Разработка открытого урока по английскому языку "Страны, которые мы изучаем, страны, в которых мы живем"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цели урока:

  1. Обучающая: развитие умений чтения, устной речи, аудирования и навыков самостоятельной работы.
  2. Развивающая: развитие памяти, внимания, речемыслительной активности учащихся.
  3. Образовательная: расширение кругозора на основе ознакомления с национальными символами Башкортостана, России, Великобритании и США.
  4. Воспитательная: воспитать уважение к истории, культуре народов.

Оборудование: Географические карты, учебник Click On 1 (Virginia Evans - Neil O'Sullivan), карточки с текстами, таблицы, доска, компьютер и DVD фильм, CD с записью национальных мелодий, фотоальбом с видами Уфы и Башкортостана, государственная символика стран.

План-конспект урока "The countries we study, the countries we live in".:

1. Greetings.

Teacher: Good afternoon! Nice to see you! The title of our lesson is "The countries we study, the countries we live in". We have already studied some information about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America. Today we are going to speak about the Russian Federation and Bashkortostan. You should be very attentive and active. Let's start with the textbooks.

2. Work at the textbook.

Teacher: Your home task was to read, translate some Geographical Details on page 146 (Click On 1, Virginia Evans - Neil O'Sullivan) and fill in the necessary information in the Table.

a) Listen to the tape and mark the sentences Т (true) or F (false).

The UK is in the north-east of Europe. F
There are four countries in the UK. T
There are fifty-two states in the USA. T
Boston is the capital city of the USA. F

b) Read the texts.

The United Kingdom is in the north-west of Europe between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are four countries in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are around 59,000,000 people living in the UK. Around 48,000,000 of these people live in England. London is the capital of England. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, the capital of Wales is Cardiff and Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.

The United States of America is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. There are fifty-two different states in the USA. Washington DC is the capital of the USA. The largest cities in the USA are: Boston, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston and Los Angeles. There are around 270,000,000 people living in the USA.

c) Mark the sentences (C) correct or (I)incorrect:

  1. The UK is between two oceans. I
  2. Around 48,000,000 people live in the UK. I
  3. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. C
  4. The capital of the USA is Washington DC. C
  5. Boston is in the UK. I
  6. Around 27,000,000 people live in the USA. I

3. Speech exercises.

Teacher: We've got information about Great Britain and the USA from this text. You
know, children, next year we are going to celebrate the 450-th anniversary of Bashkortostan's voluntary joining Russia. That's why we must learn more about our country, its history and culture. Let's turn to the table that we've begun to fill in at the previous lesson. Now you are to listen to your classmates' reports very attentively and fill in the missing information about Russia and our native republic of Bashkortostan.


Where is it situated





National symbols

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

In Europe,

on the British Isles


244 thousand square kilometers

59 mln


Big Ben Queen Elizabeth II

The United States Of America

In North America

Washington D.C.

Over 9 million square kilometers

270 mln


The flag

the Statue Of Liberty McDonalds'















Now you are to listen to your classmates' reports very attentively and fill in the missing information about Russia and our native republic of Bashkortostan.

a) Pupil 1. Report on Russia. Russia, or the Russian Federation, is the largest state in the world. It covers a total area of over 17 million square kilometers. Russia borders on 14 countries.

Russia is a land of long rivers and deep lakes, magnificent mountains and taiga forests. It is rich in mineral resources. It has deposits of coal, oil, natural gas, iron, gold, etc.

The population of Russia is about 150 million people; over 80 per cent of them are ethnic Russians.

Teacher: What national symbols of Russia can you name?

Pupil 1: They are: Red Square, the Kremlin, a birch tree, a matryeshka doll.

b) Pupil 2. The Republic of Bashkortostan is a sovereign republic within the Russian Federation. The territory of the Republic is 143, 6 thousand square kilometers. The population is 4 million 104 thousand people. The capital of the republic is Ufa; its population is about 1 million 400 thousand people. Our republic is a unique multiethnic region with wide variety of cultures and languages. Nowadays representatives of about 100 nationalities live in the Republic: 39 per cent of them are Russians, 28 percent are Tatars, 22 per cent are Bashkirs and 10 per cent are other nationalities.

Teacher: These nationalities inter-close and mutually enrich each other's ethnic cultures. As V.V.Putin said: "In Bashkortostan, as in the drop of water, the whole Russia is reflected with its variety of cultures, religions, languages and friendship of peoples." Thank you for your reports, now we shall enjoy a trip about Ufa.

4. Video film. “Ufa”.

Teacher: We have a guide, who is ready to tell us about the capital's sights. (The kurai melody sounds).

Pupil 3. Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan. A fortress of Ufa was founded in 1574 and now it became the political, industrial, scientific and cultural center of our republic. This is the heart of the political life of the Republic - the Bashkir government sits here. On the hill of the Belaya River there is a marvelous monument to our national hero Salavat Ulaev. A lot of people come to this favourite square every day because of the wonderful view.

This is the building of the Ufa council. There are a lot of hospitable hotels, green parks, crystal fountains, rich shops and supermarkets, universities and theatres. The Moslem Mosque is not far from the Victory Park with a magnificent monument to Alexander Matrosov and Minigali Gubaidullin. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War come Here on the 9-th of May to memorize the heroes of the World War II. A monument of friendship was erected in 1965 to celebrate the unity between the Russian and Bashkir people. Wonderful festivals and fairs are held here every June, and the Presidents of Russia and Bashkortostan like to visit this place.

