Конспект урока "Fabulous holiday" ( по учебному пособию N/Whitney "Open doors-2" Oxford University Press)

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Задачи урока:


  1. Активизировать навыки аудирования, письма, монологической и диалогической речи на основе творческого использования усвоенного материала в новых ситуациях.
  2. Формирование навыков по использованию грамматического материала в речевой деятельности.
  3. Научить учащихся работать с новыми компьютерными технологиями.


  1. Развивать познавательный интерес к изучению иностранного языка, расширять кругозор о достопримечательностях и культуре стран.
  2. Развитие способности к целеустремленной работе, к самостоятельному труду, к импровизации, к планированию своего высказывания, к воображению.
  3. Развивать творческую фантазию, инициативу в осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности.

Воспитательные: воспитание толерантности и культуры общения.

Ход урока

1. Орг. момент. Определение темы урока

2. Речевая зарядка. Комплименты и выражение симпатии (составление мини-диалогов, используя фразы, размещенные на доске):

  • Gosh! That really nice.
  • It really suits you.
  • It’s wonderful!
  • You’re so clever.
  • You look fantastic!
  • It looks really nice.

3. Введение в тему. Режим T-Cl.

  1. What did you do at the weekend?
  2. Did you go anywhere?
  3. Did you go by bus?
  4. Did you buy anithing?
  5. Roman, did you visit your friends or your grandparents?

1) Now let’s read Linda’s story in your students books

Look at the blackboard, read the new words:

Disastrous - катастрофический

Flood - прилив, наводнение

Hire - нанимать, брать на прокат

Steal - воровать, красть

Hostel - турбаза, общежитие

Furious - взбешенный

Ex.1 p 18-read and arrange the pictires in the order (key: 1e, 2a, 3c, 4f, 5b, 6d)

Answer the questions after reading:

  1. Who took the children on a school trip? (Mrs. Taylor- Geography teacher)
  2. Where did they go? (To Yorkshire)
  3. What happened when the children woke up early on Sunday morning? ( the water was everywhere)
  4. Whom did Mrs Taylor save from the water? (The boy, who fell into the river).
  5. Why did the police come to the hostel on Sunday afternon? (Because two girls hired bikes, rode into the centre of the city and stole some sweets from a shop.)
  6. Was it a disastrous or funny weekend? (It was a disastrous weekend.)

2) Roleplay a conversation between Linda and her parents, they ask her about her weekend.

(2 диалога составляются учащимися):


Mother: - Wow, our girl, dear daughter!

Father: - You are cold, wet, and tired. What happened?

Linda: - I’ll never go to the trip with Mrs. Taylor, with this strange woman!

Mother: - Calm down, dear. Tell us everything.

Father: -No, no. At first she should take a hot shower and drink a cup of tea and coffee.

Linda: - OK. But be ready, the story will be terrible.

Mother: - I don’t think that she was in York?

Father: - Who knows? Let’s wait for her and we’ll find about everything.


Linda: Ma, pa! Is anybody at home?

Mother: Hello, dear!

Father: Our, baby! How are you?

Linda: It’s awful?

M.: Why? What’s wrong? Are you cold?

L.: I will spend the next weekend with my family or my friends, but not with Mrs. Taylor!

F.: I see. You spent a terrible weekend, didn’t you?

L.: Yes, I did. It’s better for me to stay at home and watch TV.

M.: It’s a pity, but we think you will spend a good time.

L.: I am sorry but you are mistaken!

3) 1. Ex 2p 18. Look at the pictures and indentify the caracters. So, listen please.

(Answers: 1 Mrs. Taylor, 2 the boy in the river, 3. the policeman.)

2. Make up your own dialouges with these heroes.

The first group =Mrs. Taylor+ a pupil

The second= the boy in the river+ teacher

The fird group=the policeman + girls

Take these things for your dialouges.

Ребятам предлагается реквизит для диалогов: форма милиционера, спасательный круг для утопающего, классный журнал для учителя.


Mrs. T.:- So, listen, everyone. Tomorrow on Saturday morning we will go to the trip to York.

Pupil: Mrs. Taylor! What time will we go?

Mrs. T.: Be ready at 6 o’clock in the morning. Are there any questions?

Pupil: No, there aren’t.


Boy: Help, help me! I can’t swim. Help!

Teacher: Cheer up, boy! I will save you.

Boy: Hurry up, please!


Policeman: Stop ladies! Where did you get these bikes and sweets?

