Урок английского языка "The British Parliament". 8-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 8

Коммуникативная цель к уроку: формирование лексико-грамматических навыков говорения по теме.


практическая: закрепление лексики по теме “The British Parliament”;

образовательная: формирование целостного представления о структуре британского парламента;

развивающая: развитие навыков языковой догадки, психологических процессов (мышления, памяти, внимания);

воспитательная: воспитание уважения к культуре, традициям страны изучаемого языка, умения выслушивать друг друга.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, лексика на карточках, задания на карточках, магниты, грамоты.

Ход урока

I. Оргмомент

- Be ready for the lesson. Good afternoon, class! I’m glad to see you!

II. Речевая разминка

- Who is the person on duty today?

- What is the date today?

- Who is away today?

III. Сообщение темы, целей

- Look at the blackboard. What do you think, what will we do today? (We will speak about the British Parliament)

- We should revise words and expressions on the theme “The British Parliament”.

IV. Закрепление

1. Работа с лексикой

- Repeat after me words and translate them:


The House of Lords

The House of Commons

Lords / Peers

The Palace of Westminster



The Lord Chancellor

The Speaker

The Prime Minister

Westminster Hall

The throne

The King / Queen

The Conservative Party

The Labour Party

The Mace

The British Parliament


Дети по презентации вспоминают названия английских реалий и вслух произносят.

2. Презентация

- What can you see at the pictures? (The British Parliament, the House of Commons, the Lord Chancellor, the woolsack, the Queen, the throne, the Mace, Sir Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, the Westminster Hall, Gordon Brown, David Cameron)

3. Игра “The Jeopardy”

- Now let’s play game “The Jeopardy”.

- Listen to the rules: you should come up to the blackboard, take the card and read the task aloud. Then you’ll answer the questions. If you are right, you will take your card. If you are wrong, put it on the blackboard again. Another pupil may take it and answer this task. If you get the most points, you will be a winner.

На доске в виде пирамиды прикреплены карточки (задания по 100 баллов внизу, затем по 200 баллов, по 300, по 400 и в самом верху по 500 баллов).

100 баллов

  1. They sit in the House of Commons. (MPs)
  2. The seats are red there. (The House of Lords)
  3. The seats are green there. (The House of Commons)
  4. They are elected. (MPs)
  5. They are not elected. (Lords / Peers)
  6. It consists of two Houses. (The British Parliament)
  7. It consists of 3 parts. (The Palace of Westminster)
  8. There is wool inside it. (Woolsack)
  9. MPs come to vote there. (Lobby)

200 баллов

  1. It was put in Parliament to symbolize the importance of wool to the British economy. (Woolsack)
  2. He presides over the House of Lords. (The Lord Chancellor)
  3. He is the person who presides over the House of Commons. (The Speaker)
  4. Who is the head of the government? (The Prime Minister)
  5. This is the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster. ( Westminster Hall)
  6. It’s more than a thousand years old. (Westminster Hall)
  7. When the Queen gives a speech, she sits on it. (The throne)
  8. Who is the head of the state? (The King / Queen)

300 баллов

  1. Sir Winston Churchill represents this party. (The Conservative Party)
  2. David Lloyd George represents this party. (The Labour Party)
  3. They represent all the people in the country. (MPs)
  4. They inherit their places from fathers and grandfathers. (Hereditary peers)
  5. There are two red lines in front of the benches on each side of this Chamber. (The House of Commons)
  6. There MPs make decisions on new laws. (The House of Commons)
  7. It is put on the table when the House of Commons is sitting. (The Mace)

400 баллов

  1. MPs who agree with a bill go there to vote. (The ‘eye’ lobby)
  2. MPs who want to vote against the bill go there to vote. (The ‘no’ lobby)
  3. He sits in the House of Commons too. (The Prime Minister)
  4. It is also called the Parliament Camber. (The House of Lords)
  5. In 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow it up, and in World War II bombs fell on it. (Westminster Hall)
  6. This building has seen a lot of famous events and meetings. (Westminster Hall)

500 баллов

  1. There people approve bills and sometimes suggest changes to the House of Commons. (The House of Lords)
  2. There are only places for 437 people on the benches there, but there are 650 MPs, so sometimes they have to sit on the steps when the House is full. (The House of Commons)
  3. It even has its own guard, who has a very big sword. (The Mace)
  4. They get their title for their personal achievement, and their children can’t inherit it.(Life peers)
  5. It is the symbol of the power which Parliament won from the King a long time ago, and MPs have a lot of respect for it. (The Mace)

V. Итоги

- Let’s count the points.

Учащимся, набравшим наибольшее количество баллов, вручаются грамоты.

VI. Оценивание

- Listen to the marks.

VII. Домашнее задание

- Prepare the report about Russian political system.