Сценарий конкурса мультимедийных проектов по страноведению на английском языке

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The Contest of Multimedia Projects

The teacher:  Good morning dear guests, dear teachers and dear students!

I am very glad to see you today and invite you to the “World of English Language”. Most of you have been studying English for five years and reached good results. Moreover you enjoy doing multimedia projects in English. That is why we decided to hold a contest of multimedia projects about Great Britain among the 6th-formers.

So, let’s begin!

Pupil 1: - You know, this year we have learn t a lot about Great Britain.

Pupil 2: -I agree with you and would like our audience to go on an imaginary trip around Great Britain.

Pupil 3: -It’s a good idea, besides we can travel everywhere with the help of our imagination.

P1: - Not only with the help of imagination, but also with the help of multimedia presentations our students have made.

  • We want to tell you about the British,
  • Their country, capital and traditions
  • Their flags, costumes and population
  • So you are welcome to our projects’ presentations!

P2: - Let me introduce you the participants (they have numbers) of our today’s contest of multimedia projects. They are the pupils from 6th forms (называет фамилии и имена участников)

P3: - And I want to welcome the jury we have today. They are the pupils of the 9th form (names).

The teacher: - I have good news today. Our 9th—formers this year have taken part in the Internet Conference of Students’ Creative Works. The Festival is called “Portfolio” and it is organized by the publisher’s house “September 1st”. They have been awarded with the diplomas of the festival and I am glad to give them their certificates.

P1: - Now the first participant (name) from 6th form “C” is going to represent his project “Our Trip to England” and he is invited to the stage.

(Примерная схема защиты проектов с использованием мультимедийных презентаций дана в Приложении 1)

P2:  - Thank you. And now another project about England by __________ from 6th “B”.

P3: - Thank you _________.

(Обращаясь к зрителям) As you have seen the city of Liverpool was mentioned in both projects. But it is not only a big port, it is also connected with culture. The famous group - " The Beatles” is from Liverpool, so let’s sing the song of the group “Yesterday”.

P1: - Well singing. And it is time to continue our contest. So I invite another participant  to the stage.

P2:- Thank you ______. And another participant today is _______________.

P3: - Thank you _________. And we welcome the next contestant. This is _____from 6th “A”.

P1: - I want to say “thank you” again to all today’s participants. Now the jury will have some time to discuss the results of the contest and to tell us the names of the winners.

(Критерии оценивания мультимедийных презентаций проектов для работы жюри приведены  в Приложении 2)


P2: -  And we shall enjoy the story about the picturesque part of Great Britain – Scotland. So (name) is invited to the stage.

P3: - Really interesting, and now (name) will recite the poem “My Heart is in the Highlands” by Robert Burns.

P1: - Thank you. Then it’s high time to watch a dance.  (Name) will dance for you.

P2: - Now let’s listen to the poem “The Arrow and the Song” by H.W. Longfellow. _______

______________________ will recite it.

P3: - OK, and now let’s sing the song “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”, one of the most famous Scottish songs.

P1: - Very well. Our jury have finished their work. The word is given to the members of the jury.

Объявление результатов конкурса учащимися 9 класса – членами жюри. Вручение грамот.