Girl 1: We don’t remember!

Policeman: Well, you must tell the truth!

Girl 2: We are sorry, sir! But we wanted to eat sweets and...

Policeman: I think it’s better for you to go with me to the policestation; there I’ll call your parents.

4. Grammar.

1) Ex 3p18. Find the Past Simple forms of these irregular verbs in the text. Write the answers on the board.

2) Активизация грамматических навыков в употреблении времени Past Simple. Работа в группах. Задание может быть оформлено на слайде в программе Power Point.

Past Simple (Приложение, 1 рисунок)

1 группа
Present Simple or Past Simple

  1. We (to like) to cook but we (not to like) to wash the dishes.
  2. Who (to ring) you up an hour ago?
  3. I (to have) dinner with my family yesterday.
  4. One of her brothers (to make) a tour of Europe last summmer.
  5. Who (to paint) the world-known picture “Mona Lisa”?
  6. Steven’s friends (to come) to his birthday party last night and (to give) him wonderful presents.
  7. Antonio Stradivari (to make) wonderful violins.
  8. Mike (to know) Spanish very well.
  9. You always (to get) up at seven o’clock? - No, sometimes I (to get) at half past seven.
  10. Tim always (to eat) breakfast.

2 группа
Put the Present Simple into the Past Simple

On Monday we have five lessons. The first lesson is Russian. At this lesson we write a dictation and some exersices. Nick goes to the blackboard. He answers well and gets a “five”. Peter does not get “five”, because he does not know his lesson. After the second lesson I go to the canteen. I eat a sandwich and drink a cup of tea. I do not drink milk. After school I do not go home at once. I go to the library and change the book. Then I go home.

3 группа
Open the brackets

  1. She (to study) English two hours ago.
  2. Yesterday I (to come) home from school at half past eight. I (to be) very tired.
  3. After dinner I (to be) very thirsty.
  4. We (not rest) yesterday.
  5. Last week she (to write) a funny story about her pet.
  6. We (to enjoy) swimming in the ocean last weekend.
  7. The bus (to arrive) at 9 o’clock.
  8. Their little girl (to cry) a little and then (to smile).
  9. The children (to clean) the yard and then they (to play) basketball.
  10. Yesterday Tom (not to eat) breakfast because he (to get) up late.

 5. Физ. минутка.

6. Защита проектов.

We know each group has made a project “Fabulous holiday”. And now you can demonstrate your work and compositions.

1. Italy

Italy is the country for those who is a judge of rest and culture. Here you can meet the first steps of the old civilization. The travellers and Italians often call their country “Belpaese”, it means “beautiful country”, because Italy combines the antiquity of the monuments, the culture and the modern civilization. (Рисунки 2, 3)

The climate in Italy is warm. The summer is hot and dry, the winter is soft, and it seldom rains and snows. The air is humid. ( рисунок 4)

 There are 3 airports and one railway station in Rome.There is one problem in this city, as in Russia, we think, the buses go very bad, that’s why you need a bus timetable. (Рисунок 5)

 The famous restaurants in Rome offer their visitors Roman dishes and wine. In some of them you can visit their wine-cellars. (Рисунок 6)

 There are two small countries in Italy: Vatican in Rome and San –Marino Republic. The capital of Italy is Rome. There are many people of the different nationalities live here.

It’s impossible to imagine Italy without Vatican. Vatican is the complex where palaces, towers combine with gardens and parks. (Рисунок 7,8)

The entrance in Vatican is the St. Peter’s square.

The Vatican City, one of the most sacred places in Christendom, has a great history and spiritual venture. The unique collection of the artistic and architectural masterpices lies within the boundaries of this small state. As its center is St. Peter’s Basilica, with its double colonnade. (Рисунок 9,10)

The Basilica is the largest religious biulding in the world. From this place the Romen Pope applys to people with the words “Urbi et orbi”- it means “to the city and to the world”. There are many rooms, halls in Basilica. There are the sacred grottos under the Cathedral; there are the tombs and graves of Romen Popes. (Рисунки 11,12)

Another famous place where the pope is chosen is Capella Sistina. It is genius frescos of the great Italian artists: Michelangelo Raphael and others. There are 12 plots from the Bible on the walls of the Temple. The Capella was built in 1475-1483. (Рисунки 13, 14, 15)

Italy is the Motherland of Barokko. It is represented by the Fountain Trevi and the brigde Tsestija.

