Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Our Pets"

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Внеклассная работа

Цель занятия: развивать произносительные навыки учащихся, развивать интерес к иностранному языку, совершенствовать коммуникативные умения, практиковать монологическую речь, развивать общеучебные навыки.

Teacher: Hello dear boys and girls! Today we shall have a talk about animals. The animals may be our best friends, they give us food and clothes. They will help us in different situations. Please, look what they can do it. This is a Russian fairy tale “ The Turnip”

Storyteller: Once upon a time there lived an old man. Once spring he sowed a turnip seed.

Grandpa: Grow, little turnip,grow big and sweet. Grow up, little turnip,grow up! It's warm!  Drink, little turnip,drink and grow!

Storyteller: Look, there are green leaves on the turnip. Soon the turnip will grow.

Grandpa: Oh, how big my turnip is, how big! I must pull it out! Oh, dear! It's so big! So big!

(Тянет репку) I can't pull it out! Grandmother1 Come here and help me!

Grandma: What is that, my dear?

Grandpa: Help me to pull the turnip out!

Grandma: O' key! (тянут, вытянуть не могут) Granddaughter! Come here!

Granddaughter: Yes, Grandmother!

Grandma: Help me to pull the turnip out!

Granddaughter: O' key!(тянут, вытянуть не могут) Dog! Dog! Come here!

Dog: Bow– Wow! What's up? What's up?

All: Help us to pull the turnip out!

Dog: All right! (тянут, вытянуть не могут)

Cat: May I help you? May I help you ?

All: Yes, dear cat! Help us, please! (тянут, вытянуть не могут)

Little mouse, help us!

Mouse: I am small, but I am strong! I am small, but I am strong! I will help you ! One, two, three,  pull!

All: One, two, three, pull!

Turnip: I am so big! I am so sweet!

Cat: Our turnip is so big!

Dog: Our turnip is so sweet!

Grandma: Let's take it home!

Teacher: My dear children, thanks for your fairy tale! But now let's listen your poems about animals

Учащиеся выходят к доске, показывают свои картинки и рисунки и рассказывают стихотворения о животных.

– Cows have some milk for us,
Eating grass, tasty grass
Their milk is white and warm,
Making us so nice and strong.

Dogs like bones,
Cats likes mice.
Bones are tasty,
Mice are nice.

– My dog can swim,
My dog can play,
We do it together
In a sunny warm day.

– This is a kitten,
That is a cat.
The kitten is fluffy,
The cat is fat.

– Caterpillar walks and walks.
Caterpillar asks the frog:
“Oh, shall I be a butterfly,
Shall I be a pretty,
And shall I soon fly?”

– Horses run quickly,
They are so fast
They like to eat
Tasty, green grass.

– This is Peter's funny pet
And he likes to wear a hat,
With a bow or a feather
In a sunny weather.

– Cocks have a clear, clear voice,
But Granny says, they make so much noise.

– Sheep are nice and soft and curly.
They like grass, and get up early.

– There is a nice pond
With a Mother Duck on
And the mother calls ”Quack, quack,
Little children, all come back”.

– Who can run?
Horses and dogs.

– Who can jump?
They are funny frog.
Who can flap?
Ducks and birds.
What's about fish?
They can't say a word.

– They are stubborn, naughty, gray,
Can stop moving on the way.
Donkeys always say “e-a!”
Oh, how wonderful they are!

– I like cows,
They give us some milk.
Their horns are sharp,
Their looks are like silk.

Come to me, my dear Tom
Would you like to have a bone?
It is tasty, it is sweet.
Will you come to me and eat?
It is tasty, it is fine.
Will you come to me and try?

– Whose is these house?
It's the house of the mouse.
It is so small and very nice,
And it is hidden in the grass.

– Mew, mew, I can sweep,
Mew, mew, I like milk.
I like sweep, I like help
I will grow as brother Cat.

– I like dogs and dogs like me
We like playing. Do you see?
When the weather's nice and hot,
I like swimming with my dogs.

– I have got a little brother,
And his name is Ted.
He likes to play with our cat,
That is sitting on a mat.

– Frogs can jump,
Rabbits can run.
Boys can play football
Oh, it is fun!

После этого жюри подводит итоги, а дети играют в игру “What have you got?”

Игра “What have you got?”

Цель игры: активизировать навыки устной речи, развивать диалогическую речь, тренировать употребление в речи оборота “I have got a …”, развивать интерес к иностранному языку.

На доске развешаны картинки по теме “Домашние животные”(a hamster, a dog, a cat, a fish, a parrot, a puppy, a kitten и др.). Учитель спрашивает: “What animals can I have?” Дети перечисляют животных: “You can have... ”. Затем учитель даёт команды: “Sleep, children!”. Дети закрывают глаза, а учитель убирает какую-либо картинку. Затем учитель говорит: “Wake up, children!”. Дети открывают глаза. Учитель спрашивает: “What's missing?”. Дети должны назвать картинку, которая исчезла.

T: Please, come here and name the animal. (Ученик называет картинку и забирает её себе)

После того как все ученики будут держать в руках картинки, учитель задаёт им вопрос:

“What animal have you got?”. Ученики отвечают: “I have got a ….. ”.

Затем учитель отворачивается и считает до 5. В это время ученики меняются  картинками. Учитель задаёт им вопрос:

“What animal have you got?”.

Ученики отвечают: “I have got a ….. ”.


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