Лексико-грамматический тест по теме "The New Year Traditions in Different Countries" для подготовки учащихся к Международному конкурсу

Разделы: Иностранные языки

I. Cross out the word that doesn’t have the same pronunciation of vowels:

1) star, sparkle, dance, warm, garland

2) light, bright, glitter, white. high

3) ornament, fireworks, storm, wall, before

4) candle, calendar, lantern, carol, branch

II. Complete the following logical chain using the word from the right-hand column:

(one word is extra):

5) snowfall, snowflakes, snowdrifts, frost, …………… a) mince pies

6) skiing, skating, tobogganing, playing snowballs, …… b) holly

7) roast turkey, vegetables, pudding, tangerines, ………c) snowstorms

8) fir-tree, pine-tree, conifer, mistletoe, ……………… d) snowdrops

9) coloured lights, balls, stars, tinsel, …………………  e) short trousers

10) a red jacket, a tall cap, a belt, leather boots, ……… f) toys, g) snowboarding

III. Match the word and its definition. (One word is extra)

11) It’s December, 31st, the last day of the year.

12) Something pretty that you put onto a New Year tree, windows and doors to make them more attractive.

13) It shows you the days, weeks of all twelve months of the year.

14) They produce very beautiful coloured lights and much noise in the sky.

15) It can tell you all the day:
Time to sleep and time to play.

16) This is the season when children ski

And Father Frost brings the New Year tree.

a) fireworks

b) a calendar

c) winter

d) a candle

e) a clock

f) the New Year’s Eve

g) decorations

IV. How do people call Father Frost in different countries?

Match the name and the country:

Name Country
17. Father Frost a) Germany
18. Santa Claus b) Italy
19. Joulupukki c) Russia
20. Nikolaus (Weihnachtsmann) d) The UK, the USA
21. Babbo Natale e) Turkey
f) Finland

V. Is he Father Frost or Santa Claus?
Put the sign “V” in the proper column

  Father Frost Santa Claus
22. His birthplace is Lapland, at the North Pole.    
23 He wears a red jacket, short red trousers, leather black boots, a tall cap.    
24. He travels on a sleigh pulled by three horses.    
25. He comes to the children’s houses through the door with his granddaughter Snow Maiden.    
26. He comes into houses through a chimney and puts presents into children’s stockings.  

VI. Choose the right variant:

27) Who introduced the tradition to decorate the New Year tree in Russia? -Peter the Great….

a) does, b) had, c) did.

28) Listen! The Kremlin clock … .

a) strikes, b) is striking, c) are striking.

29) I promise, I ….. my New Year resolutions next year.

a) shall keep, b) kept, c) have kept.

30) In the Czech Republic they … the fairy tale ‘’Morozko’’ on the 1st of January for 30 years.

a) show, b) are showing , c) have shown.

31) Santa Claus travels on a sleigh pulled by eight … that can fly.

a) reindeers, b) reindeer, c) reindeer’s.

32) In Bulgaria … a loaf of bread with a coin inside, cheese pies ,fruit and vegetables in the middle of the festive table .

a) there is, b) there are.

33) In New York a lot of people gather … Times Square to watch the ‘’Big Apple’’ fall.

a) on, b) at, c) in.

34) … the New Year’s Eve people can watch a traditional parade of handmade dolls in the capital of Colombia.

a) on, b) at, c) in.

35) In Scotland New Year is … than in England.

a) much important, b)most important, c)more important,

36) Your mother’s wish is to visit the famous New Year ball in Vienna, … ?

a) aren’t you? b) isn’t she? c) isn’t it?

VII. Complete the squares:

37) Where ? - In Japan. a) How much? b) How often? c) How many?
-Twice a year
38) A snowman snowmen a) elves b) elfes c) elfs
An elf
39) give gave a) flies b) flew c) flown
40)) new old a) the last b) the second c) the nearest
the first
41) this these a) some b) those c) they

VIII. Read the sentences and fill in the given words in the right form:

While Waiting for Father Christmas.

42) In the USA and Canada many … leave a glass of milk and a plate of  cookies for Santa Claus.      A CHILD

43) In Sweden and Norway it is popular to give … rice pudding.          HE

44) British, American and Canadian boys and girls leave a carrot for …   reindeer.       SANTA

45) In Finland everybody … songs to Father Christmas to get a present.          SING

46) In Iceland children put red boots on the windowsills of …houses.          THEY

IX. Make up questions to the underlined words:

47) The Chinese New Year is in January or in February.

48) You can see a huge dragon in the streets.

49) The dragon brings peace and good luck.

50) Chinese people perform the famous Lion Dance.

51) They decorated ‘’A Tree of Light’’ with flowers, garlands and lanterns.

X. Fill in the prepositions:

The New Year night is full (52…) wonders.

Do you believe (53…) Father Christmas?

(54…) midnight the head of the family in Scotland opens the door wide to let the Old Year (55…)

and let the New Year (55…).

XI. Match the beginning and the end of the sentence (one is extra).

56) In Cuba people fill all the jugs and buckets with water and __________.

57) In Sweden children choose the Queen of Light (Luchiya) who wears __________.

58) In Switzerland people believe that if a drop of cream falls __________.

59) In Italy, Spain and Uzbekistan it’s a tradition to eat__________.

60) The first country to celebrate the New Year on our planet is __________.

a) a white dress and has a crown with lights on her head.

b) 12 grapes before the clock strikes midnight.

c) at 12 o’clock they pour the water out of the windows.

d) to kiss a person in the middle of the room under the branches of mistletoe.

e) on the floor at the New Year time, they will be rich and wealthy.

f) Australia.Crowds of tourists watch the greatest fireworks from the Sydney Tower.

XII. Read the text and fill in the missing words:

snowdrops, white, spring, saw, was, tales, much, ground, brothers, fire

“Twelve Months” is one of the best New Year’s fairy (61) … .

One winter day a wicked woman sent her stepdaughter to the forest to pick (62) … . There was (63)

… snow everywhere. The trees were (64) … with snow. Pretty snowflakes were dancing in the wind. The (65) … looked like a white carpet.

Suddenly the girl noticed a light among the trees.She came nearer and (66) … twelve men sitting around the(67) … . They were brothers-months.The (68)… helped the girl to fill her basket with fresh (69)… flowers and she (70)… very happy.

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