So, you see that Ufa is one of the largest and most beautiful places not only in our country, but in the whole world.

Teacher: Thank you, it was nicely done. Do you remember that fantastically beautiful tune that accompanied us during the trip? What instrument sounded? Yes, that was kurai. Let's read the text about that wonderful instrument and do some exercises.

5. Reading.

Teacher: The national symbol of Bashkir music is kurai. Here is a text about that wonderful instrument. We shall read it and then do some exercises.

The kurai belongs to the class of aerophones. Such instruments are found in various forms all over the world, but only with the Baskirs it is a national instrument. The symbolic image of the kurai is a part of the official symbols of the Republic: the national flag, seven petals of the kurai flower mean seven ancient Bashkir tribes who started the consolidation of the people of Bashkortostan on its territory.

So, the traditional kurai is made of a dried hollow stalk of the plant of the same name, growing in the southern steppe and mountainous regions of the republic. The instrument has five finger holes: four being on the forepart and one being on the backside for the thumb.

The Kurai has a peculiar timbre and cannot be mixed up with any other instrument.

a) You met some new words in this text, let’s read and try to memorize them:

  • aerophones - / ΄εərəfoun/ - усилитель звуковых волн
  • various - /΄vεəriəѕ/ - различный
  • a petal - /petl/ - лепесток
  • to mean - /mi:n/- означать
  • a tribe - /traib/ - племя
  • consolidation - /kən,soli'dei n/ - закрепление
  • dried - /draid/ - высушенный
  • hollow - /holou/ - полый
  • a stalk - /sto:k/ - стебель
  • fore-part - /fo:pa:t/ - передняя часть
  • a thumb - / θΛm/ - большой палец руки
  • peculiar - /pi'kju:liə/ - своеобразный
  • timbre -/tε:mbr/-музыкальный тембр

b) Agree or disagree:

  1. The kurai belongs to the class of aerophones. (T)
  2. Such instruments are not found anywhere in the world. (F)
  3. The symbolic image of the kurai is a part of the official emblem of Bashkortostan. (T).
  4. The kurai flower has seven petals. (T)
  5. The timbre of the kurai can be mixed with other instruments. (F)

c) Put in the missing words according to the text:

  1. The national symbol of ... is the kurai.
  2. Seven... of the kurai flower mean seven ancient....
  3. The ... kurai is made of a dried hollow stalk.
  4. The instrument has... finger holes.
  5. The has a peculiar timbre.

d) Translate into English:

  1. Символом башкирской национальной музыки является курай.
  2. Семь лепестков цветка курая означают 7 древних башкирских племен.
  3. Традиционный курай вырезается из полого сухого стебля растения под одноименным названием.
  4. У курая особый тембр.
  5. Его невозможно спутать ни с каким другим инструментом.

Teacher: Thank you, children. The work was excellently done. The kurai is one of our national symbols, what other symbolic things of Bashkortostan can you name?

Pupils: They are the National flag, Salavat Ulaev and honey.

6. Oral speech practice. A report on the national symbol.

Pupil 4. Honey is an amazing gift of nature, created by flowers and bees. Products of beekeeping have everything necessary for health and longevity. Bashkir honey is highly appreciated due to a unique nature of Bashkortostan, its rich and original vegetation.

There are 3 types of honey: flower, buckwheat and sweet clover honey. Bashkir honey is given the power to heal all types of illnesses and it is recommended to people of all ages.

Teacher: Honey is often mentioned in Bashkir folk-tales and legends. Two girls prepared two legends. What about? Let's listen to them.

7. Relaxation. A legend "A girl and the Moon".

Pupil 5. One very beautiful Bashkort girl went to fetch water of a moonlit evening, cloudless and quiet. The Moon was so bright that the girl admired its radiance. "The Moon is so nice, she thought, he must be kind, looking so cheerfully from the sky, as if smiling!"

Deep in such thoughts she came up to the spring and filled her pails with water. Then she glanced back and saw a huge bone, sticking out of the sand on the on the shore. Rains had washed it clean. "Perhaps it belonged to a powerful hero. What a strong man he must have been!" she thought and, looking at the Moon, she said aloud: "If I had such a handsome husband as the Moon, I would give birth to a vigorous batyr."

The Moon married the girl. Now she is standing in the sky with her yoke and pails.

Pupil 6. I've got another version of this legend.

Once upon a time there was an orphan girl. Her stepmother made her fetch water. As she walked in the light of the Moon, she was crying bitterly and repeating, "My dear mother Moon, take me, my dear mother Moon, take me."

The Moon and a star came down, clasped the girl and lifted her into the air. In the past people used to say, ″There, on the Moon there is a girl with a yoke″.


Teacher: Wonderful legends! Folk-tales and legends are not of only informative but also aesthetic value. The world outlook, the elements of totemic beliefs are revealed in them. If you know and love your national culture, you will easier learn and love everything concerning the country you study. Good luck! Now, let's make some conclusions and see how you filled the table:


In Euro -


Over 17

About 150


A birch tree




million square kilometers




Red Square

the Kremlin









In the


Over 143

4 mln




center of Russia


thousand square kilometers

100 thousand



Salavat Ulaev

Teacher: Fine! You are smart pupils and all of you will get excellent marks for the lesson. Good-bye!