Мой питомец. 2-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 2


By the end of the lesson Pp should be able to

  • say what pets like,
  • describe the pets by size and colour.

Pp will practice:

  • Listening for specific information,
  • Reading for recognition of new language,
  • Speaking (a simple description),
  • Copying words.

New language: a hamster, a rat, a parrot, a snake, a hedgehog, a fish, a horse, a pig, a lizard , a cow, big, small.

Recycling: take, numbers, colours, little, Is it a pen? I like cats. It's two.

Materials: CD, video presentations, textbooks, toy pets, PC.


The beginning.

Hello! How are you? Let's speak about your pets today.

Prepare for the lesson. Let's do phonetic drills!

One, one, one
Run, run, run
Two, two, two
Go to the zoo
Three, three, three
Climb a tree
Four, four, four
Touch the floor
Five, five, five
Swim and dive
Six, seven, eight
It was great!
Nine and ten
Count again!

Warm up.

T: Take your pets! (Pp were told to bring their toy pets before)

Pp: Take their toy pets.

T: tell me about your pets

What's your pet's name?

How old is your pet?

What colour is your pet?

Is it big?

Is it small?

T: Stroke your pet, feed your pet, hug your pet. Do you like your pet?

Let's check up your hometask (ex.1, 2 p.22 in WB)

Activities. New material.(15 min)

I'll show you some interesting facts about pets. Look at the screen, please.

(Приложение 1.)

Look at the screen and name the animals.

(Приложение 2.)

Can you keep them at home? (look at the animals on the screen) (Yes/No)

Open your copy books. Write the new words, please.

(Приложение 3.)

Dynamic pause (Приложение 4.)

Stand up, please! Let's do some exercises with me to the music.

"One two three on the tip toes"
One, two, three on the tip-toes,
One, two, three on the tip-toes,
One, two, three turn around,
Clap, clap, clap , step aside.

Activities. Reading practice.

Open your textbooks(p. 38), let's read the words of the song "I feed and stroke my pet". Listen to the song and sing together!

Round up

Let's remember all our animals.

(Приложение 5.)

Pp guess animals' names.

I'm small.

I can swim in the water.

I'm pink, blue and red .

(a fish)

I live in the forest.

I'm small.

I'm grey.

I'm prickly .

(a hedgehog)

I'm big.

I'm brown and black.

I can run and jump.

I can say neigh-neigh!

(a horse)

I'm small.

I'm grey.

I live in a house.

I don't like cats.

I can say squeak-squeak!

(a mouse)

I'm small.

I can fly.

I'm green, yellow, red, white and blue.

I live in Africa.

(a parrot)

I'm pink.

I live in a farm.

I can run.

I can't swim.

(a pig)

I'm small.

I live in water.

I'm brown and green.

I can swim.

I can't run.

(a tortoise)

I'm small.

I'm white.

I live in the Zoo.

I don't like children.

(a snake)

I'm big.

I'm black and white.

Children like my milk.

(a cow)

I'm white.

I like milk.

I like to sleep.

I don't like dogs.

(a cat)

I'm small.

I like to run and jump.

I'm white.

I live in the forest.

(a rabbit)

I'm small.

I'm grey.

I live in a house.

I don't like cats.

(a rat)

I'm green.

I live in a forest.

I like to run.

I don't like children.

(a lizard)

I'm big.

I'm black.

I live in a house.

I like children.

I don't like cats.

(a dog)


Home task.

Learn animals' names.

L-2 in WB.