Контрольно-обобщающий урок для 9-го класса по теме "Leisure time. TV"

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Aim of the lesson: by the end of the lesson students will be able to make a test on the topic TV

Students: 15 year-olds with different abilities and interests

Activity: speaking on the topic TV, reading for details, listening for specific information

Skills developed: getting the grammar right, having range of vocabulary, having smth to say etc.

Types of response: getting learners to discuss the topic TV from different points of view, giving feedback during the activity and giving peer(self)-evaluation for the tasks.

Equipment: tape-recorder, individual test cards, multi-media presentation on the topic “TV”, course-book by V. Kuzovlev, form 9.

Ход урока



Appendix 2

  Yes No
I get a mark
  1. Sasha
  2. Elya
  3. Zhenya
  4. Igor
  5. Olga
  6. Ruslana
  7. Ivan
  8. Anya
  9. Olya
  10. Artyom
  11. Nikita
  12. Ann
  13. Tonya
I like:

- speaking
- reading
- listening
- working in groups


 Appendix 3

Give true information    
Do not talk about the products’ defects    
Make you buy one thing    
instead of another Misleading  
Show life unrealistically Put pressure on consumers  
Famous people endorse products    
Teach you how to get the best value    
for your money    
Truthful Help you choose best proucts  
Help to improve your taste Impossible to check  
People seem to be happy consumers Creative  
Informative Silly Annoying Clever Funny Full of humour
Full of fantasy    
Convince people to buy things    
they don’t want    
Present an honest realistic image of a product