Урок английского языка в 6-м классе по теме "Мой дом"

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  • Развивающая - развивать способности к обобщению, развитие памяти и внимания.
  • Воспитательная - формирование способности к целеустремленной работе для достижения совместных целей.
  • Обучающая - развитие речевого умения (монологическая и диалогическая речь).


  • Тематические картинки с комнатами.
  • Раздаточный материал с упражнениями.
  • Магнитофон, аудиозапись.
  • Мультимедиа.


Организационный момент.

T: Good morning! I'm glad to see you.

What is the date today?

P: Today is Monday. The 19th of February.

T: What important events happened on this day?

P1: Napoleon declared himself the first Council in 1800.

P2: BBC broadcasted the first soap East Enders in 1985.

P3: The first flight of passenger airplane "Boing - 757" was in 1982.

P4: U. Antonov and O. Mitayev - Russian singers and composers were born.

T: Do you know this man? What's his name?

P2: Yes, I do. His name is Nicolaus Copernicus.

P4: And what was he?

He was a Polish astronomer, and was born on the 19th of February, 1473 near the Vistula River in eastern Poland. His father was a merchant. In 1491 Copernicus entered the University of Krakow; he became interested in the study of astronomy. In 1497 he was sent by his uncle for further training to the University of Bologna. Copernicus developed an idea that the Earth is round. (презентация слайд №1)

T: Now, answer my questions, please.

  1. What was N. Copernicus?
  2. Where did he live?
  3. What university did he enter?
  4. What idea did Copernicus develop?

Сообщение задач урока, переходящее в речевую зарядку.

(слайд № 2)

Today we'll speak about home. You'll tell us about your houses and flats. You'll describe your rooms, and tell us how you help about the house. We'll speak about the house we would like to have. OK?

Do you know the difference between the words "a house" and "a home"? (слайд №3)

a home - is a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

a house - is a building which people live in.

There are a lot of books about home. Do you know the title of this book in English? (слайд № 4-8)

There are a lot of proverbs about home?

Do you know them?

Can you translate this proverb? (слайд №9)

Look, listen and repeat (слайд № 10)

Развитие речевых навыков и умений.

Повторение оборота There is, There are.

What is there in this room? (слайд № 11)

There is a :

There are :

Where is the cat? (слайд № 12)

(слайд № 13): описать кабинет (картинка с опорами для слабого ученика): This room is :, There is a :, I like it :, I dislike it : .

И ученики отвечают на вопросы:

  1. What room is this?
  2. What kind of room is this?
  3. Is there much or little furniture in this room?
  4. What is there in this room?
  5. Do you like this room?

Let's describe this room. (слайд № 14 - 16)

What kind of room is this?

What can you see in this room?

I can see:

Where is the table?

And now I'll give you 2 minutes. Work in group. Describe this room. (слайд № 17)

Закрепление структуры there is, описывают одновременно, отмечая различия.

And now let's describe the pictures. There are some differences in them.

(слайд № 18).

Описание кукольного дома по макету, монологическая речь.

And now look at the beautiful doll's house. It is pink with purple windows and a balcony. There are two floors in the house. Please, come in. Upstairs in the house there is an attic with a window and a roof. Downstairs in the house there is a living room, a hall, a kitchen, a bedroom. Do you like it? Answer my questions, please. Is it big or small? How many rooms are there in the house? What room do you like best? Describe it, please. (дети описывают спальню, гостиную и кухню)

And now the next task for you. I'll give you the set of furniture. And you must furnish our house. (каждой группе раздать свою мебель).

Активизация лексики.

Let's make up sentences. Be attentive!

The words are mixed.

Read the sentence, please (из каждой группы спросить ученика, а затем результаты показать на слайде № 19).

Which word doesn't fit? (слайд № 20).


And now listen to the text.

(Раздать карточки.)

(Слушают текст 2 раза, потом в группе читают предложения).

Do you agree? Here are some statements. Are they true or false? (слайд № 21). 

Беседа по теме "Помощь по дому".

Every family has a lot of things to do about the house. I think you help your mother too. Do you agree with me? Let's sing a song.

(Песня. Слайд № 22)

Do you help about the house? What can you do? (слайд № 23) I help my mum:

And now act out the conversations between the children and their mothers.

Ролевая игра. (слайд № 24)

And the last task for you.

  1. You have bought a new flat. Describe it, please.
  2. The evening in the living room. Describe it, please.
  3. Where do you live? Describe it, please.

Подведение итогов. Релаксация.

Today we speak a lot about home. And now look at this house. Show me your attitude towards our lesson. You must decorate our house. If you like our lesson the house will be nice. If you don't like our lesson it will be dull. (Дети выходят к доске и работают). Do you like it or not? We like our lesson.

And I like our lesson too.

And now look at the screen. (слайд № 25). It is my dream home. It is very nice. Isn't it?

T: So, our lesson is over. During the lesson we've spoken about your house, how you help your parents. I hope you have known many interesting and useful things. Good bye.

I'm pleased.

Thank you for the lesson.


there | a | lamp | is | on | desk | the |.

a | there | is | in | windows | the | room |.

are | there | books | two | the | floor | on |.

a | vase | is | there | flowers | the | sofa | near | with |.


a table, a desk, a sofa, nice, a chair.

a hall, a bathroom, a basement, a living room, a picture.

to clean the house, to watch TV set, to sweep the floor, to wash the sink in the kitchen.

nice, big, round, square, a piano, cosy.

a refrigerator, a stove, a piano, a cupboard, a table.


The room was very big.

There was a desk near the window.

There was a book on the desk.

We like to play computer games.

I like music.

There were four chairs in the room.