Тестовые задания по аудированию к звуковому пособию – сокращенному варианту повести И.Блайтона "Секретная семерка" к учебнику 7-го класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка автора Афанасьевой О.В.

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Part 1.

1. The Secret Seven usually have their meetings in
a)a house b) a shed c) in the yard

2. How many chocolate biscuits were there on the table?
a) 6+1 b) 7+1 c) 8+1

3. The password was:
a) rabbits b) bears) c) Indians

4. …. Badly wanted to belong to the Society
a) George b) Susie c) Scamper

5. A badge was …
a) with letters MM b) with a password c) with letters SS

6. The children were going to…
a) a thicket b) a forest c) to the seaside

7. They were going to play…
a) rabbits b) hide-and-seek c) catching

8. At last the password was:
a) button b) Indians c) Susie

Part 2

1. The children wore…
a) Black suits b) jackets c) Red Indian suits

2. A little thicket was:
a) 2 miles away b) 1 mile away c) ? miles away

3. Near the thicket you could see:
a) A swimming pool b) a plant c) a big house

4. …. Was being hunt for.
a) George b)Peter c) Colin

5. The boy saw…
a) A woman climbing over the wall b) a worker c) a man

6. A stranger saw … for the first time

a) Scamper b) Janet c) Peter

7. A stranger was …
a) Happy b) merry c) horrified

8. The reaction of a man was:
a) He ran away b) he greeted the boy c) began to speak with a boy.

Part 3

1. Who said “There was a man hiding under one of the bushes.
a) Peter b) Colin c) Barbara

2. Did Colin shout back to children? Answer the question

3. Colin was…
a) In a bush b) in a tree c) in a house

4. Why didn’t he show himself? Answer the question

5. Colin heard …
a) A cat’s mew b) sounds of water c) sounds of someone climbing up

6. The man was climbing …
a) The fence b) the same tree c) another tree

7. Was the branch strong enough to hold the man? Answer the question

8. What was Colin afraid of? Answer the question

9. They were both sitting…
a) as still as mice b) as still as lions c) as hungry as hunters

10. Did the man get down the tree? Answer the question

Part 4

1. Did anybody stop Colin? Did anybody shout to him?

2. Colin went…
a) To the forest b) to the farm house c) to the thicket

3. Did the children open the door at once? Answer the question

4. The children were: a) washing clothes b) washing up c) washing up the paint of their faces.

5. Colin saw a man: a) on the top of a tree b) on the top of the wall c) on the top of the house

6. What part of the man did Colin see?

7. The children were going to meet: a) on Friday evening b) on Wednesday evening c) on Wednesday morning

8. The new password was … a)Adventure b) A man c) Clean-shaven

9. The children heard on the radio: a) news b) a weather forecast c) an announcement

10….was stolen at Milton Manor a) chain b) a box c) a necklace

Part 5

1. The Secret Seven met at…
a) 8.30 b) 9.30 c) 7.30

2. The meeting was about…
a) Finding keys b) a thief c) Colin

3. The password was:
a) Rabbits b) Susie c) adventure

4. Colin saw … the part of a man’s body.
a) A head b) his eyes c) tips of his ears

5. The children decided to go…
a) To the station b) to the police c) to the thicket again

6. Was a ladder used by a thief? Answer the question

7. Where did the children go at last? Why? Answer the question

Part 6

1. Colin pointed to…
a) A thicket b) a holly tree c) to a footprint

2. The wall was… high.

3. The children found … on the ground.

4. Where did the children go? Answer the question

5. What was the man doing?

6. Did the children find footprints?

7. A thief must be…

8. The children found … a piece of…

9. The colour of it was…

Part 7

1. Scamper began to… loudly.

2. The dog saw … on a twig of a tree.

3. How did the children get the thing off the tree?

4. It was made of…

5. …put the thing in his pocket.

6. Who could have got ever that high wall?

7. The children saw … on a wall in the square.

8. The poster, which the children saw advertised…

Part 8

1. The meeting of the secret Seven was at…

2. The same idea all the children had:
a) To make friends b) to visit the circus c) to go to Milton Manor

3. … had to buy a birthday present, that’s why he (she) didn’t have money
a) Colin b) Pam c) Peter

4. The prize for each thicket was …
40 p. b) 50 p. c) 30 p.

5. …was going to borrow money from Susie.
a) Peter b) Jack c) Colin

6. The children bought … tickets.
a) 6 b) 7 c) 3

7. The performance began with …
a) Clowns b) horses c) bears

8. The third came…
a) Clowns b) horses c) acrobats

Part 9

1. The only acrobat didn’t have…
a) moustaches b) a beard c) hair

2. What was the acrobat doing?

3. Who was after acrobats in the performance?

4. Janet was frightened because:
a) Bears were roaring b) lions snarling c) acrobats were springing

5. …an animal began to play cricket with his trainer
a) a lion b) a bear c) an elephant

6. Did the children enjoy the performance? Answer the question

7. After the performance the children went up to a …
a) cage of lions b) the acrobat c) a thief

8. The acrobat was:
a) dark haired b) bald c) fair haired

Part 10

1. Why couldn’t the acrobat be the thief?

2. The colour of the wig was:
a) black b) grey c) yellow

3. …an animal came up to Janet
a) a cub lion b) a cub bear c) a cub fox

4. The youth was dressed:
a) smartly b) strangely c) beautifully

5. Barbara was a bit afraid of:
a) Elephants b) bears c) lions

6. The children ….. decided to go the circus again
a) Peter, Colin, Pam and Janet b) Pam, Scamper, Janet c) Jack, Scamper, Peter

Part 11

1. …was very angry at being left.

