Разработка урока – представление и защита проектов по теме "Мое любимое занятие" ("My hobby"). 6-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Тема: My hobby.

(мое любимое занятие)


  • - формирование культуры коммуникативного общения;
  • - воспитание гуманизма, толерантности в общении;
  • - расширение кругозора учащихся;
  • - развитие навыков устной и письменной речи.


  • - развитие умений добывания информации;
  • - развитие навыков говорения, аудирования и письма в процессе общения друг с другом и учителем на основе изучаемой темы;
  • - развитие навыков индивидуальной и групповой деятельности учащихся, изобретательности и творческого отношения к учебному процессу.

Форма урока: презентация и защита проектов.

Тип урока: обобщающий урок.


  • - плакаты, подготовленные учащимися, посвященные своему любимому занятию;
  • - магнитная доска, магниты;
  • - компьютер, презентации учащихся по теме;
  • - магнитофон, музыкальное сопровождение;
  • - театральные костюмы и декорации.

План урока:

1. Организационный момент.

Задача: Сконцентрировать внимание учеников. Настроить учащихся на рабочий лад, подготовить к восприятию информации.

Форма работы: Приветствие.

2. Речевая зарядка.

Задача: Помочь учащимся быстрее адаптироваться в иноязычной среде.

Форма работы: Прочтение стихотворения хором.

3. Актуализация опорных знаний.

Задача: Введение темы. Развитие монологической речи.

Форма работы: Выступление учащихся по теме.

4. Мониторинг качества усвоения материала.

Задача: Развитие диалогической речи.

Форма работы: Составление вопросов к выступающим по теме. Обсуждение проектов.

5. Итоги урока. Подготовка к выполнению домашней работы.

Задача: Подведение итогов урока. Разъяснение формы представления результатов домашней работы.

Форма работы: Самостоятельная работа с учебником и словарем.

Ход урока.

1. Организационный момент.

Учитель: Dear friends! Good morning! I’m glad to see you very much.

2. Речевая зарядка.

Good morning, good morning,
Good morning to you,
Good morning, dear children,
I’m glad to see you.
Nice to see you, nice to see you,
We are happy just to hear it.
Pleased to meet you, pleased to meet you,
We are happy just to beat you.

3. Актуализация опорных знаний.

Учитель: Today we are going to have an interesting lesson about different hobbies. We have four projects in the blackboard: Autosport, Shopping, Flowers and Theatre. Listen to the pupils who made these projects, make your questions about their jobs and tell us your opinions, please.

Проект 1: I’m Igor. I’v got a friend. His name is Paul. We like Auto sport very much. We decided to make our project about Auto sport and racers. We began our job two weeks ago. Paul read many magazines, I got information from Internet. We made this placate and computer presentation.

Игорь: The first car appeared in France in 1771. Max speed of that car was only 6 km/h. And the first race of the world was June, 22 in France in 1894. Max speed of those cars was 100km/h. Now there are more thane 10 varieties of races: Formula 1, Blue Flame, Big Foot, Camel Trophy and other. Now the fastest cars are Blue Flame, Rocket and Maverick (max speed is about 1014 km/h and more). The most dangerous races are Street Racing, Rally and Races for Survive. Races often have hard fractures after passing a route. I think the most interesting race is Camel Trophy, the lack of good roads race. Swamps forests are places where on Second World War a tank couldn't go. All races reach finish, but somebody have to use a winch. Big Foot it is the “biggest race”. Height of wheel is about one floor. Auto rodeo is interesting too. It isn't a race it is an appearance with car. Very interesting look how one driver drive car on two right (left) wheels, and another stand on it in addition, but doesn’t drive. SUPER! Racers from Russia repeatedly win in many races like other racers from Germany, Japan, USA and another.

Павел: Roman Rusinov is the first Russian pilot, who won poul-position in Formula 3000. On the second of May on the route Nurburgring started first stage of championship Euro 3000. In champion’s news thrice were hear words “big surprise from Russia”. Roman Rusinov won in two sessions of free routes and in qualifications, what was in one strained day. Roman Rusinov champion’s debutant justified a very bold holds of company GAZPROM and of his fans, and he didn’t come out on this route earlier. Thanks to care training and big work, he left behind the fasters opponents, who came out in Euro 3000 the second year and won poul-position for first race championship, what started on Sunday on the forth of May in 14:30. Roman Rusinov: “I didn’t waiting that I win in sessions this day and win poul. It wasn’t easily, but we did a good work with my command. Now I must weaken and prepare to Sunday’s race. In race I must prepare for good start and I mustn’t do any mistake for 31 circles”

Игорь: The World’s Cup of Off - roads rally-raids. Pilots of command Mitsubishi Motors Person Stefan Petransel (navigator is Van-Paul Cotre) and Huan Roma (navigator is Anri Mane) finished on the first two - kilometers route Off-road UAE Desert Challenge on first and second places. Now they are at the head of column of 61 motor cycles 9 quadro-cycles 31 jeeps and 3 Lorries (there are command KAMAZ-Master of hat 3 Lorries). Petransel and Cotre won this rally in 2002&2003 years and they have all chances to subdue it (Desert Challenge) in third time.

