Урок английского языка по теме "Personal Information" (учебник М.З. Биболетовой, 5-й класс)

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 5

Практическая цель:

Совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков, навыков говорения и аудирования.


  • активизировать лексику по теме “Семья”, “Черты характера” и “Профессии”.
  • развивать навыки устной речи (навыки диалогического и монологического высказывания).
  • закрепить полученные знания, использование в речи устойчивых выражений, клише, лексического материала по теме.

Образовательная цель:

  • повторение и закрепление лексико-грамматического материала, в том числе отрицательные префиксы un-, im-, in-, non-;
  • развитие коммуникативных умений.

Развивающая цель:

  • развитие творчества, самостоятельности при составлении высказывания на английском языке;
  • развитие памяти учащихся.

Воспитательная цель:

  • воспитание интереса к культуре изучаемого языка;
  • воспитание культуры общения;
  • учить работать в команде, в паре.

Этапы урока:

  1. Организационный момент.
  2. Речевая зарядка.
  3. Фонетическая зарядка.
  4. Лексическая зарядка.
  5. Развитие навыков аудирования и диалогической речи.
  6. Физкультминутка.
  7. Развитие навыка монологической речи.
  8. Дополнительные задания.
  9. Домашнее задание.
  10. Подведение итогов урока.

Ход урока

1. Оргмомент.

Good morning, girls and boys!

I’m glad to see you.

Sit down, please. How are you? Who is absent today? Why is he/she absent?

2. Речевая зарядка.

Now tell me, please: What date is it today? What is the day of week today?

What is the weather like today? What was the weather like yesterday?

Now try to give me the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Today you are going to revise the material you have already learnt, interview your classmates and tell us about your family.

3. Фонетическая зарядка.

I’d like to get your tongues ready for speaking English.

Look at the screen and repeat the sounds after me, please!

Приложение 1 (Power Point Presentation, слайды 2-8).

Now give me examples of the words with these sounds, please.

(Possible answers: father, mother, parents, daughter, grandparents, sister, brother, etc.).

4. Лексическая зарядка.

1. Look at the screen and fill in the missing letters.

Приложение 1(Power Point Presentation, слайды 10-23).

Divide all these words into two columns: positive and negative traits of character.

Приложение 1(Power Point Presentation, слайд 25).

Now switch on your screens and look at the task. Arrange the words in pairs of opposites.

Учащиеся выполняют интерактивное упражнение №1.

Приложение 2 - материал для создания упражнений.

Look at the screen and check your answers.

Приложение 1 (Power Point Presentation, слайд 27).

2. Match the words with their translation (occupations, jobs).

Учащиеся выполняют интерактивное упражнение №2.

Приложение 2 - материал для создания упражнений.

3. Open your workbooks, please! Look at Ex. 17 page 23.

Fill in the blanks. Use these words and write which jobs are typical for women, for men, for women and men.

5. Развитие навыков аудирования и диалогической речи.

1. Listen to the dialogue and try to remember the questions and the answers ex. 6 p. 42-43 SB.

2. Match the answers to the questions.

Учащиеся выполняют интерактивное упражнение №3.

Приложение 2 - материал для создания упражнений.

3. Make you own dialogues and act them out.

6. Физкультминутка.

I think you are tired a bit. Let’s do exercises for your eyes!

Look left, right
Look up, look down
Look around.
Look at your nose
Look at that rose
Close your eyes
Open, wink and smile.
Your eyes are happy again.

7. Развитие навыка монологической речи.

Open your workbooks page 27 ex. 29. Read the letter about Denis’s family and put in the missing words.

Now answer my questions about Denis’s family:

How many members are there in Denis’s family?

What are they?

What’s his sister’s name?

Who is his mother?

Who is his father?

What’s his mother’s hobby?

Now you are going to answer Denis’s questions and tell us about your families.

Use the letter as an example.

(образцы фраз для учащихся Приложение 1(Power Point Presentation, слайд 29).

8. Дополнительные задания.

Guess the riddles:

  • a woman who takes care of a young child (a nurse);
  • a person who cultivates land or crops or raises animals (a farmer);
  • a person who engages in sports (a sportsman);
  • a person who drives, has a car (a driver);
  • a specialist in the care or management of a library (a librarian);
  • a person who treats teeth (a dentist);
  • my mother’s daughter is my…;
  • my mother’s son is my…
  • my mother’s husband is my…;
  • my father’s mother is my…;
  • my father’s father is my…;
  • my mother’s sister is my…;
  • my father’s brother is my…;
  • my brother’s daughter is my…;
  • my sister’s son is my….

We are going to finish our lesson. Let’s do it by reciting the poem “Our family comes from round the world”.

Приложение 1(Power Point Presentation, слайд 31).

9. Домашнее задание.

Open your record books, please, and write your homework. Ex. 29 page 50 SB.

Your pen friend wants to know more about you. Fill in blanks.

10. Подведение итогов урока.

Do you like our today’s lesson? Why?

Thank you for your work today. Good bye!