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  • активизировать ранее изученные лексические единицы по теме “Trip to Britain ”; развивать умение применять материал в практических ситуациях;
  • развивать умение запросить информацию, способность к догадке, воображению, память; расширять кругозор учащихся.

Наглядный материал: иллюстрации, дающие представление о достопримечательностях Великобритании; раздаточный материал; презентация по теме “Trip to Britain” (Приложение 1).

Ход урока

  Номер слайда Время

- Good morning boys and girls. (Good morning A/A)
- What is the date today? (Today is the 12th of December)
- What is the day of the week today? (Today is Wednesday)
- What is the weather like today?
- Is it cold today?
- Is the weather good today?
- Is it snowing now?
- I think the weather is good..

  2 min

- Today we continue our topic “Trip to Britain”

-What is it? and where are we going? (It is G.B. and we are going to G.B.)
- You are right, It is Great Britain and we are going there today.
2 2 min

- What do you know about Great Britain?
1. What is the difference between Great Britain and the UK? (There are four countries in the UK and three countries in Great Britain)
2. What is the total area of the UK? (The total area of the UK is 244 000 sq km)
3. What is the capital of the UK? (The capital of the UK is London)
4. What are four countries of the UK? (They are ….)
5. Who is the head of the UK? (The head of the UK is the queen)

3 2 min

- Well and what are the main reasons to visit Great Britain?
Why could we go to Great Britain?
4 2 min

- How could we go to the UK?
- What letters are missed here?

(We could go there by plane
by train
by bus
by ship)
5-8 2-3 min

- Now we can see the map of the UK.
- Look here and answer
- What is Great Britain washed by? (Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, The North Sea, the Irish Sea and The English Channel)
N, come here and show us the A.O., the N.S., the I.S. and the E.C.
9 2-3 min

- Look at the map and answer my questions?

- Could we go to the UK by bus? (No, we couldn’t go to the UK by bus)
- Could we go to the UK by plane? (Yes, we could go to the UK by plane?)
- Could we go to the UK by ship? (Yes, we could go to the UK by ship)
- Could we go to the UK by train? (Yes, we could go to the UK by train)
10 3 min

- We know that Great Britain is an island. The how could we go to Great Britain by train?
11 0,5 min

- Yes, there is a tunnel for trains and we could use it to go to Great Britain.
12-13 1,5 min

- And now you can read some facts from its history.
N, read please.
- Well, now answer my questions.
- Why is this tunnel so famous? (It is famous, because it is situated under the water)
- When was it opened? (It was opened in 1994)
- How many lines are there in the tunnel? (There are 3 lines in the tunnel)
14 3-4 min

- We go to Great Britain by plane.There are 2 biggest airports in the UK.
Read the information about one of them.What is its name? (It is Gatwick)
- And now read about another airport and name it? (It is Heathrow)
15-16 2-3 min

- We are in SVO -2. What do we need to go to the UK? Name 6 things, please, which are important for you to go to the UK? Write them in your exercise- books.
N, what things do you need to go to the UK?
M, and you? what things do you need to go to the UK?
Well, and what is the most important thing?(Passport)
Yes you are right. You could have ticket, visa but without passport you couldn’t go anywhere.
Now test yourself. The most important things are ….
17-18 3-4 min

- Now reaf the text (giving texts) and answer the questions.
The questions are ….(reading questions)
- Do you understand what SVO is and what HTRW is?
- Yes, these are the airports’ names – Sher-vo and Heat-w.
N, read the text please.
1. Well, the first question is – What is the total time of the flight from Sheremetievo to Heathrow? (The total time from SVO to HT-W is 3 hours.
2. The second question is – What is the number of the gate? (The number of the gate is 67)
3. The third questions is - What is the number of the flight? (the number of the flight is 441).
4. And the last question is - what is S7? (It is the name of the aircompany)
You have done this exercise very well.
19-20 4 min

- And now we are in the plane. Complete the dialogue between Mike and the Englishman, using the words from the list above. You have 2 mins to do this exercise.
Well, let’s controul it.
It’s done well. thx
21-23 4 min

- And now we are in London.(read the card 24)
24 0,5 min

- Read the cards 25-29.
25-29 3 min
Big Ben is the largest clock which is located on the towers of the Houses of Parliaments.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen in London.

Westminster Abbey is a very beautiful church built 900 years ago. The tombs of many great statemen, scientists and writers are there.

30-32 2 min
Trafelgar Square is one of the most beautiful squares in London, which named so in memory of the victory at the battle. There is a statue of Nelson in the middle of this square. It is the statue of Nelson. He was an admiral. 33 1 min
Lake District is the national park where there are a lot of beautiful lakes.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric complex, a great circle of standing stones.

34 1 min

- Now I would like you to test yourself and find out how well you know this topic “ Trip to Great Britain”. You have 2 mins. Write the answers in your exercise - books.


Are you ready? Well, now you can seen right answers. How many right answers are there in your list? (There are … right answers).


Our trip is over. (Read card 34).
And your marks for this lesson. N - good mark, S – excellent, D - you have to work a bit harder.
Our lesson is over. Stand up please. Good bye boys and girls.