4. Мониторинг качества усвоения материала.

Учитель: Thank you for your interesting information. Have you got any questions to Igor and Paul?

Примерные вопросы учащихся: Have you been on the real races? Have you been on the night races in Moscow? Do you want to be a racer? What is your favourite car? Why do you like this dangerous sport?

Учитель: Thank you for your questions? Do you like this project? Tell us your opinion about Igor and Paul’s job.

Примерные высказывания учащихся: I like this project. Igor and Paul gave us very interesting information. I like their computer presentation. Placate about auto sport is very brightly and interesting. It has much information about sports cars. I think Igor and Paul have got very interesting hobby.

Проект 2: I’m Olga. Let me introduce my friend Yana. Best of all we like shopping. But we decided to make our project about London’s shops. We began our job two weeks ago. We got information together. We read magazines, watched TV and gathered photos. We made this placate and computer presentation.

Ольга: Buying or walking, London’s shops are attractions in themselves. Oxford Street, Regent Street and Knights-bridge are all known for their famous stores. Selfridges’ magnificent facade is Oxford Street’s most famous landmark, with a lot of food halls as well as top designer collections. Come into John Lewis or Marks & Spencer before heading for Liberty’s, on Regent Street, a store bursting with an exotic variety of fabrics, china, jewellery, clothes and furniture. Nearby is Hamleys, the most famous toy shop in the world, a delight for children and adults alike. If you are looking for something truly unique Harrods, in Knightsbridge boasts that it can order anything in the world-from a miniature Rolls Royce to a live elephant! There are also new indoor shopping complexes, like Whiteleys in Bayswater and Hay’s Galleria near London Bridge station, which allow you to eat as well as shop in comfortable environment. Bond Street and Sloane Street offer the finest international names. For a chic, designer outfit look for British names: Katherine Hamnett, Bella Freud and Vivienne Westwood. Burberrys in the Haymarket, Simpsons of Piccadilly and Aquascutum in Regent Street provide the ultimate in elegant English style and for a traditional look, shoes, hats and suits can be made to order by the tailors of Savile Row and Jemyn Street. For a different shopping experience, you could try goods at one of London’s markets; try Camden Passage, Portobello Road or Petticoat Lane. At Covent Garden, stalls and small shops sell designer clothes, books, arts, crafts, decorative items and antiques.

Яна: The Body Shop sells perfumes, soap, shampoo and skin-care products for men and women. The shops sell good cheap products in beautiful packing. Dillons first opened in 1936 as the bookshop to the University of London. Dillons is now a complex of 49 high-quality modern bookshops. They are often to be found in large buildings of traditional architecture, with modern hi-tech interiors. Dillons’ image one of academic excellence and they want to be associated with the older university. Foyle’s is one of London’s largest bookshops. The shop is well known for its wide number of books. Many of its assistants are foreign students who can’t speak English. Harrods is the most famous London’s department store. Harrods has about 230 departments, among them 16 food halls and 34 for fashion. The store has a library, a bank it, arranges funerals, sightseeing tours, has a kennel for customers’ dogs and its own water supply and electricity generators. 40% of Harrods’ business is to foreign customers and there is a total of 50,000 customers a day. Marks and Spenser is a number of department stores which sell men’s and women’s clothing, home furniture, plants and food. Today there are 280 Marks and Spencer stores in Britain, and a total of 600 company-owned stores world-wide. Marks and Spencer sells 5% of Britain’s food and 16% of is clothing. Its clothing is traditional in design and good value for money. Its food is expensive, of high quality and great choice.

Ольга: Next is a chain of popular fashion clothes shops for men and women. It became famous for the suits which were worn by businessmen and businesswomen at the beginning of the 1980s. Next provided a cheap education in style and fashion. Sainsbury’s supermarkets are one of leaders in food and drink selling in Britain. It has about 12% of the market and suggests good food and wine. Most of the 246 supermarkets and 46 home base stores, which sell do-it-yourself goods, are in the richest part of England. There are no Sainsbury’s stores in Scotland and Wales. W.H.Smith is a national chain of shops which sells newspapers and magazines. Smith’s also sell books, videos, pens and office equipment. Tesco was founded by J. Cohen who used to say, “I pile it high, sell it cheap” to explain the great success of his supermarkets. Today the cut-price image has remained and the name “Tesco” is often used to mean anything cheap. There are 396 stores with about 80,000 employees. Today Tesco has an expensive advertising campaign in an effort to upgrade its image. Woolworth’s is an American chain store. The stores used to sell a wide range of goods including food, furniture, CDs, toys, sweets, clothes and paint. Woolworth’s now sells a small range of goods, such as children’s clothes, sweets, videos and make-up. It has clever advertising campaign which concentrates on videos and CDs and always uses the same simple formula. This attracts people into Woolworth’s, to buy other things.

