Работа с видеоматериалами на уроках английского языка

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Цель урока: учить учащихся воспринимать иноязычную речь на слух с помощью зрительного ряда.

Задачи урока:

  1. Учить учащихся воспринимать иноязычную речь на слух с помощью зрительного ряда.
  2. Учить учащихся отвечать на вопросы на основе увиденного, строить монологическое высказывание по плану.
  3. Учить учащихся находить необходимую информацию в тексте.
  4. Воспитывать любовь к животным, к близким людям, интерес к изучению английского языка.
  5. Развивать фонематический слух, внимание, память.

Оснащение урока: диск с фильмом (фильм разбит на эпизоды, поэтому удобно использовать отдельные эпизоды для работы), интерактивная доска.

Ход урока

Этапы урока

Ход урока, деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся

1.Орг. Момент

( 3 мин.)

Good morning! Give me your smiles! Sit down, please!

Well, today’s lesson is unusual, as we are going not to read a book, but to watch a film. The film is called “The Shaggy dog”. Can you guess what the film is about?

Good morning!

Ответы учащихся.

2. Подготовка к просмотру фильма.

Просмотр эпизода.

Scene 1.

At the Laboratory.

(chapter 3-5 min.)


Now I will tell you the beginning of the film and then we will watch some episodes and do some tasks.

Well, Dave Douglas, a deputy district attorney, has brought a lawsuit. A scientist has a fire in his laboratory, but he sets it on fire on purpose to hide the evidence, that he tests animals. Mr. Douglas now is trying to find the evidence.

So, you watch the episode at the laboratory.

Doctor Kozak is talking to Mr. Strickland.

But before watching the first episode have a look at the words:(слова можно написать на доске либо раздать индивидуально на листочках)

– figure out – вычислять, разгадывать

– gene -

– isolate – выделять(хим.)

– side effect – побочный эффект



1. What is Strictland’s favourite pet?

2. Where did they find the dog?

3. How old is the dog? Why?

4. What is unusual about the animals?

5. What is Strickland’s ambition?

A squirrel

In Tibet

300, genetic mutation

A frog has a dog’s head, a snake has a furry tail…

To have the medicine to make people immortal.

3.Подготовка к просмотру.

Scene 2.

Chapter 6-6 min.)



Due to the trial a lot of people know about this experiments and there is a meeting in front of the Court. Dave’s daughter occasionally finds the dog, which has wandered off the laboratory and bring him home. This very day the dog bites Mr. Douglas.

Now you watch the second episode. Please describe Mr. Douglas’s behavior.

Use the words:

grunt – ворчать, хрюкать

– squeak – пищать, скрипеть

– sniff – нюхать, чуять

– growl – рычать

– pant – тяжело дышать

4.Подготовка к просмотру.

Scene 3.

Chapter 9-3 min.)



Now Mr. Douglas behaves weird. Soon he turns into a dog, the same which has bitten him. He runs home on all four.

And now your task is to describe what happens in the next episode.

How is he trying to do that?

He sleeps as a dog, he growls, he can sniff…

He tries to say to his children, that he is their dad.

With the help of a game.

5.Подготовка к просмотру.

Scene 4.

Chapter 19-6 min.)



So, his children do not understand him. But this is not the main problem. His children think that their father is going to split up with their mother, as he does not come home at night, he misses his wedding anniversary. Dave realizes that he works too much, he makes his family suffer. Every morning he turns into a man and behaves as nothing has happened though suffers himself.

One day being a dog he manages to tell his children that he is not a dog but their father and later they will rescue him. In a few days Dave gets into at trap at the laboratory. But he manages to escape with the other animals. They are going to Court. Now Dave has the evidence.

So, you watch the last episode. The action takes place in Court.

Well, the story has the happy end. Try to tell me, what will happen after the court. Try to imagine Dave’s and his family’s future life.

What will happen to Dr. Kozak?

Thank you for the lesson. I hope you liked the film and now you are eager to watch it.

Thank you for the lesson.

Ответы учащихся.

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