Урок английского языка в 5-м классе по теме "Animal world"

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Equipment - computer to show pictures of animals, cards, tape recorder, medals.

Anticipated problems -T gives supporting tables, asks questions.

What Ls have already known - names of animals, can speak about physical abilities using can and verbs of movement, ask about abilities, and describe parts of the body.

Focus of the lesson-Speaking.

Aim - By the end of the lesson students will be able to

  • recycle all the language in the unit
  • describe animals
  • ask about animal's habits
timing Stagers of the lesson procedure Patterns of interaction
What T does/says What Ls do/say
lm Beginning (objective To give pupils some practice in genuine communication) - Hello! Glad to see you.
- How are you?
- Today we are going to have an excursion. Do you know what is excursion in Russian?
- You are right.
- Where would you like to go?
- Glad to see you, too!
- Fine.
- Экскурсия?
- A museum...
  • T-CI
  • T-Pl P2P3
2m Engagement (to arouse Ls interest) - Listen to the song and say what place we are going to visit: a pet hotel, a safari park, a zoo? - Asafari park. T-CI
5 m 8m Study (to use language automatically)
  1. You're right, but first of all let's prepare for our excursion to do it well you should recycle all the words about animals. Make notes and complete the table. Compare your table with your partner.
  2. Now the second task. Please read the questions. Do you understand them? Make notes. Now your time is up, discuss the answers in pairs and then we'll check with the whole class. Tell us what wild animal does Sasha like? Why?
- Ls make notes to complete the table.
- Ls read words to each other.
- Ls write their own ideas.
- He likes lions because they are... He doesn't want to have it as a pet because it is dangerous...
  • Individual work
  • Pairworlc
    Does he want to have it as a pet? Why?    
10 m



Activate (to use language freely and communicatively as they can) Now you are ready to go. Don't forget that wild animals are dangerous Don't come up too close to them. These are your tickets (билеты) to the safari park. Some of you will go there as visitors, others as guiders, there will be two Safari park keepers as well. Read your card carefully and do the task. In ten minutes be ready to role-play your card. For excursion.

Now our excursion is over. Thank you for your work. What are good/bad things for being wild? Think over the question at home and complete the sentences: There are good things for being wild animal, such as... Wild animals usually... If a wild animal lives in the Safari park it can/cannot...

Ls follow the instruction and do the task. group work

Ls card for task 1.

Make notes to complete the table.

1 Names of wild animals  
2 Words describing their appearance  
3 Things animals can do  
4 Places for living  

Ls card for task 2.

Make notes to complete the table.

1 What wild animals do you like? Why?  
2 Can wild animals choose place for living? Why? '
3 Do you want to have wild animals as a pet? Why?  

Ls card for task 3.

You work as a guide at Safari park, choose a picture; give a talk on animal

you like.


  • What wild animals you like;
  • What they are like;
  • What they can do;
  • Where they usually live;
  • Why you like them;
You are a visitor at Safari park;


  • What wild animals live in Safari park;
  • What they are like;
  • What they can do;
  • Ask if they can...;
  • Ask if they have got...;
You are a Safari park keeper;

Think over the medals for guides and visitors;

Make a medal for every learner.