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Презентации к уроку

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Целевая аудитория: учащиеся 7-го класса.

Цель урока:

  1. Образовательная: Активизация лексико-грамматических навыков в аудировании и говорении.
  2. Воспитательная: Экологическое воспитание, формирование умения работать в парах и группах.
  3. Развивающая: Развитие мотивационной сферы, языковой догадки, навыков самооценки, рефлексии.

Средства обучения: компьютер, проектор, раздаточный материал с текстом “ Our planet is in danger!”, словами песни “It’s up to me and you!”, интернет on-line, интернет ресурсы British Council.

Возможный план урока.

Этап урока Формулировка задания Опоры для выполнения Цель этапа (развиваемые умения и навыки) время, мин
1 Greeting Hello! Nice to meet you!     1
2 Warm up Today we are going on speaking about…. About what? (Children’s answers)

Yes, but first let’s play a game “Brainstorm”.

What do you think about when you hear the word POLLUTION? Name these things. (Children’s answers)





What is rubbish made of? What do we throw into our bins? (Children’s answers) Let’s play a game.

Slide № 1

На доске может рисоваться одна стрелка за каждую ассоциацию учеников. Чем больше названо слов, тем лучше.

Slide № 2


интернет ресурс British Council № 1

Slide №3
Гиперссылка – облако
“Let’s play”

Актуализация лексического материала, развитие мотивационной сферы учащихся. 7
3 Listening We live on a beautiful planet. But it is in danger. Why? (Children’s answers)

You have a text with gaps. Scan it and try to fill the gaps with given words.

Now let’s listen to the text and check the task.

Now let’s listen to the text again and watch the video.

Who has no mistakes?

Why is our planet in danger?


– раздаточный материал для учеников (1)


– интернет ресурс British Council №2

Slide №


“Let’s listen and watch”

Активизация лексико-грамматических навыков в аудировании. Экологическое воспитание.

Развитие языковой догадки.

Развитие самооценки, рефлексии.

4 Speaking and checking up your homework How can we help our planet?

Who must help our planet?

(ответы учеников могут записываться на доске в виде трех столбцов)

Now name modal verbs which we use to speak about environmental problems.

Name actions we need to help our planet.

Finally, look at the blackboard and answer the question, ‘How can we save/ help our planet?’

Tell us full sentences.

Now let’s check up the homework. What was it?

(На предыдущем уроке ученикам могут быть предложены девизы для выполнения постеров в качестве д.з. Девизы заранее обсуждаются в классе. На урок ученики приносят свои готовые постеры с девизами.)

Yes, you chose the slogan for your poster and drew it. Show them to me. (Возможные девизы к постерами представлены ниже.)

(Children’s answers)



have to
ought to




Активизация лексико-грамматических навыков в говорении. Экологическое воспитание.








Проверка выполнения домашнего задания.

5 Speaking and working in pairs/


Who chose slogan №1 (2,3,4,)?

Pupils with the same slogans make up groups or pairs.

Now discuss your posters and try to tell us what your ideas about helping our planet are. The phrases on the blackboard can help you.

Slide 3.

гиперссылка – облако “Slogans”


Активизация лексико-грамматических навыков в говорении. Экологическое воспитание.

Формирование умения работать в паре или группе.

6 Summary


What about you?
Are you green?
How must/ should/ could
you help our planet?

What was new (interesting) for you at the lesson?
What have you learnt?

Slide 3.

Гиперссылка-солнышко “Are you green?”

Развитие навыков рефлексии.

Развитие навыков самооценки.

7 Giving home tasks.

Giving marks.

Let’s write down your home tasks. Is everything clear? Slide 3.

гиперссылка – облако

“Home tasks” раздаточный материал для учеников (3)

1. Ask your mum how much money she pays for water and electricity in your flat every month.

2. Count how many bins of rubbish your family throws away every day.

Развитие общеучебных навыков


8 Singing

(if we have enough time)

Let’s sing a song – интернет ресурс British Council №3

Slide 3.

Гиперссылка– облако

“Let’s sing”

– раздаточный материал для учеников (2).

Развитие мотивационной сферы учащихся.  


  1. Everyone should be “green”. Are you?
  2. Pollute today, pay the price tomorrow.
  3. Let’s save our planet! No time to wait!
  4. Be clean– go green!

Раздаточный материал для учеников 1.

Listen and put the words from the box into the gaps in the text.
“Our planet is in danger”

There are many amazing places on________________.

Forests are home to over half of the world’s animals and plants. Trees clean the air and ___________oxygen for us to breathe. Every day we throw away ___________of trees in paper and card and we destroy more than __________football fields of forests.

The oceans are home to millions of marine animals. They absorb the sun’s heat, transfer it to the ____________and move it around the world. A lot of the ___________we produce on land pollutes the oceans. Turtles mistake _____________ f or jellyfish and die when they eat them.

At opposite sides of the world, The Arctic and Antarctic are freezing cold lands. It is so ___________that that the see is covered in ice. The fuel we use for energy makes the climate_____________. As it gets warmer, the ice melts and the sea rises. The land disappears.

Rivers collect rainwater and carry it to the oceans. Along the way, __________absorb and clean the water so it is safe for us to drink.

Farm and factories _____________the rivers with pesticides and chemicals. Every day we flush 50 litres of dirty water down the toilet.

We must save our nature so that we and our children can live a long and healthy life!

Раздаточный материал для учеников 2.

It’s up to me and you!

Can you understand
What we have to do?
There’s only one world,
It’s up to me and you!

Brush your teeth, but turn off the tap,
Take a shower, don’t have a bath,
Walk or ride your bike to school,
Recycle paper, that’s the rule.

Unplug the TV, switch off the lights,
Go out with friends, don’t surf all night,
Give old clothes to charity,
Join a green group, plant a tree.

Раздаточный материал для учеников 3.

Home tasks

  1. Ask your mum how much money she pays for water and electricity in your flat every month.
  2. Count how many bins of rubbish your family throws away every day.

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