"Art and Design". Урок английского языка по теме "Стили в изобразительном искусстве". 9-й класс

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Класс: 9

Презентация к уроку

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Цели урока:

  • развитие коммуникативных умений в говорении, аудировании и чтении;
  • приобщение учащихся к мировой культуре.

Ход урока

1. Приветствие учителя. Сообщение о ходе и задачах урока. Вопросы учителя, направленные на вовлечение учащихся в урок, погружение в иноязычную языковую среду и стимулирующие речевую деятельность учащихся.

Слайд 1-2

Teacher: Today we are going to speak about Art. Everybody knows the meaning of the word but what kinds of art can you name?

Ss: Theatre, painting, music, dance, etc.

Слайд 3

Teacher: Now try to group these arts and name these groups.

Ss: Painting, photography, sculpture are visual arts. Dance, music, theatre are performing arts.

Teacher: Try to find the definition for the word ART.

Ss: open answer.

Teacher: Now have a look at the definition from Wikipedia.

2. Практика употребления лексики, связанной с темой “Изобразительное искусство” в контексте развития навыков и умений устной речи при описании картины.

Слайд 4

Teacher: Painting is probably the oldest kind of art. It has been changing through the years and has existed in different forms and styles. Have a look at the pictures and match the styles to the paintings.

Слайд 5

Teacher: One of the painting styles we are going to speak about is Cubism. Have a look  at the picture and say, what geometric shapes the artist used.

Ss: The artist used triangles, squares, rectangles, cylinders, pyramids, cubes.

Слайд 6

Teacher: What can you say about the colours of the painting?

Ss: The colours of the painting are dark and dull. The artist used mostly grey and brown colours.

Teacher: What do you feel when you look at the picture?

Ss: I feel sad, depressed, confused, unhappy, etc.

Teacher: Here are some useful phrases to use while describing a picture. Try to put all the ideas together and describe this one.

Ss: The picture shows many different lines and shapes like squares and triangles that’s why the painting seems to have many layers. The artist used dull colours such as brown and grey. The painting makes me feel sad.

Слайд 7

Teacher: This painting looks different, doesn’t it? What are the first words that come to your mind when you look at it? (The teacher listens to the students and put all the ideas on the blackboard)

Ss: Strange, curious, surprise, unreal, imagination, unusual, bright, etc.

Teacher: Use the phrases from the screen and describe the painting according to the plan (the plan is on the blackboard).


This painting is called ... . It was painted by ... in ... . It shows ... .The colours are ... . The painting makes me feel ... .

3. Развитие умений и навыков аудирования с целью извлечения требуемой информации.

Слайд 8

Teacher: Now you are to learn a bit more about cubism and surrealism. Listen to the tape and answer the questions.


1. When was Cubism popular?

2. How did Cubist painters create their works?

3. What effect does the use of geometric shapes and dark colours produce?

4. When was Surrealism popular?

5. Where did Surrealist painters get the ideas for their paintings?

6. What creates a big impact?

4. Развитие умений изучающего чтения.

Слайд 9

Teacher: Surprising, isn’t it? These are also works of art. Pop art. Pop art is one more style of art which is quite popular today. Look at the screen and say what kind of images Pop artists use.

Ss: Portraits of celebrities, comics, advertisements, etc.

Слайд 10

Teacher: Now read the article about Pop Art and complete the sentences.


5. Персонализация изучаемого материала. Развитие умений и навыков спонтанной речи.

Teacher: What do YOU feel about Pop Art?

6. Развитие умений и навыков просмотрового чтения.

Слайд 11 - Слайд 12

Teacher: If you think that Pop Art is a weird style of art what will you say about this? You are to read the article (Work Book ex.3 p.31) and say what the man in the photo is doing.

Ss: (After studying the article) He is pouring and dripping paint on the canvas.

Teacher: Which of these paintings do you think was sold for 140 million dollars?

7. Подведение итогов урока. Домашнее задание.

Слайд 13

Teacher: I hope the lesson has been interesting for you. At home you are to prepare a report about Impressionism.

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