Проект 3: I’m Sveta. I made my project alone. I like flowers very much. I began my job two weeks ago. I advise with my mother and we got information together. We went to the library, read magazines and books. I made this placate myself.

Света: Snowdrops are small plants. Their flowers look like white bell. They are really lovely. They have weak pleasant smell. They are as white as snow. Snowdrops are native plant in England. It appears in January when the ground is covered with snow. It is loved by every one. Water lilies are wonderful plant. They grow in water of quiet lakes and rivers. You can’t say their flowers are beautiful, but their small yellow heads look fantastic among big round plate-like leaves. Frogs like to use them as chairs. You can see them in blossom in summer month. Primrose is a rather small flower. Its flowers look like stars. The wild primroses are yellow. But red, pink, purple and orange primroses are grown in English gardens. It used to grow in many parts of England. Some primroses can be seen in February, March, April and May. Its name means “first rose” in Latin. People have loved it for thousands of years as one of the first sweet spring flowers. In England they celebrate Primrose Day on the 19th of April. Daffodil has long leaves and beautiful flowers. They can be white or yellow. Daffodils have got strong sweet smell. In England daffodils grow in the wild. You can see fields of daffodils in the countryside. They appear in February and blossom during the whole spring. Daffodil is poisonous and it is not eaten by animals. Daisies are common flowers in England. Everybody knows what they look like. They have yellow center and few rows of petals. They are usually white, but petals can be reddish or purplish below. They have very weak smell. Daisies grow practically everywhere all year round except January. Poppy is a lovely, delicate plant. Its flower looks like a cup. They can be red or yellow. Garden poppies can have many petals. Poppies grow in the countryside. Sometimes they appear in great crowds in fields or in mountains. They blossom during the whole summer. Their smell can make you feel sleepy like it happened to Dorothy from “Wizard of Oz”. Their seeds are often used in cooking.

Проект 4: I’m Dasha. Let me introduce my friends. Best of all we like theatre. We began our job two weeks ago. We decided to make a show as a project. We got information together. We read many plays then we chose a tale “Snow-white”. Look at our project, please!

Представлен фрагмент спектакля


Once upon there was a King and a Queen.
The King was kind and silly.
And the Queen was beautiful.
She loved the King very much.
Now the Queen is waiting a child.
But the King is boring.

Король: I'm boring.

Королева: Dear! Would you like to eat?

Король: No.

Королева: Darling! Would you like to drink?

Король: No.

Королева: Oh, honey! Would you like …?


No. No. No. I want to hunt!
Yes. Yes. Yes. I want to hunt!
Hunter! Go with me! Goodbye, dear!


Oh, darling! Goodbye!
I love you, my dear! Be careful!
Don't drink cold water!
Don't eat raw food!
Oh, my dear! Goodbye!


A little time later the Queen bore a child.
It was a little girl. She was very beautiful.
And she was named Snow White.

Королева: Oh, my dear! Would you like to eat?

Белоснежка: Thank you, mummy!

Королева: Oh, my darling! Would you like to drink?

Белоснежка: Thank you very much, mummy!

Королева: Oh, honey! I see your father, baby!


Oh, my father!
Oh, my father!
How do you do?

Король: Hello, my dear!

Who is she, darling?

Who are you?


I'm Snow White!
I'm your daughter, father!


My daughter?
Is she my daughter?

Королева: Yes, my dear! She is your daughter!

Король: Nonsense! Terrible! Horrible! Rubbish!

Королева: Oh, honey! Aren't you glad?


No, I wanted a son! My son will be strong and brave,
beautiful and clever as me!
And daughter is terrible! Nonsense!
Oh, my God! I'm so unhappy!

Белоснежка: Oh, my God! I'm so unhappy!

Королева: Oh, my God! I'm so unhappy! I'm dying!


Oh, my mummy! Oh, my dear! She's died!
Father, you killed your wife!
You killed my mother!
You killed the Queen!
You are the beast!
It's terribly! It's awfully!


Snow White has been crying for many years.
And the King was sad the whole year…
But times are changing…
Once the New Queen has appeared.
(Выходит Новая Королева. Ее замечает король)

Король: How do you do?

Новая королева: Hello, guy!

Король: How are you? Mrs.…

Новая королева: Miss! I'm fine, thanks. And you?

Король: I, I, I…

Новая королева: Could I help you, baby?


Oh, my fairy! I want to be with you!
I want to make you happy!

Новая королева: O'K, I agree. Come with me!

Белоснежка: Daddy! Where are you? Daddy!

Новая королева: Who is it?

Король: It's my daughter, Snow White.

Новая королева:

Daughter? Princess? Obstacle?
You must marry her! Now!


Now? O'K, my dear!
Snow White, you must marry now!

5. Итоги урока. Домашняя работа.

Учитель: Dear children. I am glad to see that you have made a good job. You have learnt how to get information. I think you will be active at the English lesson and you will like working at English to be successful in future. I’m going to give you 5. Good bye. See you at the lessons.

Домашнее задание: познакомиться с новой лексикой следующего урока, работать со словарем, составить предложения с новыми словами.

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