Открытый урок английского языка по теме: "Обучение устной компетенции младших школьников средствами английской детской литературы, ролевой игры"

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I. Simple past practice in speech.

Consolidation of the verbs to be, regular and irregular verbs). .

II. Introduction into folk English poetry through Mother Goose Chants,

inriching vocabulary in speech practice.

III. Creative aural and written activities, partner work in role play, cooperative learning.

Needs: a “Time Machine”model, an English castle ( a model project), tickets for the

“Time Machine Flight”, night sky posters, Mother Goose Chants on a cassette,

a song “Fly, fly up to the sky.”

The procedure of the lesson:

T. How do you do, my dear friends!

P. How do you do!

T. I hope you are fine.

P. We hope you are too!

T. Thank you, I’m really happy to meet you. Let’s fly to the space today. Look! This is our “time machine”, but it isn’t so easy: first we are going to visit “Merry Men City” and make friends with " Merry Men". If we’re a success, we’ll fly to the space!

A Conductor: Tickets! Here you are! Find your partners! (the tickets are split into 2 parts, so the children have to match them. There’re 3 or 4 groups of pupils as a result).

Sounds of coming train are heard. The Conductor: "You are coming to Mother Goose land, that’s in Great Britain. Welcome to Great Britain ! “Merry Men City”!"

1. Listen to our English friends and choose the ‘’Merry Men’’ - the verbs in the past simple: (a cassette with juzz chants by C.Graham)

Mary had a little lamb,
His fleece was white as snow;
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.
She gave them some broth without any bread,
Then gave them a spanking and put them to bed.
There was an old woman who lived in a sock
With a clock that went ‘tick’ and a clock that went ‘tock’;
One day she got angry and threw a big rock
At the clock that went ‘tick’ and the clock that went ‘tock’.

2. Complete the rhyme ( reading ticket-cards with the Mother Goose Chants, printed by parts: either the beginning or the end of the chant).

Ticket N 1 Ticket N 2 Ticket N 3 Ticket N4
Betty had a . . . . . . talking bird, Harry had a . . . . . . little horse,
His name was . . . . . . little Joe; Her name was . . . . . . Baby Mary;
Whenever Betty said, . . . ‘Good-bye’ Whenever . . . . Baby went to town
The bird said, . . . . . . ‘Hi, hello’. She always carried . . . . . . Harry.
Ticket N 5 Ticket N 6 Ticket N 7 Ticket N 8
Danny. . . . . . had a little dog Fuzzy Wuzzy . . . . . . was a bear,
Her . . . . . . name was Mary Lou; Fuzzy Wuzzy . . . . . . had no hair,
Whenever Danny took. . . . . . a nap Fuzzy Wuzzy . . . .wasn’t very fuzzy,
His dog . . . . . . got sleepy, too. Was . . . . . . he?

Miming Game Station

Mime the Rhyme! Perform It!

(As soon as one group starts "talking by gestures", another one tries to perform the rhyme.)

Merry Chain Station

1. Complete the table:

A1. have a lamb -- had a lamb B.1. press the button -- . . .
2.. . . -- was sure 2. … -- flew to the moon
3. go to town -- . . . 3. has a talking bird -- . . .
4. … -- took a nap 4. gives them some broth -- …
5. . . . -- saw a bear 5. … -- threw a big ball
6. get sleepy -- … 6. get hungry -- …
7. look down -- … 7. … -- there were
C1. take a nap -- … D.1.fly to a star -- …
2. … -- went up the hill 2.see a castle -- …
3. is sure -- . . . 3. … -- looked down
4. … -- got sleepy 4. throw a big ball -- …
5. … -- had a horse 5. -- gave them some broth
6. press the button -- . . . 6. eats all her rice --
7.has no hair -- . . . 7. … -- bought a big cat

The Time Machine:

"You were very kind and clever, made friends with "Merry Men". Now you can fly to the space! Press the button: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Go!’’

( Lights are turned out. The children turn on their torches and lighten the night sky posters all around. A song ’’ Fly, fly up to the sky,’’ the sounds of a flying spaceship are heard.)

Aural comprehension:

Unit 5 Ex.1 T. Listen to our friends! Imagine, we’re in the space now:

The children were in a spaceship. They looked out and saw the world - the planet Earth.

“I can see Africa … and India … and Australia … and that’s the sea … and those are mountains …. Suddenly they saw a planet. It was big and yellow and it had a rainbow round it. It was beautiful.

The spaceship landed. They were on a new planet!What are those? They’re flowers - giant flowers. Are those trees? No they are giant mushrooms”.

(a song): Come with me to the stars!

Up in the sky the planets are turning,

The Moon and Venus and Mars.

Time Machine: Welcome home, to the Earth. I’m happy to see you again! You are super astronauts! Now it’s time to make your reports on our website, use these cards!

Questionnaire card:

1. Who flew to a new planet with you?

2. What did you see from your spaceship?

3. What colour was the new planet?

4. What was the weather like?

5. What was strange on the planet?

6. Describe objects, animals or people you saw on the new planet!

7. Do you want to fly to the new planet again ?

From children’s reports:

…When we landed it was very hot. I saw a strange crystal in a dark cave. It was very late at night. Many mutant animals played football with mosquitoes. We played together. They were very kind. They had fleece as white as snow. But suddenly they ate our ball and we ran away to our spaceship. I’m going to take my ball next time and a lot of food!

Cozin Dmitry grade4.

Once we flew to a new planet. It was big and round. There were blue seas, yellow mountains, green forests and red cities. It was beautiful! From our spaceship we could see the Earth and a new moon. Our spaceship landed at midnight. There were giant black flowers and violet mushrooms under the trees. It was very hot. Suddenly we got sleepy and took a nap under a

big mushroom. We heard a magic music from the forest and woke up at our English lesson.

Osokina Ann, grade4

Once my brother and I flew to the stars. On our way we looked all around and saw the Earthour planet. We could even see Russia, the British Isles, India and Australia. Soon a smallplanet with two wings came near by. We landed at seven Moscow time. We saw many talkinganimals.They were nice. They had a good time swimming in the milk sea. Their fleece was black as night. When we touched them they didn’t know who we were but they were very happy to make friends. Many pink birds lived there too. It was so exciting!

Laperishvilly Misha, grade4

Yesterday when my friends and I flew home, we saw a strange planet. It was big and oval. We didn’t know its name and decided to land. The planet was green and beautiful. When we landed we saw many big trees, flowers and green grass. We wanted to go for a walk. But suddenly all the trees began moving. We got afraid of them. But the trees were very friendly, they wanted to make friends with us. The trees showed us some animals. They were strange but kind.They had no hair. When we said "Good Bye", they said "Hi, hello!"

They told us about a planet and gave us some magic grass. Late at night we flew home but wanted to fly back. Polumiskov Nikita, grade 4

T. Thank you all! We’re going to fly to Mars soon!

Good bye!


1. Mother Goose Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham
Oxford University Press.

2. English Together level 2 Diana Webster and Anne Worrall