(Рисунки 16,17)

There are many different museums in Italy. They keep Italian history; you can find and see here everything: the instruments for fishing, agriculture, medicine, magic statues and mummies of the sacred animals. (Рисунок 18)

 The region of the central part of Italy is Campania, its capital is Neapol. There is an antique city-Pompeii, Volcano Vesuvies here.

This region is famous for its pizza, ice-cream, original Italian coffee and cheese Silano.

Campania gives the oppotunity to unite the rest and treatment in the spa-hotels. (Рисунки 19,20,21,22)

So, welcome to Italy, the beauty and art are waiting for you. (Рисунок 23)

2. Brazil

Brazil is the country of more than 20 national parks, zoos, and it’s famous for its large Christ’s statue on the mountain Korkovado and the carnaval in Rio. (Рисунки 24, 25)

Rio- de-Janeiro is an old capital of Brazil. The Christ statue is the simbol of this city.

There is a Museum of Modern Art, National Museum, Indian Museum, Art and Historic Museums. It’s very interesting to visit Botanic garden; where there are 7 000 plants from all over the world.

The Night life in Rio- is the other talk. There are night clubs, bars, different shows, discos and restaurants (Рисунок 26)

Rio-de-Janeiro has been staying for 4 centuries as a capital of beauty and travelling center in the South of America.

Along beautiful sea sides there are many various hotels, comfotable bays, yachts, sand beaches, hills and mountains (Рисунки 27, 28)

Saо-Paulo is the largest industrial center not only in Brazil but in Latin America too.

Outside San- Paulo looks like Chigago: skyscrapers, steel, glass.

In this city you can see the stadium “Pakaembu” where the king of football Pele often played or you can go to “Butantan”- the snake reserve. (Рисунки 29, 30)

The mysterious region is Amazonia. Amazonia is called “the lungs of the planet” because 50 % of oxygen are produced in the rain forests, 25% of the medicines are made of the plants from the Amazon forests. (Рисунок 31)

 There are 1 800 kinds of birds, 250 kinds of animals, 1 500 kinds of fish in these jungle.

Here you can take part in fishing, hunt for crocodiles and visit houses of the local people.

(Рисунки 32, 33)

And the most tremendous view - the Iguacu waterfalls. It’s a miricle of the world.

The high of the waterfall is 72 meters. The noise of the water is heard for many kilometers, the splashes make a rainbow. (Рисунок 34, 35)

Carnival in Brazil is a big event where millions of people dream to come.

Carnival is celebrated once a year, in February. It’s a heat of summer. This holiday always begins on Saturday and lasts 4 days and 4 nights. It’s the nosiest, the lightest and funniest holiday on the planet.

The most important thing during the carnival- is the parade of the Samba schools, where a huge amount of the paticipants makes a show of the fantastic costumes that you should see everything with your own eyes. (Рисунки 36, 37, 38.)

Quiz “Around the world” (рисунки 39,40)

Hello, ladies and gentlmen! Glad to meet at our TV Program “Around the world”. Today we’ll find how you know their history and sightseeings of the different countries. You have to answer 10 questions and then we’ll find out the winner. So let’s begin our quiz.


“Around the wold”

1. How many parts of the country are situated on the Island of Great Britain?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

2. The capital of Australia is:



c) Moscow

3. The capital of the USA is:

a)New York

b)Los Angeles


4. Tower Clock, the simbol of London is called:

a)Big Dan

b)Big Ben

c)Big Man

5. How many states are there in the USA?



c )48

6. British children receive Chrismas presents on:

a) December,26

b) December,25

c) December,24

7. This country is in Asia. The main language is Japanese. The capital city is Tokyo, in the north-east. This country is famous for fish and the Mount Fuji. Can you name this country?

8. This country is in Europe. The main industriy is tourism.The country is famous for the perfumery and the elegant shoes and clothes. The main langage is French.

9. The street in New York, center of theatres, cabarets, cinema houses and other lind of entertaiment is called:

a)Wall Street

b) Broadway

c)5-th Avenue

10. The official residence of the Queen of Great Britain is:

a) The Tower

b) Westminster

c) Buckingham Palace

Keys: 1b, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5a, 6b, 7Japan, 8 France, 9b, 10c

7. Самостоятельная работа в группах: выполнение “Progress diary”. (SB p.19)

8. Коллективное исполнение песни “Motorway, motorway!” ( SB p.19 )

9. Оценки. Результаты урока