2. Some people in the field were …something in black pots over the flames.

3. First the children went to find …

4. Janet didn’t like a) a bear b)a trainer c) lions

5. The children saw … hanging on one of the lines.

6. Did the colours and the wool match with that thing?

7. …shooed them away a) a trainer b) Trinculo c) a woman

Part 12

1. The children went back to… a) the circus b) the thicket c) the farmhouse

2. Jack, Barbara found … a) round marks b) the thief c) a cottage

3. Who lives at Chimney Cottage?

4. He had a leg bitten off once by a … a) a wolf b) a shark c) a bear

5. Where did all the children go then?

6. Were the marks of one-leg William the same as in Milton Manor?

7. They decided to meet again at…

Part 13

1. The children decided to go and see…

2. Was he in the circus?

3. The children went to a bear…,but
a) It was asleep b) was eating c) was playing with another bear cub

4. The children were looking at everybody’s…
a) legs b) ankles c) heads

5. One man was wearing … which was payed attention by the children
a jumper b) a cap c) a coat

6. The children came to the cage and pretended to be interested in the …
a) Bears b) lions c) monkeys

7. Did the cap and the coat match?

8. The colour of the man’s hair was …
a) Grey b) black c) he was bald

Part 14

1. The children were talking on…
a) The box b) the table c) the fence

2. Suddenly the children saw…
a) The thief b) the regular marks c) one-legged man

3. Were they similar to those they found near the wall in Milton Manor?

4. What did Peter give a girl for information?
a) A box of chocolate b) a chocolate c) a cake

5. Did the girl tell the children the truth?

6. The children decided to… the marks.

7. They went up to a …

8 … threw a stone to them
a) Louis b) one-legged William c) a trainer

Part 15

1. The children decided to go to…
a) A performance b) a theatre performance c) a thicket

2. They spent … in the circus.
a) All the afternoon b) all day c) all the morning

3. Did they find anything? Answer the question

4. Colin should bring a… that night.
a) a jigsaw puzzle b) a torch c) a knife

5. The children decided to meet that night.
a) At the circus gate b) at the caravan c) at the shed

6. The first came…
a) Peter b) Janet c) Colin

7. How many boys went to the circus?
a) Only 2 b) only 3 c) everybody from the Secret Seven

8. How many boys got to the caravan?
a) 3 b) 2 c) nobody

9. Why did they have to leave the caravan?

Part 16

1. How many men came into the caravan?
a) 3 b) 1 c) 2

2. One man was wearing …

3. The men were afraid of…

4. It was clear that the … was there, he had hidden the…

5. What showed that the man felt nervous?

6. The man went out of the caravan and he … the door.

7. Where could thieves put the pearls:
a) Into the bear’s cage b) into the lion’s cage c) into the caravan

8. Could the children open the door and windows?

9. At last the man began… the door.

Part 17

1. The boys were under … and couldn’t be seen.

2. Did the man find the boys?

3. The man was going to give them…

4. Who kicked up at the torch?
a) Colin b) Peter c) the man

5. Did the children get rid of the man’s legs?

6. …was walking on stilts in the circus field
a) The little boy b) a trainer c) the little girl

7. The marks the children found were made by… a) one-legged man b) a stilt-walker c) a horse

Part 18

1. Peter was sure that the thief was…

2. When Peter got home Janet was…

3. …was last to come to the Secret Seven meeting. Why?

4. Did Peter tell everybody about night adventure?

5. They all went together to…

6. …opened the gates of Milton Manor.

7. Who explained to the children how the thief stole the pearls?

8. Did Colin see the thief with stilts?

Part 19

1. The thief could put the stilts into…

2. Colin said the thief could put stilts into…
a) A thin bush b) a holly bush c) under the fir tree

3. What did the children find there?

4. They saw …

5. Did the children go in a police car to the field?

6. …got to the circus field first.

7. Louis showed … to the children and the inspector.
a) His dirty hands b) his dirty legs c) his head

8. What was the only thing the inspector asked to Louis?

Part 20

1. Did Louis tell the truth at the beginning?

2. Louis … but he had gone very pale.

3. Louis said that his … gone off with the pearls.

4. All the children and the inspector went up to…

5. The inspector called the … to open the cage.

6. What was Ricardo’s reaction to the inspector’s demand to find pearls there?

7. Riccardo examined the … and found a false buttonin it.

8. Riccardo used … from his belt to open the thing.

9. Who put the magnificent necklace into a pocket?

10. Where did the inspector decide to go with the Secret Seven?

11. Janet wanted to have a … as a reward.

12. Will the children help the police in future? What do you think?

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