Интегрированный урок (английский язык) на тему "Моя семья: новая история Золушки" +литература. 5-й класс

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Класс: 5

"Урок – основной участок учебно-воспитательного процесса, на котором учитель ежедневно осуществляет образование и всестороннее развитие учащихся. " В.АСухомлинский.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент

- Girls and boys, get ready for the lesson and don`t forget your books, notebooks and pens please.

- Stand up please. Good morning, friends.

(Good morning, dear teacher, good morning to you, good morning, dear teacher, we are glad to see you)

Take you seats. I`m glad to see you too. Students, we have an unusual lesson today, but I can`t avoid asking about your health and our today`s weather. How are you today?

  • Is it cold today?
  • Is it sunny?
  • Is it slippery?
  • Is it snow?
  • Is it rainy?
  • And how about the temperature?
  • How many degrees have we got?
  • What is the month?
  • Is it January? April?
  • What is the date today?

- It`s good of you to notice how the weather is. You are OK, so you`re ready to start our work.

  1. Мотивационный момент. Фонетическая зарядка.

-And now it`s high time to warm our tongues. Look at the blackboard please. On the blackboard you see one new poem with gaps. Listen to me and fill the poem with words. I`d like to recite it twice but you don`t have to use pens or pensils.

  • Mother and … (father)
  • (Mother) is the dearest of all the …(friends) I know
  • She …(helps) to work and helps me …play
  • That`s why I …(love) her so.
  • (Father) … is the kindest of all the friends I know
  • He …(likes) to take me out with him
  • That`s why I …(love) her so.

- Repeat after me the whole poem and translate it.
- Well done. Thank you.
- Who could tell me what the topic of our lesson will be? (Yes, it is the family, parents)

  1. Развитие диалогической речи, активизация лексического материала по теме “Моя семья”, развитие фонематического слуха

As you know mother and father – parents – are the dearest people in the world. We can`t live without their care, advice, kindness and life experience. As I know all of you have the family, but I have no idea what of family members you have. Could you tell me?

  • Have you got mother (father, a sister, a brother)?
  • Is your family happy (friendly, trendy, closed)?
  • What is your mother`s name?
  • How old is your mother?
  • What is your mother`s hobby?
  • What is your mother`s favourite dish (drink)?
  1. Развитие навыков чтения незнакомого текста с полным пониманием прочитанного, введение в мировую художественную литературу с использованием языкового материала

We love our parents and our parents love us. We are happy to have mother and father. But not everybody has got mother and father and you know a lot of examples from the literature. From example, a story written by the French writer Charles Perrault. His portrait you can see on the blackboard. This writer is known for you because he is a famous children writer. Your mothers and grandmothers read his stories to you. Today we`re going to read one of them. It is Cinderella. Read this story and try to understand what the Russian word for Cinderella is.


In one house a girl lives. Her name is Cinderella. She has not got mother. Her mother is dead [d e d] (умерла). But (но) she has got daddy. She loves her daddy. He is a good man. Her father thinks (думает, что) that his daughter has to have (должна иметь) a happy family with mother and sisters and brothers. So one woman [w u m æ n] (женщина) and her daughters come to live with them (с ними). Now Cinderella has got step-mother and 2 step-sisters. They don`t like Cinderella. Cinderella has to do all homework: cleans (прибираться), cooks and works. On a ball she meets (встречать) a boy. He is a prince. He is a good boy. Cinderella loves him (его) and wants [w o n t s] (хочет) to be his wife.

- Yes, that is right. It is Золушка. Name me please the new words from the text you have read.
- Good, well done.

  1. Физкультминутка.

- Let`s show a working day of Cinderella. Stand up, students. Repeat my words after me and show the movings:

Hands up, hands down
Shake, shake
Stand up
On the tiptoes, turn around
Step aside, Step left, step right
Stand still

- Thank you. Sit down please.

  1. Работа над навыкам письменной речи, автоматизация грамматических навыков учащихся

- I found a secret dairy of Cinderella. She wants to have a new biography and we must help her. You know the rule about The Present Indefinite and endings in the 3. Person Singular. It`s S for he, she, it. (Поставить предложения в 3 л, ед. ч.)

A new story about Cinderella

I am Cinderella. I have got a big family. I have got mum, daddy, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. The family lives in a big nice house near the lake. The family is friendly, trendy and closed. I like to chat with my friends and to go shopping. The father likes fishing and playing football, the mother likes cooking. It is tasty. The sisters` hobby is reading German books and English magazines. I speak English as well. I help mum and daddy. We often visit the grandparents. I love the family.

  1. Подведение итогов урока, рефлексия

-Что нового узнали, понравился урок?

  1. Домашнее задание

- Open your dairies and write down your homework (Написать сочинение о семье вашей мечты “A family of my dream”)

- …get …(marks)

- Stand up. The lesson is over. Good-bye, friends.