — Hobart; 3 — Adelaide; 4 — Brisbane; 5 — Sydney; 6 — Melbourne.