Урок английского языка "Улыбка - продлевает жизнь!"

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Администрирование школы

Урок позволит сформировать навыки устной речи, способствует развитию умения правильно употреблять времена глагола.

Цель: Формировать навыки устной речи; формировать умение правильно работать в группах.


  • Развивать умение правильно употреблять времена глагола.
  • Формировать умение правильно работать в группах.
  • Проявлять интерес к здоровью.

Ход урока

І. Org. moment

А) Greeting. Приветствие.

T. Good afternoon children!

C. Good afternoon teacher!

T. How are you?

C. I’m fine, thank you!

T. I’m glad to see you too. Sit down please!

C. We are glad to see you too!

B) Speaking with duty.

T. Who is on duty today? Is anybody absent?

II. Checking up the home task

 (the aim is to check up pupils knowledge and remembrance on the previous materials)

T. What was your homework? 

P. Ex11. p36. Read two different opinions about health.

III. Presentation of theme and aims of the lesson “Smile prolongs life!”

Children, today’s our new theme is “Smile – prolongs life!” The way you smile can show what sort of person you are. Lets see? What kind of smiles can we have!



The broad smile – широкая улыбка



The charming smile – прелестная, очаровательная улыбка



The cunning smile – хитрая улыбка



The engaging smile – обаятельная улыбка



The enigmatic smile – загадочная улыбка




The faint smile – едва заметная улыбка




The happy smile – счастливая улыбка



The ironical smile – ироническая улыбка






The pleasant smile – приятная улыбка



The pleased smile – довольная улыбка



The sad smile – печальная улыбка



The strained smile – деланная, искуственная улыбка



The sweet smile – ласковая, милая улыбка




The winning smile – привлекательнаяулыбка



The wry smile – кривая улыбка

Ok. Let’s consider, what types of smile we can see:

  • The broad smile
  • The charrming smile
  • The cunning smile
  • The engaging smile
  • The enigmatic smile
  • The faint smile
  • The happy smile
  • The ironical smile
  • The pleasant smile
  • The pleased smile
  • The sad smile
  • The strained smile
  • The sweet smile
  • The winning smile
  • The wry smile

Now we shall take the text, the theme of our text is “Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone” first of all you need to listen to the text and use words from the photograph below to complete the following article about smiling as you have remembered.

IV. Follow – up

Ex1. Look at the title of the text and try to predict what will be about.

Ex2. Group work. The following words all appear in the article. Match each one with its correct definition.

Ex3. Read the article once to make sure you have a good general idea with it is about.

Ex4. Here are the summaries of the 5 paragraphs. Match them to the correct paragraph.

Ex5. p32. Read.

V. Wrap – up

When do people say this?

What do you say in your language?

Do you find it easy to smile for photographs?

Giving marks

Now, your marks are: Today ……………. Get (5, 4, and 3).

T. You were active and your marks will be glad today

VI. Giving homework

Ex6. Answer the following questions.

The ending of the lesson.

T. The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye!

C. Good bye teacher!