St. Valentine’s Day: урок — конкурс английского языка в 4-м классе

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Teacher: Dear children and guests. Do you like holidays? And I like them, too. What holidays do you know? (Учащиеся называют известные им праздники. Учитель фиксирует их на доске.) On the 14-th of February people celebrate – a beautiful holiday, which is loved by adults and children, St. Valentine’s Day. Do you know where this holiday came from?

Pupils: ...

Teacher: (Учитель рассказывают свою версию или на русском языке или на английском с опорой на картинки) Once lived a man. His name was Valentine. He was a good doctor. Many people loved him. He was clever and kind. Valentine was put in prison and was sentenced to death. At that time people celebrated New Year in the middle of February. Children and adults came to congrutalate and thank Valentine for help. The jailor (тюремный надзиратель ) had a blind daughter. And he decided to show it to Valentine. It turned out that he helped her. But she fell in love with him. So, soon Valentine was executed. The only thing he left was a love letter to his sweetheart.

This is a sad story about love.

On this day people byu small presents (flowers and chocolate) and send Valentine’s cards(heart with sentimental or funny messages).

Today we’ll have an English contest - all the tasks will be connected with this holiday. We’ll play games, recite poems – so I hope that we’ll enjoy the holiday and have a good time.

So I wish you good luck. Everyone will get a forteit for the best result in each competition, and at the end we’ll see who is the 1st, 2nd and 3d places.

Let’s start.

Деление на команды можно организовать разными способами. Один из них дети вытягивают один из трех символов (сердце, роза и голубь) и разбиваются на команды. Отсюда и названия команд.

Contest 1

Fill in the gaps and translate the poem.

The rose is red,                   Роза – алая,

The violets are blue.           Фиалка – голубая.

The honey is sweet.                 А ты сладкая как мед.

And so are you.

Contest 2

Teacher: Today in the morning I ‘ve got a message, but I cannot read it. It is recoded.

Help me to recode this secret message.(I heartly hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day)

Командам раздаются закодированные сообщение. Дети должны расшифровать и перевести это послание. Та команда, которая правильно расшифрует и переведет близко к тексту получает бал.

A Secret Message

33=D 83=H 7=A
77=L 79=N 69=T
19=I 56=O 17=U
51=S 8=E 26=R
42=Y 66=V 2=P

19 83 8 7 26 69 19 77 42

83 56 2 8

42 56 17 83 7 66 8 7

83 7 2 2 42

66 7 77 8 79 69 19 79 8

51 33 7 42

 Contest 3 Jumbled words

The letters in words connected with St. Valentine’s Day are mixed. Make the words.

1. thear 2.RyFebrua 3.Chotecola 4.Tnesert 5.Hodayli 6.Orse 7.velo
1. heart 2.February 3.Chocolate 4.Present 5.Holiday 6.Rose

 Teacher: So it’s time to finish the lesson. I want to tell the results of the competition.(All the winners get presents – sweet or chocolate medals).

Some of you also have prepared Valentine’s cards. We decided to give additional presents for the best cards.